Chapter 922. Four vs. Four


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Seeing the national team of England, Mo Fan thought that apparently too early he too began to rejoice at his enduring success, in the course the Almighty decided to throw him a difficult fight to fill up … well, why should the England team be the last team ?!

– Who wants to participate in this fight? – asked teacher Bai Dunvey. He saw that most of the guys hesitated, stepping back.

It angered him: “What kind of people are you, eh? Against wimps rushing into battle, and from the strong run? By the way, the possibility of a fight with a strong rival is a very valuable experience! ”

– Teacher, we do not want to lose. “In the past few days, we have managed so hard to regain self-confidence,” said one student.

– What kind of battle are we talking about? – asked Mo Fan.

“Four versus four, standard exchange of experience,” said Bai Dunway.

– It seems that they have already decided on the participants, what about us? – said Mo Fan.

“I will go,” said Mu Nu Jiao. She knew how important the victory in this fight was for Mo Fan, because it was about the selection for the national team.

– Yes! There is nothing terrible even in a strong opponent! – said Dun Fan Le.

“We still need a person with an element of water or light to provide protection,” Mo Fan added.

– Then can I go? – asked Lee Kuan.

When the four participants had already been selected, and they were going to climb the arena, the doors opened wide, and three people entered, they were much older than the students …

Bai Dunway was surprised – he could not have imagined that the senior judges would decide themselves to attend the fight.

However, after a while his face faded.

Bai Dunway was upset by the fact that on all the other days these leaders did not consider it necessary to come, and today, when there was to be a duel with the England team, they suddenly raised their fifth points.

These people were not interested in students from the state guard of their own country! But it is the development of these guys that should interest them!

– Wow! – said Bai Dunway.

Among those who came were Feng Li and Sun He, as well as the Vice Chairman of the Oriental Pearl. Three of them were followed by a few more mages, apparently younger: two girls and a boy.

Feng Lee frowned. He looked at Bai Dunway with a displeased look.

“Feng Li, this is Mo Fan,” Sun He pointed to the guy from the podium.

Sun Hae is the director of the Imperial University, so he knows about Mo Fang.

– Eh! I want to see today how this ill-mannered, arrogant and optional lad will fight! – Feng Li talked about Mo Fan.

Feng Li and Song He were in a magical association when they heard that today there will be a fight with the England team. They immediately rushed here. And although they were responsible only for the Chinese national team, they also sometimes analyzed the state security team.

“I’m very interested to know how the England team was undergoing verification from the Chinese state guard,” the deputy chairman asked.

“The rating of our state security has risen markedly, which is probably why China was chosen,” Song He sneered.

After Mo Fang and Mu Ning Xue appeared on the state security team, the team’s rating jumped noticeably, attracting the attention of people from all over the country.

– Grandpa, can they defeat the English? – asked the girl with the hair that was collected in a pony tail.

– Of course, they will not succeed. Even if our national team comes out against the England team, ours will lose with a probability of 90%, said Feng Li.

Indeed, even if Ai Jiang Tu were here with the national team, the chances of winning would still be small.

– Then even watch is not interesting! – said one young girl with golden hair.

“I came here to look at the English national team, not how our guards will lose,” Feng Li said.

“Hey, Feng Lee, don’t put it that way …” Sun He was obviously embarrassed.

Bai Dunway, hearing all this, just turned red with anger!

Can they have any respect at all ?!

From the Chinese side, Mo Fan, Mu Nu Jiao, Dong Fan Le and Li Kuan performed.

England squad, apparently, made the choice of participants in a random order.

Mo Fan prayed only that the abilities of the English should not be of a miraculous miracle. If they are about the same level of cultivation as Ai Jiang Tu, then in this fight they do not have the slightest chance of success.

“They are all high-level magicians,” said Mo Fan, knitting his brows and examining the four who had risen to the arena.

– It’s okay, the most important thing is not to let them use high-level magic, then everything can turn out! – said Lee Kuan.

“I already made a breakthrough,” added Mu Nu Jiao.

– Yes? Not bad! Not bad! – responded Mo Fan.

It would be cool if Mu Nu Jiao could release high level plant magic …

If it does not work out, then it is also okay – a breakthrough to a high level noticeably affects any magic of the wizard, and even the magic of a high level takes too long to be released.

Mo Fan did not expect that Mu Nu Jiao would be able to make a breakthrough to a high level … apparently, the Mu family decided to come to grips with the power of their offspring!

– Let’s get together with the spirit! We can not lose! Said Mo Fan.

Lee Kuan just smiled … he fights against England … but this can already be considered a success!

Dong Fang Le said nothing. He only collected his strength, and this time he, too, was not determined to fail.

Mu Nu Jiao was also tuned: this is her first fight after she made a breakthrough, so she must do everything possible!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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