Chapter 92: Fire ruler


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Sasha and Laos were facing each other on a round trip to an underwater city away from the square.

“I’m a witch of ruin, and rumor has it that you have demon eyes that destroy everything.”

Let both fists wrap holy flames around them, says Laos.

“Hmm. You know. What’s wrong with that?

Sasha smiles.

“What, I’m also known as the Knight of Sacred Flame Destruction. He’s good at smashing it. Just think of a power comparison.”

“Sounds like you’re good at the magic of flame attributes, but can you evaporate the lake?

Laos tongues and gives an abominable look.

“You don’t even feel like sticking with Anos, do you? So, I figured I could win, so you want to compare powers? You’ll find the vessel.”

“I don’t know about demons, but this guy is always provocative.”

“Hey. I’ll just tell you one thing,”

grinned, Sasha said.

“You’re just short tempered beyond degree.”


From the fist of Laos, < Sacred Flame (Scifer) > is emitted.

Sasha waved lightly and bounced it off easily with anti-magic.

“Ha. Don’t do it. Then let’s do it half the time!!

Laos tries to superimpose both fists and unfolds a magic formation there.

“< Great Hegemony Sacred Flame (Scifio) >!!

The holy flame breaks into eight pieces and strikes Sasha from all directions.

But she spotted the steeple and hit the common fundamentals of the eight flames with anti-magic.

Turned off by the magic, Sasha’s current impending < Great Hegemonic Sacred Flame (Sci-Fio) > is lightly quenched.

“Come quick and do your best. Much, much less strong, so I’m gonna die before I can help you, you idiot.”

Laos bites his back teeth too hard.

“… how did you find out…?

“You mean you’re not even strong?

“You’re kidding me. Eh! I’m gonna fucking kill you! He asked me how I figured out I was trying to make a bond with the Great Hegemony Sacred Flame!?

Sasha narrows her eyes.

“Asking your enemies about it is really stupid.”


“You’re talking about the Holy Eight Flames Junction (Zagaard), aren’t you?

The complexion of Laos changes.

“… how the hell do you know that? I never showed it to you.”

Oh, and Sasha sighed.

“Use your head for a little bit. Anos taught me a lot about old magic. I’ve had a hard time trying to prevent it, but it’ll be easier if you’re the one.”

“Let me out!!

I told him to throw it away, and Laos kicked the ground.

We storm straight into Sasha.

“If so, how about this!!

Laos wraps flaming armor around his whole body. The magic of Holy Flame Armor. By making them look like defensive magic and laying their opponents together as they are, they create a junction that seals the demon. The captured demon clan will be sealed for the majority of its power.

But without retreating, Sasha went forward the other way.

“Ha! It’s not a summer bug flying and on fire!!

Laos spreads his arms wide and grabs Sasha.

“< Demon Flame (Gresde) >”

A black flame appeared on Sasha’s palm, turned into a blade and pierced the dovetail of Laos.


“I told you they told me all about it, you idiot. You have to lay your opponent together with that wrapped flame to connect. If you poke a void, it might come through. If I knew, it would just be filled with gaps.”

When Sasha put her magic into the black flames, Goovovovo and Laos’ bodies burst into flames.

I can’t stop, he jumps back.


With all the anti-magic in his power, Laos shakes off < Magic Flame (Gresde) >.

I immediately try to fight back to Sasha and get a stiff look on my face.

“Is this what you’re looking for?

Sasha’s hand had the stamp of the College of the Brave.

I was snatching it into a gap I had just approached.

“Holy water is gushing out of this lake, so I know it won’t go away completely if I evaporate it. I wish I could just use it if I wanted to, but I can’t afford it, so that’s what happens.”

“Eh! Then, as you wish, let’s not show them the truth!

Laos draws a magic formation of holy flames in front of him.

When the flame rose violently from its center, I saw a shadow of a sword inside.

“Show me justice, Galuffordo!

At the same time as the words of Laos, the flame that was standing is sucked into the holy sword.

There was a brilliant sword in scarlet.

“What do you say? Of the eight holy swords, the hottest, burning holy sword. What is the magic of this Holy Flaming Sword, even said to have created the sun?


Sasha says.

“No matter how amazing the magic, it doesn’t make any sense that the user ruined it.”

“Ha! What the fuck? Are you freaking out?

Sasha sighs, oh.

“Don’t you understand that I’m saying treasure is rotten because you’re an idiot?

Sasha fires the Magic Flame.

“It doesn’t work!

When I wondered if the Holy Flame Sword Galuford had wrapped the flame, I instantly dismissed it.

“Damn, I didn’t just say Uze. I don’t know about fighting, just skip it and that’s it!!

Laos rushes in, wrapping around < Holy Flame Armor (Destore) > and shaking Galuford.


Laos waves down the holy sword. Sasha flies away, but a raging sacred flame scatters around her, turning the area into an ocean of fire.

A wall of flames had been formed to block Sasha’s escape.

“I got it back.”

Laos had the stamp of the College of the Brave.

“By purposefully taking this guy, you mean you don’t want to be used in a magical union, do you?

Sasha pulled her lips together quickly, Laos said.

“Ha, it’s a picture star. What do you say? How does it feel to be seen out by someone you’re fooling around with?

Laos holds the school badge and can use his magic.

Holy water erupted from his feet and countless balls of water floated.

“Seal it, Galuford”

A ball of water made of holy water wraps around the holy flames of Galuford.

They drifted around Sasha, creating a magic formation.

It seals the power of the Demon Nation, turning it into a powerful magical kingdom.

“What do you say? What does it taste like? Can you still do the magic? Can you move? You can’t, can you?

Laos points Galuford’s cut at Sasha.

“Don’t you ever slap me in the mouth again, I’ll smash you flashy!!

He kicks the ground. The next moment, he threw blood out of his mouth and broke his knee on the spot.

Galuford enters the ground with Dosun.

“… what… what… what… what…?

“You thought the magic equipment you took once would return you safely?

Laos does his gaze on his own school stamp.

A closer look at the abyss with the demonic eye would have shown that the wavelength of magic was changing.

“I blended that school seal with the magic of Poison Curse Pollution.”

Laos stomps, trying to wake up his body.

But it’s like you can’t help yourself.

“I think you know, < Poison Curse Pollution (Dienu) > is a poison that lets you lurk in magic. It erodes the roots of those who take it in, erodes the body, and wears out the magic organs in the body. By using your school stamp, you contaminated holy water. If we use the magic of holy water in such a state, we can absorb it together to the point of poison, and naturally we will.”

“… I can blend magic with magic… I didn’t hear that…”

“You’re an idiot. Necron’s secret tricks only tell the rest of the demons the basics. You thought everything you know about humans was everything?

Laos crawls on the ground and reaches out to Galuford.

“Hmm. Still hanging in there?

“… uhh, let it… the holy water was contaminated with poison, and it didn’t lose its effect. The evidence is activated properly. It’s magic that’s been developed in the last hundred years. That reincarnator, you don’t even know how to break it. I mean, you can’t move.”

Holy light shines through Laos’ body.

Recovery magic.

“With that, as long as we are in the < Four Genus Seal of Junction (De Ijeria) >, we will be resurrected as many times as we want. Good luck, but you’re not gonna win.”

Damage caused by and healing by < Four Genus Junction Seal (De Ijeria) >, slightly better healing, or Laotian hands reached the holy sword pattern.

He woke himself up slowly with the holy sword as his cane.

“I can’t move. I know how to break it. I can’t help it.”

“Unfortunately for you. It’s enough to see the devil’s eye.”

A magic formation floats in Sasha’s demonic eye.

At that moment, when she glanced, both the rising flame and the junction of the balls of water wrapped around the holy flame were scattered and vanished so that the glass broke.

“Do you not know the origin of the Witch of Ruin?

“… shouldn’t be, hey… I can’t believe you can break magic with… I didn’t hear you…”

“So I told you. Fool. There are so many things in the world you don’t know.”

When Sasha glanced at Laos with his demonic eye, he threw up blood as soon as he could.

“Damn… what the…”

“If you look so close, you can destroy the magic of the Four Kingdoms Seal (De Ijeria).”

The Eye of Doom is the ultimate anti-magic.

If you can use the power of that demon eye to even resist the temporal suspension magic of Eugo La Laviaz, you won’t be able to defeat the effect of < Four Genus Junction Seal (De Ijeria) > working for Laos.

Naturally, the magic of detoxification also doesn’t work as long as she sees it.

“… but hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, I’m imitating the poison…”

“Which mouth would say that? Have you forgotten what your countrymen did to Lee Best?

As long as Sasha is pointing her demon eye at her, Laos will weaken momentarily with < poison curse pollution (Dienu) > without recovering.

“… I didn’t… that was Heine’s, bastard…”

“I’m stunned. Fight where you belong.”

“Gu… ahhh… I can’t… I didn’t do it, I didn’t… I don’t know… damn, haha…”

Laos spits blood and nods on the spot.

“Then I’ll tell you your sins. You remember that, right? What You Said in the Magic Library”

Sasha turned her cold gaze and said pale with anger.

“Did you think you’d be able to speak up to my demon king?

“… no shit, that’s about it…”

Magic on Sasha smiles cold.

“You deserve to die.”

The effect of < Four Genus Junction Seal (De Ijeria) > is increasingly attenuated, and black spots begin to appear all over Laos. It’s been exposed to Poison Curse Pollution.

“… ku, ah… ha… fuck you, remember… fuck you… next time I see you…”


Sasha laughs.

“You’re an idiot everywhere. You still think you have the next one? If that poison turns all over your body, you’ll never be able to use magic again.”


“You can’t help it, can you? As your college director said, in counter-examination, accidents like that happen every now and then. We fought square and square, so no grudges.”

Sticking despair to his expression, Laos spills words without power.


Sasha turned to him and smiled.

“Yeah, I’ll wait for you. I’ll see how you wander around there, without distracting you. Slowly weaken, until the poison turns all over your body, all the time.”

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