Chapter 927. Putting Wrath At Me ?!


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The bird flew away, the air flow returned to normal, and the plane leveled off again in flight.

Upon returning to the cockpit, the crew and the pilots happily told teacher Gu: “How wonderful that you were on this plane, you were able to cope with this bird!”

After the plane returned to normal, and the passengers calmed down, they began to express their admiration for their salvation.

Teacher Gu, embarrassed, only pointed to Mo Fan: “Yes, I did not do anything special, this magician of the lightning element was able to drive the bird away.”

The people on the plane continued to run up to him admiringly, but when they learned that an inconspicuous boy had saved them all, there was no limit to their surprise.

Mo Fan only sat in his seat without saying anything.

Master Gu was confused by the fact that such a young magician like Mo Fan possesses such outstanding magic.

– Is it true you drove away that huge bird? – asked a girl named Fenfen, who was sitting next to Mo Fang.

“You could say that,” Mo Fan smiled. He saw such veneration in the eyes of this girl that it caused him to be complacent.

Well, okay, now we have to admit that, being an outstanding magician among people, great attention will now be riveted on him even on board the aircraft! Now he must get used to glory!

This time Mo Fan’s destination was Peru, which is located in South America. The national team was already waiting for him in the city of Hemi.

Hemi is located in the southern part of Peru – there are no tropical rain forests, but there is a desert all around. Sand against the blue clear sky – beauty, of course, indescribable.

Mo Fan went to the city of Hemi to once again officially join the team of the national team. The high temperature of the air, which she met Mo Fan here, didn’t like him very much, but the little girl, on the contrary, felt very comfortable – the local conditions reminded her of the northern red-hot plain where she was from.

Mo Fan immediately found a hotel in Hemi, where Ai Jiang Tu and the others were. They sipped chilled beer and looked very pleased.

The weather was really very hot, so Jiang Shaoxu dressed accordingly: two thirds of her breasts just fell out of clothes, and short shorts drew attention to bare legs.

– Hai, Mo Fan! – Jiang Shaoxu first noticed him and gave him her welcoming smile.

– Come I will give you a hug! – Mo Fan took a step forward.

Jiang Shaoxu was not against her and hugged him gently, enveloping her with fragrance. Mo Fan specifically pressed against her chest.

Elastic! It is really elastic!

– Bully! Said Jiang Shaoxu.

– Hey, how can you say hello ?! – An unknown voice rang out.

Mo Fan turned around and found a face that he had never seen before.

Although he did not personally see this man, Mo Fan realized that it was Lu Yilin. Mu Nu Jiao and the rest of the state guards talked about him – he came to the national team immediately after Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue left her.

– Has it really reached the point where you are handing out instructions? – Mo Fan was not happy about such a meeting.

– You are a newcomer who just came to the team, don’t you know about respect for elders? How can you talk to older and more experienced team members like that? Said Lou Ilin, displeased.

Mo Fan looked at Jiang Shaoxui, who slyly smiled, and immediately understood everything.

This Lu Yilin was fascinated by Jiang Shaoxu and was in love with her, of course he would not like the way Mo Fan embraced her!

– older?

“Ha-ha-ha, Mo Fan, now you are a newcomer,” Jiang Yu smiled.

Mo Fan was stunned: he did not have time to return to the team, how did this await him!

– Lu Ylin only managed to confess his feelings to Jiang Shaoxu, and he was rejected. He was in a rage, and here, just, you appeared in his way so that he could spill out his displeasure, – said Zhao Man Yan, introducing Mo Fanya to the ropes.

Now Mo Fan understood everything.

That is why Lou Ilin met the newcomer so unfriendly – he himself had just been sent!

“I give you three seconds so that you can get a safe distance of ten meters from me!” Fume, which carries from you, tells me that your liver can not stand even one blow! – said Mo Fan Lu Yilinu.

“Ha-ha-ha, it won’t take a single blow … Mo Fan, why underestimate like that,” Zhao Man Yan laughed.

The others, having heard these words, also laughed.

Lou Yilin, seeing that the whole team was laughing at him, simply boiled with anger and now with red eyes with anger looked at Mo Fanya.

– It looks like you’re completely ill-mannered! Do you not know about the rules in the national magic team? – said Lou Yilin.

Now it was possible to see how the elemental systems around it are formed into a star cloud.

– Starry … starry cloud! This is high level magic!

The guests of the hotel, who were nearby, just gone nuts! The magic of high level in their town!

Hearing the cries of people around, Lou Yilin softened a bit. Need to be wiser …

“You got out of the state security team, oh, how far you are to us …” said Lu Yilin, hinting at the low level of cultivation of state guards.

“Come on, move over,” said Mo Fan, a silvery glow was already around him.

Lu Yilin, who never had time to release the magic, was thrown into the air!

He was thrown out of the hotel on a large road beyond its borders.

The hotel guests, who were so loud a few seconds ago, immediately calmed down.

Even the guys from the national team now looked suspiciously at the glow around Mo Fang.

– Space … an element of space! – Jiang Shaoxu screamed first.

Nan Jue, Ai Jiang Tu, Jiang Yu, Guan Yu, and the others looked at the guy intently, not even going to find out how Lou Luin was doing there.

When did Mo Fan achieve such control of the magic of space?

It was evident that he could very well control this element!

– Of course, you are a born magician of two elements! Naturally, you can throw up such tricks, but do you think that using such magic against members of your own team is too much? – Guan Yu said displeased.

The fact that Mo Fan is a born magician of two elements was no longer a secret. Only here before his element of space was still very weak, whereas now it was developing very quickly.

“I only used entry-level magic, while he was going to release high magic.” I haven’t defied you for so long, Guan Yu! Do you want to fly after him? – in a cold voice said Mo Fan.

Guan Yuya was mad at him, but he did not dare to say anything in return.

He decided to wait for another moment to pay him back.

“So then, a born magician of two elements …” Jiang Shaoxuy smiled, admiring Mo Fang even more.

“Mo Fan, personal squabbles within the team are prohibited,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

Lu Yilin did not receive serious injuries, because he is a high-level magician, except that his reputation in the team is now stained.

– Let’s go to a large site, and then I promise you, you regret what I did! Shouted Lu Ilin, hitting his chest in front of Mo Fane.

– Lou Yilin, if you have so much energy, then leave it for tomorrow. Mo Fan is not a novice, he was already in the national team before, and if we talk about who is younger in rank, you or he is you, said Nan Jue sternly.

“Take it easy,” Jiang Shaoxu said, seeing what this conflict was developing into. She used the magic of the spirit.

The magic of the spirit had its effect. Lou Yilin, having cooled, simply said: “Wait !!! We still will be considered! ”

– Baby, who are you going to complain to? To the head of your family or teachers? – asked Mo Fan.

These words finally brought Lu Ylin to himself, now all the spells of the magic of the spirit were destroyed – and then Ai Jiang Tu stood in the way of the guy.

Nan Jue, casting a glance at Mo Fang, said: “Well, why are you such a wit?”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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