Chapter 925. Voluntary capitulation?


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“Can’t … can’t be, is it all he?”

– E * at! I would have scattered from such a fist into pieces, but the British still hold on!

The team of England released a powerful defense: one layer was represented by high-level water magic – a water curtain, the second layer was an intermediate-level light magic – a holy wall, and the third was activated on each of the three magicians – they all activated their protective artifacts!

Nobody even thought that Mo Fan would be so strong!

– This is not the end!

Mo Fan shouted these words, and the wings behind his back exploded with thousands of fiery feathers.

As if the fist was not enough! Multiple lights now rushed towards the opponents.

To this, the English magicians certainly were not ready!

Their protection has already been used, now they could only pull out the remaining protective artifacts!

Good protective chain mail or armor are simply fabulous money, so even in the national team can hardly be found those who are not stingy with the purchase of high-quality protection. Most mages think that expensive defensive artifact is not as important as, for example, those artifacts that can significantly speed up the cultivation process.

Of the three magicians, only Irene had a good red chain mail that protected her from the flames that fell from all sides. The other two guys were much less fortunate – the fire was able to burn their defense, and they were injured …

– I … I can not! Said Shad. His main element was the call, and, seeing how the situation was getting worse, he hurried away from the arena.

The fire continued to burn through the site, a little bit more and it would turn into a piece of coal, but he does not want to get seriously injured on the “training” field like this – he must rest so that his cultivation does not start to regress due to the resulting stress.

Another magician also could not stand this situation. Fire feathers continued to concentrate around — their power even surpasses the power of a flaming sword! And the simple armor of this guy just will not suffer such a test.

Only Irene remained – a girl with golden eyes. Her coat was upscale, it was for this reason that Mo Fane’s magic didn’t give her severe injuries – so a couple of scratches and blisters, it turns out that Irene was the most persistent magician in England.

Two of her “colleagues in the shop” for reasonable purposes hurried to leave the arena, and only Irene remained on it.

After the fire cleared, one could see this girl. Now she was angry, and her hair, beautifully laid before, now flew apart.

She clearly said: “I heard that a strongman appeared in the team of the state security of China, so I understand that it is you! You know, your abilities go beyond even my ideas! ”

– Two against one – you have no chance of success. Accept defeat, and we will disperse on it, – concluded Mo Fan.

Today, Mo Fan showed all his strength, this fact, of course, he was not particularly amused, but he had no other way out. All these guys will be in Venice, so let them know who they will have to face! And to return to the national team, he needs to put the team from England!

“This will not happen,” Irene twisted her hair back, revealing her beautiful face. Her golden eyes looked ahead.

– Do not do it this way. The fight is actually lost, just agree with the fact that we won, and run away on it. From the fact that we will lay out our trump cards for all, no one will be left in the black, ”said Mo Fan.

Mu Nu Jiao threw a scornful look at him.

– Do you still have trumps? – look Irene expressed genuine interest.

– Of course! You can ask anyone here, and he will tell you how cool I am. I know that you now have no sense in using your secret tricks, and we don’t need anyone’s death in this arena … there are only two of us left, and you are alone, ”said Mo Fan.

Irene looked at Mo Fan and seriously thought.

The people who watched the battle from the side were shocked. What kind of power is this unclean in this boy? Is the fight over like this?

– is coming. The badge of your guard is not so important to us, but I personally want to make sure that you return to your national team, and then, at world competitions, I can take revenge – Irene nodded her head.

After these words, Irene descended from the arena, thus making it clear that she was refusing to continue the battle.

The audience was just dumbfounded!

“Is this … is it possible ??? – cried Dun Fan Le.

– We won … did we win? – Mu Well Jiao also did not fully understand what was happening.

Mu Nu Jiao really thought that Mo Fang’s admonitions of surrender, directed to the rivals, would only go to chickens to laugh! But in the end this English sorceress agreed with him!

Everyone could see that Irene really was the strongest in his team. Releasing only two times the water curtain, she was able to withstand the attacks of Mo Fan, without resorting to other elements! And then … then Mo Fan succinctly explained to her that they had better give up …

Not to mention the Chinese state guards, it was impossible to look at the faces of the English national team!

– Later, somehow I will invite you to dinner, try real Chinese cuisine! – Mo Fan smiled, thus showing an unequivocal interest in the direction of the golden-eyed girl.

– is coming. I really like Chinese food! – Irene flashed her eyes.

By the way she looked today, one could easily guess that she really liked the local culture.

– Irene, why are you so!

– Did you just bought?

Irene looked at the people who said this, and they instantly shut up.

From the very beginning, the English national team secured a ticket to Venice, so the Chinese badge will not change anything.

Of course, Mo Fan impressed everyone with his fighting ability, leaving all English, and not only magicians, impressed. Such a strongman after hitting the national team of his country can really be worthy of competition.

“Grandpa, it seems they won,” came a girlish voice.

Feng Lee was still in shock from what happened, he did not understand how to relate to this fight.

Undoubtedly, the magical power of Mo Fan was just amazing. And his flying fist, and fiery feathers – even the English magicians could not resist this.

“I couldn’t even imagine that this boy is progressing so fast …” Sun He was rubbing his mustache.

Make the England team, where all the high-level magicians are, using mostly the magic of the middle level … – this is something from the category of fiction.

Feng Li stomped toward Mo Fang.

– Are you going to stay here or return to the national team? Asked Feng Li unfriendly.

– Do not be so bold. I, of course, will return to the national team, just do not have to constantly look at me with such a sour mug, said Mo Fan.

“How can you talk like that to elders?”

“Grandfather, you see, not only am I telling you that you always walk with a sour face, hehe,” the granddaughter smiled.

Such words from her granddaughter could still be tolerated, but not from Mo Fang.

– Collect your stuff. In a few days, we are going to South America, ”Director Sun He said with a smile.

Sun Hae was the exact opposite of Feng Lee: if he was very aggressive and serious, then Sun Hae’s character was softer and more accommodating.

“Got it,” Mo Fan nodded his head.

Mo Fan from those who keep their word. Having said that he would invite Irene for lunch, he did not fail to fulfill his promise. The girl, seeing how the visitors at the next table with appetite knead the red crayfish in a spicy sauce, told Mo Fanyu that she also wanted this dish. She liked it so much that she ate about a kilogram of sharp crustaceans!

– It is really very tasty! I have never eaten anything tastier! – said Irene, stroking her belly. What can I say, there is not much meat in crustaceans.

After that, Mo Fan led her to the park and other places, and the magicians from the English national team had already thought that this Chinese must have kidnapped her.

– Now our paths diverge. We are still waiting for a very long workout, and the next time we see each other will most likely be in Venice. I can’t wait to see even more powerful magic from you at world competitions! – happily said Irene.

– Next time I will not be lenient even for such a beauty like you. By the way, tomorrow I’m going to South America too, ”said Mo Fan.

– And our next stop is Japan! See you!

Mo Fan and Irene said goodbye. After that, Mo Fan has already prepared his things on the way.

South America is famous for its landscapes; deserts, forests and rivers – all this has been abundant for centuries.

Of course, the reason for the “naturalness” of the continent is not that South Americans do not want to build more cities and factories, but that since ancient times, South America has been considered one big lair of various magical creatures that are known for their bloodthirstiness!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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