Chapter 929. Monsters Awaken!


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Stone monsters made a strange sound from a distance, and they looked as if they did not understand anything.

As Nan Jue said before, these monsters had no eyes, but they had an increased perception regarding the vibrations coming from the earth.

Ai Jiang Tu stood right in front of their mugs, but they, as if having completed an environmental inspection check, plunged back into their sands to go to sleep.

– Earned! – shouted the captain of the team.

Nan Jue, smiling, said: “Now we can go.”

The team set foot on the sands of the Gaby Valley, but the monsters in the sand did not wake up from this.

Using this method, the team moved forward 400 or 500 meters. On the winding gaps of the path, the contract beast Jiang Yu – the night rakshash provided tremendous benefits.

This animal has a plasticity that is inherent in a small cat, so he can easily crawl even into the most hard-to-reach places.

While the team moved forward unhindered.

However, the breath that emanated from the monsters here, said that their number is simply enormous, which means that the guys need to be ready for anything.

– We will be there soon. There must be the end of the valley, ”said Nan Jue.

“This turn is too big, it will not be possible to place the elemental transducer in advance, you first need to get the one that was left behind,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

“I will bring it,” Mo Fan asked.

Mo Fan was dragged along at the very end of the team, so he followed the device so that it could be used on the turn.

– As soon as you pull it out, you will need to quickly reinstall it – you can not hesitate here! – warned Nan Jue.

“Relax, I’ll be quick,” Mo Fan grinned.

Nan Jue nodded her head, telling the team to move forward.

The process of passing the territory itself was safe, the only threat was that Mo Fan had to pull out the device and quickly plug it into a new place.

Mo Fan walked back, peering into the sky, which cast golden hues. The wind in the gorge was very strong, which made it difficult to particularly consider the area.

– Are you trying to apologize in this way? – At that moment Lou Lou’s voice rang out.

Mo Fan turned around and saw a guy standing at a distance of about seventy meters from him with a face that expressed disgust.

– Why apologize? – asked Mo Fan.

– Haha, you tell me! – said Lou Ilin. He was already walking towards the second transducer, and a grin appeared on his face.

The intentions of Lu Yilin were extremely clear: if Mo Fan did not apologize, he would pull out the device, and then Mo Fan would literally plunge into the crowd of stone monsters.

The rest of the team members have already gone around the bend, so they could not witness this scene.

– Apologies ?! What other fucking apologies? You are a weakling, not only because you could not stand my attack, you are still a weakling, and because you still carry with you those insignificant offenses that should be left in the past, ”said Mo Fan.

“You think I won’t do this?” Said Lou Ilin coldly, and in his eyes a sly sparkle had already flashed.

“Do as you know, but remember the consequences of your actions,” said Mo Fan.

Having said this, Mo Fan turned, continuing to walk in the direction of the elemental transducer. He still had about ten meters to reach the device.

He remembered what Nan Jue said: the device should be placed around the bend within two seconds.

Even before Mo Fan reached the device, strange vibrations began to be heard from both sides.

Monster faces began to emerge from the sand.

They climbed one by one, and their total did not give in to the score.

Mo Fan turned his head and saw that Lou Yilin had already pulled out the device that was stuck at the turn, and now looked at him with evil eyes.

Mo Fan was simply stupefied: he didn’t think that Lou Yilin was really capable of that!

– Do you want my death? – asked Mo Fan.

– Heh, so who is the youngest and weakest now? – said Lou Yilin. He stomped on ahead, without giving Mo Fang a look.

Lou Yilin no longer risked staying here, because in a matter of seconds stone monsters will begin to awaken throughout the territory.

A brutal growl was heard from both sides. Stone monsters were awakening … although they did not have eyes, they clearly felt that unexpected visitors appeared on their territory.

Lu Yilin, with his rash act, endangered not only Mo Fang, but the whole team, because the devices emit signals only when they are simultaneously stuck.

– Heck! They are awakening! Hurry, run! Shouted Ju Jimin.

– Hurry, to the edge of the valley!

– I run ahead, and you follow me!

The entire valley of Gebi began to shake from the sudden movements of the mass of awakening stone monsters, which now sought to block the way for the guests.

It’s good that everything happened when the team had actually reached the edge of the valley.

Ai Jiang Tu and Li Kaifeng decided to give battle to monsters. They jumped on the stones and started releasing magic to plug these creatures back into the sand!

Stone monsters in front of the already formed a huge stone door, thus closing the team out of the valley. Ai Jiang Tu and Li Kaifeng, joining forces, tried to break through this barrier.

– Lou Ilin stayed behind!

The team moved back a little, waiting for Lou Ilin, because only by common forces could the barrier ahead be destroyed.

In fact, at the exit from the valley, Nan Jue suddenly remembered that the last was not Lu Yilin at all, but Mo Fan, who had to move the device!

– Mo Fan! Where is Mo Fan? – shouted Nan Jue.

The monsters were still trying to attack, so the magicians did not have time to look for Mo Fang.

– There are so many! We will all die here! – panicked Ju Jimin.

– You can not do it this way! Come back! Said Nan Jue.

– You yourself look back … do you think, is there any sense to go back there? Guan Yu asked.

Nan Jue looked back and saw that virtually the entire space, right up to the turn, was littered with stone monsters.

Stone monsters were four meters high, and three meters wide. They flooded the whole space, and it was just unreal to break through.

Going back is not so easy!

Due to the sudden influx of monsters, the team had no choice but to move forward rapidly.

Moonlight gently blanketed the entire territory outside the valley. It was very calm and quiet, and you could even see the horizon.

Monsters did not risk to go there, because if the moonlight hits them, they will immediately die.

For a while no one said anything.

“What the hell is going on?” – Zhao Man Yan swore.

– Mo Fan stayed there, what to do? Asked Jiang Shaoxu.

– In a sense, what to do? He probably already died there, you also want to give your soul to God after him? – said Lou Ilin.

– Your mother! Is it really your doing? – Zhao Man Yan angrily attacked Lou Yilin.

Lu Yilin just said: “What does this have to do with me? He himself was stupid, he decided to play with this device, and as a result he endangered all of us. ”

Zhao Man Yan became even more angry.

However, he knew that now is not the right time to clarify the relationship, it is necessary to find a method to save Mo Fang, because in such a short period of time he could not die!

“We can go upstairs and then just pull out Mo Fang,” suggested Zhao Man Yan.

– Do not go! It’s even more dangerous there, because bats live there, and they are much worse than stone monsters! – Nan Jue negatively shook her head.

– We can get through! – did not calm down Zhao Man Yan.

– We got out of there with such difficulty, and you suggest we climb back? – resisted Lou Ilin.

“C’mon, he’s already completely dead there.” Now it was not enough for the whole team to perish after him – it’s better that he be the only victim of these places, and we have to go further. Mo Fan himself is to blame for what happened to him … – Ju Jiming was also afraid.

– In short, we return for it. Anyway, he is our teammate, and even if he died, we should personally see his body, – team captain Ai Jiang Tu put an end to this dispute.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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