Chapter 928. Peruvian Valley Gebi


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The hot wind was blowing from all sides, and a small light in the form of a heater was still burning on his shoulder – Mo Fan felt like in a hot trap.

– Gathering, can you return to your space and sleep a little? – Mo Fan tried to negotiate with his pet.

Getterka immediately changed. Her disgruntled appearance seemed to say: “Daddy, don’t you love me?”

– Goes, goes, you can still frolic, just not on my shoulder, – said Mo Fan, hopelessly.

Khemi town is not very big, it is somewhat similar to second-or third-order cities in China, and the inhabitants are much smaller: you can not see cars or people walking at intersections. Although it is possible that at peak times the local streets become more lively.

– Does something bother you? – asked Mo Fan Nan Jue.

After drinking a cool beer, the team was discussing something, and Mo Fan could not understand what they were talking about.

– The point is this. Somewhere 7-8 kilometers from the city of Hemi there is an ancient Peruvian city, the locals say that lightning is constantly breaking out and strange winds are blowing, it seems that there is something interesting there. The resources that the judges gave us will obviously not be enough, and there you may stumble upon something worthwhile, said Jiang Yu.

Everyone was intensely discussing how to act, but the fact remained: resources for further internship would not be enough.

But the world is very large, and there are also chances to dig out something valuable and interesting!

“Lightning, winds … interesting …” said Mo Fan to himself.

He lowered his head and looked at the pearl.

In truth, this pearl began to react even when Mo Fan had not yet managed to land in South America, but now she was actually glowing, pointing in the direction of this ancient settlement.

– The site of ancient settlement is located near the Gaby Valley, which is located in the crack of the earth’s crust, the safest road runs precisely through this valley. We tried to go there, and nearly got into trouble. The fact is that in that part there are elemental creatures, they are very strong and powerful, so we will not be able to just walk through their territory, said Jiang Yu.

They tried to do it, and barely survived.

– We will not go there. Who knows what other dangers may await us at the site of that city, ”said Ju Jimin.

– Coward! – Jiang Shaoxu swore at him.

Jiang Shaoxu hated Ji Jiming because she couldn’t forget how he left her in mortal danger during a mission in the vicinity of the Tokai Tower.

– If I am a coward, it means that you have methods, how can you go there – then why are we dragging out time? – snapped Ju Jimin.

– I think that there should be a lot of values, maybe even spiritual seeds? Said Mo Fan.

Hearing about the spiritual seeds, everyone noticeably perked up.

Spiritual seeds are what absolutely every magician needs, regardless of what level of magic they cultivate. If a high-level magician gets a spiritual seed, then he will not only be able to strengthen his own magic, but will also be able to reach the realm of magic!

Everyone was eager for the power that the magician gets when he reaches the magical sphere – magic within this sphere becomes absolutely subservient to the magician!

– Yes, right! This place is very far away; besides, there certainly can be found many interesting gizmos of the elements of lightning and wind – there are very few people here, so I’m just sure that there are almost no magicians who have already been there. If we do not use this opportunity, we will regret it for the rest of our lives! – said Jiang Yu, offering the team to try again to get to that place.

– Here are the naive! Do you really think that these spiritual seeds are lying on every corner ?? – Guan Yu pinned up.

Mo Fan was not sure if there were spiritual seeds on the site of that settlement, but one thing he knew for sure: something interested the pearl in those parts; so he was determined to go there.

As Jiang Yu said, the valley of the Gebi is the habitat of the creatures of the elements of the earth, and it will not be easy to pass through the valley.

If Ling Ling were here, then she’d thought of something with her smart braces.

– In fact, there is nothing difficult in the passage of this valley. The creatures that live there have no eyes, and their perception is very mediocre. All that they are guided by is the vibrations of the earth, which tell them that aliens have entered the territory, ”said Nan Jue.

“Black bats also live on the cliffs on both sides of the valley. If we try to fly through the territory of the valley, they will simply surround us in the air, and fighting with them in the airspace is not the best idea, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

He had a flying artifact from the whole team, which was also very dangerous to use. If you fly through the air – then the views of all creatures within a radius of ten kilometers will surely be riveted to the “pilot”.

– In the past few days and nights I worked on spontaneous transducers. If they are installed on the ground, then we can easily pass. Only here there is one thing … someone must first install these converters at such a distance so that we can walk without attracting the attention of the creatures … – said Nan Jue.

– Here you try!

– Yeah, I also do not want to lose this opportunity!

Nan Jue took out devices that are very simple: these devices emit frequency waves that can transform vibrations (such as vibrations from steps), making them invisible.

Spontaneous creatures of the earth are very sensitive to all kinds of movements, so even the slightest step can awaken them …

Leaving the city of Khemi, the team headed towards the Gaby Valley.

Reaching the valley, Mo Fan, the cumulative pearl, began to emit even stronger signals that warmed the magician’s soul with the thought that there could be something at the site of the settlement that could fill the pearl.

– Okay, what are we going to do now? – asked arrogantly Guan Yu, arms crossed over his chest. He stopped right at the valley.

He took no steps into the valley: after he steps on it, all the yellow sand of the valley will instantly turn red!

Truth be told, this Gaby valley was an amazing sight.

The valley rested directly on the horizon line and looked as if it was a separate world.

The upper tier of the valley (we are talking about the cliffs on both sides) was littered with stones that were black from the sun – they heated so much that even a high-level magician could not stand such a temperature!

A more or less acceptable temperature was in the gorge, in which the valley was located – the sun’s rays actually do not fall there, from which the gorge does not heat up.

The ancient settlement was located at a distance – it seemed to be isolated by a heated neighborhood, protected from external encroachments. Even magical creatures find it difficult to get there, so this place should definitely be a storehouse of natural riches!

This was the reason why so many people are trying to get to this region!

– There are only three elemental transducers, and the distance is about one hundred meters. A person with a single transducer must go forward, you also need someone who will hold the transducer receiving the signal from that side – only this way we can go further, ”explained Nan Jue.

– Then I will go first! – volunteered Ai Jiang Tu.

– Yes exactly. Your magic of space can not disturb these creatures, – Nan Jue supported him.

– And you can not just throw this device magic forward? – asked Mo Fan.

– It is impossible. The device must be manually adjusted on the spot, if this is not done, then it will not work, ”answered Nan Jue.

– Clear….

Nan Jue stuck one device like Yulu right at the entrance to the valley and set it up, waiting for the green light to come on, then she told Ai Jiang Tu to move forward.

Ai Jiang Tu immediately began to make up the star cloud, and a silvery glow surrounded his body.

At some point, the team captain was right on the other side, at a distance of one hundred meters from the guys.

As soon as Ai Jiang Tu landed on the sand, strange sounds were heard from both sides, and faces began to pop out of the sand …

Mo Fan, having seen this, involuntarily shouted – he was very much surprised by the huge head that stood out noticeably from the sand.

– These are stone monsters, each of which has the power of a small representative of the pack leaders. They do not tolerate moonlight and all that looks like to him. Initially, we thought to embark on a journey in the evening, but this valley is located in a very narrow place, and we are in the southern hemisphere, so the moonlight practically does not penetrate here. It is even surprising that so many stone monsters live in such a cramped place (* literally stone monsters are indicated with hieroglyphs in the meaning of “monsters who cannot bear moonlight”), ”said Jiang Yu.

– Faster customize! Stick it in the ground! – said Nan Jue to the captain of the team, seeing that creatures begin to accumulate around him.

Ai Jiang Tu changed his face after seeing these monsters.

He hastily began to tune the device.

– E * at! Is there any good thing about this thing? Grumbled Ji Jiming.

The monsters were already half out of the sand, and the device was still not working …

– Green !!! Shouted Ai Jiang Tu.

– Now we go all together! – commanded Nan Jue.

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