Chapter 926: Air Attack


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– Dear passengers, our plane is in a zone of turbulence. We ask you to fasten your seat belts – there was a pleasant female voice in the cabin.

The plane was shaking violently, but the passengers often flew on airplanes and the turbulence did not seem to them to be something strange. Almost every flight this happens.

Mo Fan was sitting near the window, it seemed to him that he was about to fly out of his own chair, he was shaking so much.

– Do not you think that we are shaking too much? – quietly asked the girl, who was sitting next to Mo Fang.

Mo Fan’s brow furrowed in thought.

Salon continued to shake, only even stronger than before. The faces of the passengers began to change their expressions.

– What is going on?

– Are there any problems with the plane?

– If it continues to shake like this, the plane will fall apart!

Several passengers panicked and started screaming. Flight attendants also sat in their seats with seat belts fastened, not daring to move around the cabin.

– Dear passengers…

“Your mother, what happens in the end ?!” – shouted one of the passengers.

He shouted so much that it seemed like a bad sign. Suddenly, all the lights in the cabin went out and oxygen masks fell out.

If there were oxygen masks, then something serious happened. At one point, the entire salon began to scream hysterically, and the women cried.

– So strange, I only fly for the first time on a plane to another country, and this one time surely something had to happen ?! – Mo Fan was surprised.

He looked out the window and saw that the wings of the plane were swaying up and down. They could not keep the balance of the aircraft.


Suddenly, something thundered, and the plane began to shout so that the passengers began to scream even louder, from this scream and everything that happens, the blood in his veins.

The beautiful girl, who was sitting next to Mo Fane, unconsciously grabbed his hand and hid her head in his bosom.

When boarding the plane, he exchanged a few words with the girl and learned that her name was Fenfen, but the matter had not yet reached a romantic relationship.

Didn’t he himself notice how he had hired up this girl?

It is a pity that now is not the right time to flirt with girls. Mo Fan looked out the window and noticed a strange airflow, which made it difficult to fly the plane.

Mo Fan unbuckled his seat belt and rose from his seat.

“You … what are you doing? …” “- Fenfen looked at Mo Fian with fright.

– I’ll go find out what happens. There is some crazy wind outside, I’m afraid there’s a problem. – Mo Fan went to the cockpit.

– Young man, do not go through the cabin, it is very dangerous – the flight attendant hurriedly told Mo Fanyu.

Mo Fan went ahead anyway, and the stewardess unbuckled her seatbelt as well and followed the magician.

When he reached the cockpit, Mo Fan saw the pilot and his assistant, on whose faces terrible fright was visible.

– What happened after all? Asked Mo Fan sternly.

– Are you a magician? – asked the senior pilot.

Mo Fan left goovoy.

– How good! We found one air monster that invaded our air line, which influenced the control of the aircraft. Now we are in a strange turbulence, from which we can not get out, – said the pilot – assistant in uniform.

– The problem is very serious. So why are you hiding? This can lead to a plane crash! Said Mo Fan.

– We can not do anything, the magician in charge of the airspace is already in a hurry to help. But now we are over the Pacific Ocean, and it will take him some time to be here. We are doing everything in our power – we do not let the plane fall and do not lead people into panic. – answered the senior pilot.

The stewardess standing nearby was scared to death. If the monster was on their air route, and no devices could cope with it, then what to do?! ….

Mo Fan entered the cockpit, and the senior pilot and assistant were wet with sweat. They needed to fly a plane and not let it fall.

– This monster is behind! – shouted the assistant pilot.

– Keep calm and pick up speed. Need to break away from him. – the senior pilot said coolly.

Mo Fan glanced at the instruments, on the green instrument one could see how the plane, swaying in different directions, was moving forward. But about two kilometers from the tail of the plane was a huge monster, which in size was not inferior to the size of the aircraft itself. The monster was like a huge bird, and he was approaching …

“We cannot pick up speed, the force of airflow resistance is too powerful,” said the assistant pilot.

– You can not let him face us! – said the senior pilot.

– MT332, this is the main office, report back on the situation.

-The environment is very tense, a strange huge bird is chasing us, and we are in a zone of turbulence. Please send the patrol plane and the airspace mage as soon as possible! – said the senior pilot.

– MT332, a patrol plane and a magician will need at least 20 minutes. Let the senior flight attendant make an announcement, there must be a high-level magician on board the aircraft. – Said from the main office.

The senior flight attendant and assistant pilot stared at Mo Fan, asking: So are you a high-level magician? But you are so young …

– I think that there is another magician on board, the level of my magic is not written in my documents. Make an announcement, please, since I do not know how to fly, ”said Mo Fan.

The flight attendant made an announcement, inviting a high-level mage, and a 30-year-old man soon appeared, wearing thick-rimmed glasses. He looked as if his patience had long since burst, the magician shouted: “If this is the case, why haven’t you told about it before ?! – the man spoke in a stern tone, as if he were a high-ranking official.

– Well, well, calm down. You need to solve the problem with this damn bird as quickly as possible, ”said Mo Fan.

The man looked at Mo Fan and said coldly: “Hey, you student. Close your mouth and return to your seat. Do you think you learned a little something and immediately became a hero? ”

Mo Fan saw how arrogant this magician was and did not want to communicate with him anymore. The most important thing now was passenger safety. Mo Fan did not want the plane to plunge into the depths of the Pacific Ocean. It was almost impossible to find people in a plane crash in the ocean.

The senior flight attendant and assistant pilot immediately took two magicians to the tail end of the aircraft. There was a special three-layer door.

Mo Fan and a magician named Gu opened this special door and very quickly hit the tail of the plane.

In the air, the plane must maintain speed, and this speed must be very fast. In addition to speed, the plane was still in a turbulent flow, Mo Fan felt his cheek swelling from a crazy wind.

Teacher Gu was a model of skill. He jumped onto the outer part of the plane, firmly fastened on it in this crazy stream of wind.

– Do not do the same as me. Otherwise you will be blown away. Even if you stay alive, you will still drown in the Pacific Ocean. – strictly said the teacher Gu.

Mo Fang was only twenty years old. It seemed that the power of a young magician could not be as powerful as the power of teacher Gu.

In fact, Mo Fan had no time to talk, he also jumped on the tail of the plane. It is good that Mo Fan was also a magician and could keep his balance in this furious airflow.


The cloud thickness was divided into two levels – the first level was high in the airspace, thin as a veil.

The other layer was under the plane. Thick as cotton. This cotton blanket stretched to the horizon.

Mo Fan and teacher Gu stood on the tail of the plane swinging in different directions. In fact, Mo Fan never experienced such an experience. He looked around and looked at the plane. Two kilometers from the plane there really was a huge bird and the distance between it and the plane was inexorably reduced.

The movement of her wings was very fast, as if she were a giant hummingbird, emitting bird chirping. But because of this bird the plane could not carry out a normal flight. And too rapid movement of the wings of the bird created a very strong air flow!

– Wings of the wind! – teacher Gu created the constellation of the wind. It was clear that thin wings of the wind element appeared behind his back.

Teacher Gu, flapping his wings of the wind, flew into the blue sky.

– Your mother, take me with you! Shouted Mo Fan.

Arrogant teacher Gu did not pay attention to Mo Fang. And he could not allow himself to act thoughtlessly, allowing the student to die.

Teacher Gu fluttered in the air between the plane and the giant hummingbird. From where Mo Fan stood, Gu’s teacher seemed tiny to him compared to the bird.

Mo Fan saw a magical light, as if it were the light of a star system aimed at this huge bird.

Mid-level magic would be useless here.

Master Gu applied high level magic. Only by the speed of the use of magic, it was possible to notice that he was not yet very good at mastering the magic of the earth element, a huge bird was catching up with him.

Mo Fan, watching the complexity of the situation, could not remain calm.

– Bl * d, fuck he even volunteered?

Mo Fan could not stay in place, taking out the magic folios, he moved the lightning element magic to these folios.

The speed of creating a constellation with the help of folios was average. After creating the constellation of the element of lightning, an electrical discharge appeared, which went straight to a strange bird.

Lightning flashed brightly in the sky and in a second it struck a strange bird that was already one kilometer away from the plane.

The bird reacted to the blow, shouting loudly. At the place where the wing was attached to her torso, there was a huge burn that was made by lightning.

* Bird cry

The bird screamed hysterically, realizing that this huge iron thing would only harm her, leaving her thoughts to make an attack, she turned around and flew away.

Seeing the bright lightning lightning, Gu’s teacher was scared. He turned to look at the guy who was 10 years younger than him …

– Lightning element … high level lightning element! –Gu Gu’s arrogance vanished without a trace.

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