Chapter 919. Dead or Alive?


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At the height, among the cold and clean air, among the sharp peaks of the Heavenly Mountains (* Tien Shan Mountains) such beauty!

White snow lies here all year round. There is a rift among the mountain peaks, which is called the “White Gorge”. No living soul, except for the rare animals that live in the district, can not penetrate here.

In this place it is so cold that even if hot lava starts to pour here, it will harden for a few seconds.

There are so many legends about this white gorge in the Heavenly Mountains, and the locals even called this place “the residence of the Snow Queen” – a place that is forbidden to ordinary people!

Today there is no snowstorm in the Heavenly Mountains, and the wind practically does not drive clean air.

Among all this snow-white magnificence, a man in black armor appeared. His long hair fluttered in the wind, and he himself walked toward the white gorge.

Behind the man, at the foot of the mountain, a huge giant stood with respect. The head of the giant reached the middle of the slope – what can I say, a rocky tyrant does not climb here.

“Wait here,” the man said, turning to the rocky tyrant.

The tyranoid did not move. Several strange birds have already sat down on him, as if he was another mountain peak.

The man in black armor went further, going deep into the white gorge. He looked into the crevice, which was located in the very center of this gorge.

Without hesitation he jumped down.

He flew down – further and further. The cold was becoming even more unbearable.

Soon he reached the bottom of this cleft. Now he continued to stride along the bottom.

After a while he stopped at a beautiful ice wall.

He picked up a piece of frozen ice from the ground and, lifting his head, looked at the thick layer of ice.

* Crackle

At this time, an ice whirlwind rose, which lifted more than a hundred icicles into the air. If there was a detachment of military, nothing would be left of him!

This ice whirl rotated directly in front of the man in black armor, and after a while he began to subside, dropping to the ground.

A man in armor turned his head and coldly looked at the sky white tiger nearby.

This snow-white tiger screamed: he felt that this man could easily destroy him, an animal of the commander-in-chief level! Tiger rushed to hell.

– Yu .. Yuer?

A man in armor looked at the ice wall.

He shook his hand, and a thick layer of ice fell down.

A feminine blurred silhouette appeared in the icy wall. Seeing him, the man was agitated.

He still moved his hand, and another layer of ice fell down.

A man in black armor impatiently destroyed the ice layer by layer.

The girl in the shackles of ice was seen more clearly. Her body was wrapped in a warm down jacket, but even he could not hide the beautiful female figure.

The man remembered this down jacket very well: Once, ten years ago, he threw it on her. He himself chose this jacket, but in the end, when he put it on the girl, he only heard in reply: “Do you really think that I am so fat ?!”

With curses and shouts, she still put it on. And now, ten years later, he is still on her, and she is in such a frozen state and is waiting here alone for many years …

“I … I came.”

The man was overwhelmed with emotions. If he could cry, he would fill in everything here with his tears.

Another layer of ice flew down … All a man wanted to do was fall into her arms.

She hasn’t changed … at all. Ice immortalized her youth … she was also 24 years old …

Zhan Kon saw everything clearly.

However, the layer of ice gleamed like a mirror, and when he tried to peer at the girl, he saw himself.

Black faded physiognomy, black armor, as if thirty years have passed! When Zhan Kon saw his and not a living, and not a dead face, he was frightened.

There is no former fire in the eyes, the nose does not inhale the air, there is no vapor from the mouth, it is his face … in comparison with the beautiful female silhouette in the ice, he understood how ugly he was.

– Who am I? Dead or alive? – Zhan Kon looked at himself in reflection.

For all these more than three thousand days and nights, he could not have dreamed that he would be in front of her face again.

And now he was able to get here, but he lacked courage.

If she opens her eyes and sees his black face, what will her reaction be?

* Wham!

Zhan Kon hit the ice.

The layer of ice gradually opened up, and the girl hiding under it seemed to come alive …

He caught that white tiger and ordered him: “Get her out of here and take her to the suburbs at the foot, did you understand?”

The snow-white tiger was shaking with fear, he had not even thought about resisting this decree.

The heavenly snow-white tiger carried the girl away from the white gorge, hearing the man in black armor continue to talk to himself.

– Dead?

– Or alive?

– Who am I in the end ?!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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