Chapter 923. Golden Griffin


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From the side of the English national team there were three guys and one girl. The girl was very beautiful, she was wearing clothes in antique style and jewelry, she herself was very elegant, and the golden pupils seemed to be talking about her high origin.

The girl behaved very tactfully, producing a greeting ritual.

Mu Nu Jiao, too, gave her back a bow. What can I say, the absolute opposite of the imbeciles of Egypt.

Only, all these etiquette rules taken into account did not relieve the tension, which reigned in the room from the very beginning.

“My name is Irene, and this is my first time in China.” I hope that our exchange of experience will be very fruitful, – the girl with golden eyes smiled, as if thanks to Mu Nu Jiao.

Mo Fan pushed Li Kuan, who was standing next to him, and whispered to him: “And this girl is tall, and her chest is big!”

Lee Kuan was only embarrassed: rarely in China do you manage to meet girls with such a figure!

“What are you thinking about?” – grumbled Mu Nu Jiao.

– We talked about the fight!

Bai Dunway looked at the leaders, and then announced the start of the fight.

The British were in no hurry to start the battle, their faces smiled, as if they had come here not to fight, but just to invite to dinner.

– Dun Fan Le, come on, give them the heat! Said Mo Fan.

– Do not tell me what to do! – Dong Fang Le muttered, but still began to concentrate the fire in his hands.

During this period of time that Mo Fan and Dun Fan Le did not see each other, the latter managed to advance quite well. Even Mo Fan could sense that the aura emanating from the fire element of Dong Fan Le seems even stronger than that of his fiery rose!

– Flaming fist – flaming dragon!

This magic was very powerful, even the fiery fist of the fourth stage could not be compared with this release of magic. Why, this magic outnumbered even the fist of nine dragons! The fire, concentrating, flew in the direction of the four magicians from England.

The power of this magic surprised the British themselves.

Burning fist fifth stage?

Mo Fan too opened his mouth in surprise.

Dun Fan Le knew that if he did not use his fifth-stage fire, he would definitely not be able to carry with the magicians from England. Judge leaders also drew attention to this point.

Irene opened her mouth …

– This is really a hidden talent! There can be such guys in the state security team! – exclaimed the girl with golden eyes.

Admiration for admiration, but in her legs a blue elemental system was already taking shape, after which it was followed by a second, third…. These systems created next to Irene a star cloud of the element of water, which made the girl look even more beautiful!

– Water curtain!

She led her hand forward a bit, and before the team of England a stream of water formed, which looked more like a kind of waterfall.

The fire encountered a stream of water, steam spread around …

Without ceasing, after a while the flow of water was able to suppress the magic of fire.

“This is …” Dong Fang Le did not believe his eyes.

How can you release high level magic so fast ?! Is it even possible?!

– Very fast!

– She so clearly releases high level magic !!!

– Mages from England are really amazing! This girl is just over twenty years old, she already skillfully manages high-level magic!

“I will attack, and then my William has not warmed up in a long time,” said Shad, who was next to Irene.

Shad made a call for a contract beast, and from the recruiting space appeared a griffin with golden feathers. He radiated a bright glow that fell on state guards.


The griffin flapped its wings, gazing at Dong Fang-le.

In a high-speed flight, the griffin, nicknamed William, looked more like a golden blade, which swiftly fell down, intending to shred the enemy.

Dong Fan Le, with a cry, managed to bounce.

– Save! Help! – shouted a guy.

– Moon Forest – dungeon! – Mu Nu Jiao released the magic of plants. The dungeon was able to block the bird right in flight.

– Begs for trouble! – Sad said with a smile.

Not far from Shad was a guy in an English suit. He released lightning bolts that flew to the place where Mo Fan stood.

– Thunder!

The voice of the guy in the suit was heard very clearly, after which each lightning seemed to turn into a flower, filling the area with electrical discharges.

This magic was very advanced, and Mo Fan realized this. At a time when he could release a little more than ten lightning with thunder, this kid in a suit would spew 30 discharges each, and, apparently, he did not even think about stopping.

Mo Fang was also lucky that his body is very hardy and can withstand lightning strikes without any protection.

The rest rushed to activate their defenses.

– Electric mine!

Mo Fan’s body began to be completely covered with lightning.

These lightning bolts began to absorb the thunder claps without difficulty.

At the same time, Mo Fan used his Qianjun seed.

Now the lightning bolts rushed towards the English magicians!

The guy in the suit, seeing that his own electrical discharges are now turned against him, was stunned.

“This electric mine is very interesting … it returns my lightnings to me!” – made a note magician.

After that, he used shadow magic to hide from lightning.

– Deadly lightning!

Deadly lightning instantly turned electrical discharges into a network, in the midst of which was a magician in a suit. His face instantly changed, and he himself hastened to activate the armor.

The thunder of thunder fourth stage!

Realizing that he was in a trap, the guy just went nuts!

He could not have imagined that the enemy possesses the magic of the fourth step, and moreover, he could not even think that he would be in the net from his own lightning!

– Gibbert! You are not too circumspect! – Irene said with reproach, seeing that he had already put on protection.

– Yes, but the result is still the same – my lightning came back to me! – responded Gibbert.

A golden glow began to appear around Gibbert. Systems and constellations intertwined in a single stellar cloud.

Seeing that he was going to release high-level magic, the team of state guards was stunned.

He is a high-level magician of the element of light!

– Tide of light!

Gibbert did not look away from Mo Fang all the time when the rays of light around him were already turning into sharp arrows.

– Forward!

Mu Nu Jiao, Dun Fan Le and Lee Kuan managed to escape from this attack. Mo Fan, too, stepped aside, except that these light shells continued to haunt him.

– Spatial impulses: time delay!

Mo Fan, too, without thinking twice, released the magic of medium-level space.

At that moment, everything began to slow down in a strange way.

Even the light arrows have slowed down!

– The element of space!

Gibbert had already begun to get angry after seeing that the effect of his high-level magic could be eliminated.

– Control!

After slowing down, Gibbert’s light arrows weakened noticeably, and now Mo Fan used the space again to create a protective wall.

– disgusting! – Outraged by Gibbert, dissatisfied with the fact that his high-level light magic was suppressed by medium-level magic.

– Griffin, attack it! – Shad ordered his contract beast when he saw that his colleague’s affairs were going the wrong way.

– Do not interfere! Shouted Gibbert.

– Now the most important thing is a common victory! – Shad really did not understand him.

The golden griffin has already pricked up its claws and flew into the back of Mo Fan.

– Retreat!

Mo Fan redirected the magic of space to drop the bird.

However, Mo Fan underestimated this bird, so it began to resist!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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