Chapter 921. Team from England


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The old man, with wide-eyed eyes, said: “Because of this your thing, I was so terribly tired, later you have to carry it with you.”

– What? With myself? – Mo Fan’s eyes rolled out, – this thing is very dangerous, at any moment it can start fogging the mind, and carrying it with you is akin to suicide!

Mo Fan still remembered very well that this pearl had created with Vanyue Qianxun – the girl was simply unrecognizable! A pearl can penetrate a person’s mind — can Mo Fan just put such a thing on herself like that?

– Do you think that in all this time I have not done anything with her? I destroyed all evil spirits that were inside the pearl, and now it’s just a great energy vessel, which stands oh, how expensive! Said the old man.

– I am sure that she will no longer make strange sounds and will not be able to penetrate the souls of people? – asked Mo Fan.

He knew about the origin of this pearl: it appeared in a place full of horror. Anyone who encounters her comes under her influence. And these Wanyue Qianxun and Wanyue Mingjian gave Mo Fang the pearl – and just scored on everything!

– Relax, nothing will happen. At first, I just wanted to sell it, and share the money with you in half – there are people who would gladly agree to buy it for good money just because of its large energy capacity. But then Lin Lin said that you almost demonized the estate, so you decided that you had better carry it with you, the old man explained.

– What is it like? – did not understand Mo Fan.

– Well, you yourself think … the element of demonization works in debt, and very quickly begins to demand the bills. Fortunately, there is an object on you that is capable of collecting spiritual entities, and at any moment you can use them. I completely cleansed the interior of this pearl, and now it can serve as an excellent “warehouse” of magical energy. The next time when you use demonization, and the moment comes to pay off with it, you can use the energy that accumulates in the pearl, – the old man answered.

What a news!

Wow! The old man was able to completely clean and change the pearl – yes he is just gorgeous! If this old man were a young girl, Mo Fan would have kissed him without hesitation!

“I didn’t even think that this thing could work that way,” exclaimed Mo Fan. Now, Vanyue Mingjian and Vanyue Qianxun seemed to him the nicest people on the planet, once they had planted such a jewel for free.

– After the incident in Xi’an, you became the main target of the black church. We, being next to you, of course, will try to protect you, but, knowing your restless nature, you are still in danger. The Black Church will undoubtedly try to settle accounts with you, and while you have not yet managed to become a mature and self-sufficient high-level magician, carry this pearl with you and keep demonization as your secret ace, ”the old Bao sternly said.

“Got it,” Mo Fan nodded his head.

– Return to the national team. In our country there are no energy sources that could become a resource for filling pearls, so go abroad. This gem like a magnet itself will pull you to the necessary sources of energy. Mo Fan, the consequences of demonization have not yet been properly studied, and for the sake of your safety, I hope that before you use the element of demonization next time, you will be convinced that your pearl is full, the old man said.

Mo Fan still nodded his head.

It was clear that the old man Bao spent a lot of time and effort to work with this pearl, but in order for Mo Fan to learn how to better manage demonization. He will never forget it for sure.

“I will try to fill this pearl as soon as possible,” answered the guy.

– Outside the country, you must be doubly careful. Salan is aware of your abilities, and she will look for a method to destroy you. It is clear that she is afraid of your element of demonization, so she will first make you forced to demonize, and then try to kill you while you are still very weak and do not have time to recover. Therefore, it is so important that you have a lot of magical energy! The more of it – the less chance Salan has! The old man Bao warned the mage.

Mo Fan was very rarely able to talk with the old man for so long, but he carefully shook all his words on his mustache.

He must be stronger, because the manifestations of demonization are always unstable … now he will know what to expect from Salan.

– I understood. “I’ll get my own boost as soon as possible,” said Mo Fan.

Putting the pearl on himself, Mo Fan left the Clear Sky.

He did not hesitate for a long time, because the old man clearly explained to him what he should do.

It is necessary to fill the pearl!

Strengthen your power!

The stronger he is, the less opportunities Salan has to destroy him!

– First I will return to the national team. I do not even know where Ai Jiang Tu and the team had already managed to roll away, Mo Fan thought to himself.

In the state security, the selection to the national team was soon to begin, but until now it was not clear how everything would end.

Mo Fan must return to the national team!

As the old man said, you need to listen to the pearl. If she does not react in any way, it means that there are no suitable sources nearby.

For some unknown reason, Mo Fan felt very strange when he entered the state security building. The faces of the guys were hard to watch!

– What, again stumbled upon idiots like those Egyptians? Mo Fan asked, addressing Mu Nu Jiao.

– They are so polite and modest, and it seems that the series of our victories will soon end. We lack only one fight to a series of five victories! – answered Mu Nu Jiao.

Mo Fan raised his head and saw a group of people. They were dressed usually, only here a few girls put on Chinese ancient accessories, apparently they were very much fascinated by Chinese culture ….

– What country are they from? – asked Mo Fan.

– From very strong, they are from England!

Mo Fang’s jaw dropped, and for a few seconds he could not even say anything.

Their magic is famous for its purity and power, the whole of Europe lays down legends about them, and the office of the famous magical association of five continents is located in the Cathedral of St. Paul, which is located in England!

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