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Under the eyes of everyone, Gu Cyan Mountain flew from a distance, and his face was covered with sweat, which seemed very urgent.

He came to Chu Xingyun and first appeared slightly, then explained: “I just received a secret report, in the past few days of Beast Tide, Shui Chongxian has evacuated the water home from the West Wind City, with Shui Qianyue went to the Imperial City together.”

“Migration of the Imperial City?” The poisonous stunned, Chu Xingyun and the water family’s grudges, he is very clear, if the water family migrated to the Imperial City, it is bound to seek the protection of Yunmengwufu.

However, Yunmengwufu has a lot of friendship with the royal family. If the three are in a group, Chu Xingyun wants to make a move to deal with the water home. The difficulty is multiplied, which is very tricky.

“In addition to this incident, Miss Rain Smoke has left Black Water City last night. Before leaving, she left a note.” Gu Cyan Mountain took the note from the storage ring and handed it to Chu Xingyun.

Chu Xingyun opened the note and swept a few eyes.

The above content is not much. Generally speaking, after the end of Beast Tide, Qin Family reappears the crisis, the situation is urgent, Qin Yuyan had to return to the imperial city immediately, and Yang Yan, it is necessary to report the details of Beast Tide with the Imperial Family. So the two returned together and could not go with Chu Xingyun.

At the end of the note, Qin Yuyan also said to Chu Xingyun, let him cultivate in Lingxiaowufu, wait for the current crisis of Qin Family, and then discuss the joint venture.

Chu Xingyun saw it here and suddenly felt a little upset.

A Beast Tide messed up his previous plans.

Especially the water home, actually so cunning, stunned everyone to pay attention to Beast Tide, secretly migrated to the Imperial City, and actively seek the shelter of Yunmengwufu.

The eyes are slightly closed, Chu Xingyun in the heart is thinking about how to deal with the current situation.

After a while, he seemed to think of something, took out the pen and ink, quickly wrote a note, and gave it to Cyan Mountain Road: “Gu City Lord, you and the scorpion poison first return to the West Wind City, hand in this note Give Chu Hu, and everything that follows, follow the arrangement of Chu Hu.”

“Good!” Gu Cyan Mountain took the note and looked at it with scorpion poison, then immediately rushed toward the direction of the West Wind City, disappeared in the blink of an eye.

When the two left, Chu Xingyun said to Yang Fengdao: “Yang elder, Westwind City has been handled, we immediately start Journey to the Imperial City, do not delay the time.”

Yang Feng is very interested in the content inside the note. See Chu Xingyun, I don’t want to mention it, I have to ask no more, and immediately begin to prepare everything.

Soon, the team was assembled and the entire group departed from the Luo Family Village and went to the Imperial City.

Due to the fact that Beast Tide has just retired, Black Water City has specially dispatched a soldier team and protected Chu Xingyun along the way to avoid any accidents.

At the center of the team is a carriage, Chu Xingyun, Luo Wei and Yang Feng Duan sitting inside.

At this time, Yang Feng is telling Chu Xingyun about the size and size of Ling Xiaowu. Chu Xingyun is not interested. There is a sentence that is not listening, but Luo Yan listens quietly and tastes, holding his chin in his hands, and releasing his eyes from time to time. Bright light.

“This time you broke into a core disciple, there will be an opportunity to enter the Lingxiao Pavilion.”

Yang Feng cleared his throat and looked calmly: “The Lingxiao Pavilion is the forbidden place of my Lingwu Wufu. In the pavilion, there are countless centuries of predecessors’ efforts, which are rich in treasures, from Martial Study cultivation technique to cultivate experience. It is all-encompassing, but there is nothing lack of strange things.”

“After you enter Lingxiaoge, there will be three hours of time. During these three hours, you must carefully select a cultivation technique, and you must not be sloppy.” Yang Feng’s voice sinks slightly, with a tone A trace of unquestionable taste.

“Yang elder, you said that there are a lot of treasures in the Lingxiao Pavilion. Why do you want the Chu Big Brother to pick a cultivation technique?” Luo Yan wrinkled his eyebrows and looked at Yang Feng curiously.

Chu Xingyun then opened his eyes, not salty and not faint: “The core disciple of Lingxiaowufu, all of Talent in Talent, needs a series of strict assessments, and I, as soon as I entered Lingxiaowu, became a core disciple. There will definitely be people who are dissatisfied, let me choose a cultivation technique, and improve my strength so that I won’t lose Yang Yan’s face. Am I right?”

Being seen by Chu Xingyun at a glance, Yang Feng feels awkward, but this is also true.

Chu Xingyun is indeed a Talent, temperament and innate talent, far more than looking for the ordinary person, fully qualified to become a core disciple, but to become a core disciple, it is not enough to have an innate talent, there must be convincing strength.

Obviously, Chu Xingyun can’t do this now, so Yang Feng will let Chu Xingyun pick a cultivation technique and let him improve his strength.

See Yang Feng’s face, Chu Xingyun started talking: “You can rest assured, since My Lord is going to become a core disciple, naturally it will not make Yang Yan lose face. Ling Xiaoge’s business, I have already planned in my heart, will not let you Disappointed.”

“That’s good!” Yang Feng relaxed, chuckled said: “When I return to Lingxiao Wufu, I will help you refer to the reference and see what cultivation technique is right for you.”

When he heard Yang Feng, Chu Xingyun did not respond and closed his eyes again.

In fact, from the moment he opened the core disciple of Ling Xiaowu, in his heart, he had long thought of taking something from the Lingxiao Pavilion, and he did not bother Yang Feng.

Just Yang Feng is so arrogant, Chu Xingyun is not good to directly refuse, simply let him say enough.

“I remember that at this time, a core disciple entered the Lingxiaoge, inadvertently activated that thing, so that the entire Imperial City was boiled. If I could take it one step at a time, for my future cultivate It will be of great benefit.”

Chu Xingyun in the heart whispered, revealing the inevitable meaning.

That thing, even the last generation of Chu Xingyun, is extremely valued. It is called cultivate and can greatly improve the cultivate speed of Martial Artist without any side effects.

Chu Xingyun now owns the Samsara stone, which is used for five days a day. If you get this treasure together, the two will work together and his cultivate speed will increase again, reaching an incredible level.

“As long as the cultivation base is upgraded, whether it is to trace the inside story 16 years ago, or go to the Jiuhan Palace to receive the returning fragrance, it will be of great help, so this treasure, I must get it!”

After that, Chu Xingyun entered the cultivate state, not wasting a minute, full power beginning.

In the following time, the three people rushed to the night until the early morning of the third day, Chu Xingyun finally arrived in the Imperial City.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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