Chapter 924. Summoning a Flock of Beasts


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– Blessing of light: holy shield!

Lee Kuan decided to protect Mo Fan, wrapping him in a golden glow.

Golden griffin is not so easy to break through such a strong defense from the first time, he had some time to spin in the air in search of a good opportunity to attack.

– Where are you going? “Mo Fan looked closely at the bird, and then simply grabbed its tail with fake claws.

The griffin, which now froze in the air, tried to flap its wings more strongly.

What can I say, the wings of a bird are really very strong, and Mo Fan has already begun to feel how she literally slips out of his hands.

– Spatial impulses! – at that moment, when the bird actually burst, Mo Fan again released the magic of space.

In the space formed a diamond-shaped glow. Everything in this rhombus was not the same as in the rest of the space. The direction of the griffin feathers has also changed.

The bird itself only understood how hard it is now to flap its wings, and its movements are slow!

– Get down to me!

Mo Fan released the lightning element magic, and electrical discharges began to spin around the bird.

Lightning literally lowered the griffin down, and its feathers constantly heaved from the current.

The magician himself understood that it would not be possible to make a simple magic of the average level of a golden griffin, so after the lightning had nailed the bird to the ground, Mo Fan began to release a flaming fist of nine palaces so that the bird could take a fire bath!

– I told you not to interfere! Said Gibbert.

Gibbert used the magic of the wind, the wind flow was now heading towards Mo Fan. In addition to the wind itself, there was still some extraneous force present, and this explosive mixture, approaching Mo Fan, just threw it into the air!

He was too self-confident, so he began to slow down the magic …

In the hand of Mo Fan, at that time, the flames were already burning …

The raging fire and the flame of the fiery rose appeared at the same time, and then simultaneously fired a projectile at Gibbert!

He has never seen such a thing that mid-level magic can match with high-level magic in its power! The fire threw him to the ground!

Fortunately, the protection on his body was still active, so he would not have received serious injuries, but if it was not there, he would simply be boiled alive in this fire!

Mo Fan hurried to use the collapsing fist of nine dragons – now the enemy has flown towards the podium. He was thrown so far that on foot he would return from there half a day!

The English team opened their mouths in surprise.

Irene also turned this way. All this time, all her attention was focused on Mu Nu Jiao, and she could not even think that in such a short period of time this nondescript Chinese could deal with one of their team.

– This guy is very strong, so now there should be no misunderstanding! – Irene said the remaining two guys.

Shad was well aware of the whole situation – even his golden griffin had a hard time! With great difficulty he was able to escape from the power of the opponent’s magic!

– Then use our trumps! Said Shad. The bird has already returned to its owner, near which a silvery-white star cloud began to form.

This cloud has covered the arena, and now the gates have appeared in this cloud.

It seemed that a creature was breaking behind the gate, that it certainly wanted to break out!

– Oh, not good! The fat is in the fire! – Bai Dunvey sighed.

An aura of danger emanated from there, and even Mo Fan, being a magician of the element of call, was afraid of what was behind this gate, and took a few steps back.

– Earth bloody beasts, now your way out! – Sad said loudly.

The gates opened, and from there a crowd of animals appeared, in appearance they looked like monsters, their flesh entirely consisted of bloody muscles. From the growling of creatures, the entire state security building began to shake, and the ground under their paws was simply falling apart into pieces!

High level summoning magic is not a call for a single super powerful beast, it immediately calls upon a whole crowd of such animals!

There were so many of them that Mo Fan was no longer just backing off; he was already running in the opposite direction!

Mu Nu Jiao, Dun Fan Le and Lee Kuan also had no idea how to deal with this herd of surging wildlife.

Mu Nu Jiao, owning the element of the wind, easily began to move, while poor Dong Fang Le had no choice but to stumble somewhere, activating the defense.

The animals in the herd were also of different types: someone looked more like huge rhinos, someone like bears. But they also had in common – they were all huge and very bloodthirsty! Each of the animals looked like a tank!

When these tanks come closer than a hundred meters, the soul finally goes to the heels …

More than ten bloody beasts were now chasing Mo Fang, Mu Nu Jiao, and Li Kuan …. Lee Kuan tried to support the light protection around him, Mo Fang and Mu Nu Jiao, but his magic is definitely not aimed at protecting against a whole herd of cringe creatures!

“This is … this is too cruel!” – said Yue Tansin.

The rest of the guards, too, were disgraced in earnest.

This is a high level summoning magic, so Mo Fan and the others must run as long as possible, otherwise they will simply crush!

– So we decided the situation. After all, at crucial moments, I cannot do without my help, – Shad smiled.

“And you, too, have noticeably changed, invoking a whole crowd of earthly bloody beasts,” Irene praised him.

– Yes, it is still so-so call. Now, if I had more magical energy, then this herd of animals could have been here for a longer time, ”answered Shad.

Creatures from the invocation space can not be in this space permanently. Take, for example, Mo Fan: his agile wolf must constantly return to the invocation space, but his stay “in the flesh” can be prolonged due to the internal magical energy of Mo Fan.

However, this rule does not apply to contract animals: a little girl can stay with her dad for as long as she pleases, and all because she was originally born in this world.

The magic of high-level invocation opens the huge gates of the draft space, so the beasts fall out of the packs.

This kind of magic, of course, is very strong, except that the time to use this magic is very limited!

After some time, all these bears and rhinos returned to their own world, leaving ruin behind them. They suddenly appeared, and also suddenly disappeared …

Dong Fang Le just now discovered that he had absolutely lost all his combat readiness, and he would have to recover.

Lee Kuan, too, was exhausted, because all this time he had to release enhanced protection. In a weakened voice, he said Mo Fang and Mu Nu Jiao: “Now the battle is yours, hold on only one minute – it means, so be it!”

The two participants actually dropped out of battle, so now Mo Fan remained for the main fighting force in the team.

– Getterka, go!

Mo Fan, staying before that under the protection of Lee Kuan, was able to cover virtually the entire arena with his flame without any problems.

Wings of fire sprang up behind the mage, and now Mo Fan just turned into a fiery shell before his eyes!

– This chip, he defeated the Egyptian national team! – the teacher and the students began to talk among themselves.

Of the team of England, only three remained in battle, but even they did not think to see such fire magic turned against themselves! This blow could not be compared even with the fact that he threw Gibbert!

“Flaming wings, fist breaking!”

The flame of nine dragons was already accumulating behind Mo Fang, which made him look like a satellite from the outside.

Irene and another Englishman from the team have released a defense.

A water curtain appeared in front of them in three, and a holy wall appeared next to it.

However, even such a two-layer defense was not enough against the power that Mo Fan’s attack embodied … the three English magicians immediately activated their armor and chain mail …

Even in such a defense, magicians poured cold sweat, how could they know that the fist of nine dragons of this magician could be even worse?

Director Sun He opened his mouth, and now he looked like a duck that had just laid an egg.

Feng Lee’s face sank too.

They had heard about this Mo Fane, but did not know that his magic was progressing that way day by day!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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