Chapter 920. Spatial Pulses: Time Delay


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Taking a deep breath, Mu Ning Xue went ahead, surrounded by a stream of unprecedented joy, which washed away the unpleasant residue from the past.

She arrived in a western town in Shanxi province, and immediately began looking for a hotel where she could stay.

The town of Silane is very famous outside its borders, and usually it becomes a haven for all adventure seekers. The settlement is located at the foot of the Tien Shan.

After a breakthrough to a high level of Mu Ning, Xue requires enhanced training to hone his own skills.

She took out the phone and immediately sent a message to Mo Fan, notifying him of her location, as well as thanks for the help provided, because without it she would have failed.

– Yes, only yesterday I saw with my own eyes a sky-white tiger that carried a girl around the town.

“Many strange things happen, especially this year,” two residents loudly discussed life in the town.

Mu Ning Xue passed by them and did not attach much importance to what was said by them.

– Yes, that’s what! So yesterday I saw a mountain that walks! She was so huge that my soul immediately went to my heels! Said another resident.

– Yesterday it was too dark for you, I suppose, it just seemed like you blew the tragedy out of it.

– Yes, I’m telling the truth, why don’t you believe me ???


Mo Fan, on waking in the morning, read a message from Mu Ning Xue that she was all right.

She went to the mountains alone, and this fact could not but bother Mo Fang. Only when he remembered how much of his wife had to go through lately, did he understand that she needed to be alone and comprehend everything.

Moreover, in the mountains, she can cultivate even more actively, and for her it is an excellent solution.

Mo Fan has recently paid particular attention to the development of his element of the shadow. The failure he made when trying to break through to a high level made it clear that the progress of the shadow element is not as stable as the development of fire or lightning, which are its main elements.

He has so many elements, and he must pay attention and resources to each of them. What can I say, because not every time he will come across the dens of the black church, for which he will receive fabulous money, and not every time it will end so well!

Mu Ning Xue has already gone to the mountains for her own self-improvement, which means that Mo Fan should also be closely involved in her cultivation!

Time passed very quickly, and the national magic team of China has already completed the exchange of experience with the state guard of the third country. Very soon there will be a selection.

If the state security of China will achieve another victory, then Mo Fan can return to the national team!

Honestly, for the time that Mo Fan was in the state security team, not a single team had yet managed to get Chinese badges, so Mo Fan was actually 100% sure of the next victory …

– Spatial impulses: compression!

In the middle of the training area, there was an iron man, who stood under the silvery glow of Mo Fang’s magic, and one could see how a wave began to spread over a large area.

This wave was a force of spatial contraction. Any object or creature that will be in the territory of the spell will be subject to spatial pressure, which can exceed the usual atmospheric pressure a hundred times!

Iron man could not stand such pressure, and very quickly he turned into an iron cake!

Mo Fan stepped on this piece of iron, finding that all the metal had shrunk to just one centimeter! A smirk smirked on his face.

Spatial compression pulses belong to the magic element of the space of an average level of the first stage. The more a magician practices this spell, the better he can control the compression process.

Mo Fan still did not particularly comprehend the features of the magic of the space of the middle level, but now his strength was enough to squeeze a small representative of animals on the level of the pack leader!

– At the second stage is a time spell. It can be a defense, as well as significantly reduce the speed of flying objects or creatures and the action of the elements. Thanks to this spell, you can hide from attacks and have time to release response magic! The strength of the enemy during the exposure time, too, weakens noticeably! – Mo Fan read the manual on the magic of space.

– Spatial pulses of the second stage are really pi * dates! – rejoiced Mo Fan.

Exposure time can significantly slow flying opponents, giving the opportunity to escape from them!

To tell the truth, Mo Fan needed such an opportunity very much, because in fact, besides the serpentine mail he did not have any other normal defense …

Mo Fan recently began to notice more and more that he manages to defeat his rivals only with the use of all the elements of his magic, and there is nothing good in it – after all, he has to become one of the strongest!

Well, and the third stage of mid-level magic, spatial impulses / gap, is even more cruel: all the territory outlined by the spell draws you into a spatial gap!

Simply put, this magic can not only take away his weapon from the enemy, but even tear his hands off him!

Mo Fan cultivated for some time and was able to reach the second stage of the magic of space, except for the standing “guinea pig” to try out a new chip, he has not yet been able to find. It was at this moment that the old man Bao from the Clear Sky invited Mo Fanya to his place.

Mo Fan was surprised, thinking that the old man might have decided to give him a new mission.

With the current capacities of Mo Fan, most of the tasks will no longer be difficult for him, and the work of the black church, which was on his track record, only added value to him as a hunter.

– Pearl? What other pearl? Mo Fan asked suddenly.

Old Bao, squinting his eyes, said: “You forgot, I’m talking about the very pearl that you brought with you from Japan. You threw her to me and forgot to know about her! ”

– Oh, yes, I forgot. Hehe, Mo Fang was embarrassed.

– So it is. I completely cleaned it, changed it, and even asked one of my military friends …

– Speak immediately the result – Mo Fang was too lazy to listen to a long story about all the stages through which this thing went.

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