Chapter 93: magic of Love


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Swallow by the Dark Thunder Emperor (Girasud), turned into a black ash. There, I speak.

“How long have you been pretending to be dead? Because you’re showing gaps without using anti-magic, why don’t you just call me?

Then, the black ash is enveloped in the visible light.

Trying to blow up the ashes, Redriano stood up.

“Oh man, that’s just a wise eye. I tried to be surprised, but did they spot you? Apparently, I have to fight you honestly and seriously.”

Redriano did his hand on the glasses and took it off.

His magic swells up as soon as possible.

“I’ll tell you what, the first and second places in the brave college sequence are distinct from the third place or less. If you don’t seal your powers with magic tools like this, you will destroy yourself to too much magic.”

Redriano draws a magic formation in front of him.

There was a huge concentration of magic there, right after it. I learned to kill behind my back.

The Holy Sword of Light is waved down.

I was taking that sword with my right hand, aimed at the brain.

“Do you blind yourself to releasing your powers, and the other one takes my surprise? Pretty clean, square and grand.”

Grabbing Enhare’s sword, I slap Zesia to the ground with all my heart.


Even if the ground cracks and the big hole is empty, Zesia won’t let go of her sword.

If they take the Holy Sword, they know they have no winning eyes.

“Hmm. That’s pretty sturdy.”

Again, I’ll shake your right hand up and pound you to the ground with momentum, but all the holes are empty on the ground, and Zesia looks intact.

“It’s no use. The protection of the Holy Sword and her anti-magic, double-strained defensive junction is not something that can be broken that way!

Redriano puts his hands on the ground.

Then there was a little puddle of water.

“Protect and heal. Sacred Sea Sword Protection Bailamente”

The puddle floats all the way up into the universe, and that changes its shape to the figure of a sword.

A blue holy sword, reminiscent of the sea, subsided in the hands of Redriano.

I gently unleashed the Dark Thunder Emperor (Girasd) there.

“< Holy Sea Guardian Community (Base Straight) >!

Redriano wraps a magical junction around his whole body.

Even though the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Girasud) strikes directly, using the Holy Sword as a shield, he stood still.

“< Holy Sea Guardian Barrier (Lega Indrea) >!

To the junction Redriano lays down a magical barrier.

“< Holy Sea Guardian Curse Wall (Riad Anzemra) >!

Plus layers a holy curse that inhibits demons on the magic barrier.

“Protect me, Holy Sea Sword. Protect life over ancient times, Bailamente. Show me your power, your will, here!!

Fully open to the power of the Holy Sword, Redriano amplifies the power of the overlapping magic barrier tens of times.

“- Ahhhhhh!

Shaking off Bailamente, he bounces off a glimmering pitch-black thunderbolt.

Dogowong and surrounding buildings were crushed by the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Girasd).

“Did you think it would end with a magic shot? You won’t have to lick a human.”

Immediately Redriano kicks the ground.

He set up Bailamente and turned to me.

“I may have meant to seal the enhare of Zesia, but your right hand on the other hand will remain blocked!!

“Hmm. Quite a magic barrier. That would make perfect sense.”

I wave up my right hand while grabbing the tip of the Enhare sword.

At the next moment, Redriano looked out.


Like beating off Ledriano’s Bailamente, I slap every Zesia body that holds the Enhare on that blade.

“Come on. Sequence one or sequence two, which magic barrier is sturdy?

Doh, gahhhhhhhhhh, Ledriano and Zesia collided, and the two blew up about a few meters.

“Hmm. I see. So the first place in the sequence is stiffer.”

At the moment of the clash, Zesia released the Enhare pattern.

If the power of the Holy Sword of Light was hit as it were, it would be because Ledriano was just sorry.

But now we can finally find Zesia’s roots.

When I turn to the Devil’s Eye, the visible light covers her roots.

The Holy Sword of Light Enhare was at Zesia’s disposal.


The enhare I was gripping turned into light and then disappeared.

Zesia summoned you?

No, you’re not.

Now, it is true that the enhare has increased to two.

After that, mine disappeared better.

“… Zesia, I’ll use the arr. He insults us for being understated. Now is the time to win if you’re not serious. I’ll clean it up at once.”

Zesia nods coldly.

And they deployed a holy magic formation at their feet.

It’s a magic ceremony I miss terribly.

A brave man 2,000 years ago, when he fought me, was bound to exercise it.


It’s a great magic that can unite people’s hearts and convert their hopes and wishes into magic.

“Hang in there, Jerga Cannon!

In the underwater city, my voice echoed.

Lots of voices.

“Azesion’s Hope! A symbol of world peace!

“Don’t lose to strangers”

“As usual, show me where you’re going to prevail!

It is the cheer of the inhabitants of Gailladite who can be heard to see if the state of the counter-examination is telling.

“… That’s something like a reincarnator… Apparently you know this magic, too. But you may be familiar with the old days, but you are an insult to humans too much. Two thousand years ago and now, there’s one thing that’s definitely different.”

Lights overflowing from all over the city gather in Zesia and Redriano.

As the brave men did two thousand years ago, they wrapped the Sanctuary around their bodies.

“Two thousand years ago, the population of Gailladite, whose victims continued to increase as a result of the war, was about one million. Now that we are at peace and continue to expand the city outside the lake, its population is a hundred times 10 million!!

Collect the light in the Holy Sword, and Zesia and Redriano stare at me from left to right.

“As long as we have people’s support, we Jergacannons will never lose! I’ll show you. And you’ll know. That human beings have a heart, unlike demons who have only power and are just strong. Two thousand years ago, our ancestor, the brave Kanon, brought peace to the world, and this love spread even more.”

The world has become peaceful and the population of people has grown.

Do you want to say that people’s thoughts and love have increased so much?

“Two thousand years ago, demons and humans may have been one another, but this peace made a decisive difference between you and me. The power of a brave man who once defeated the demon king of tyranny is now a hundred times greater. You will never be able to fathom a human again. There is no way in this peaceful world that the Demons can win.”

Hmm. I’m the one who brought that peace.

Even so, I can’t wait to hear the ears.

“Because this love brings victory to us humans, 2,000 years ago, and still does!

Two thousand years ago, I’d have killed both Gailladite’s people first, but I’d do that in a counter-examination.

It’s about them. When you get your hands on a resident who just supports you, you can also think enough to come up with a claim.

In the first place.

You have to break their pride. It’s boring.

“Love, what the hell, he’s the one who says things that are off target”

Forever, Redriano laughs at my dialogue with his nose.

“Don’t you understand yet? So you lost. It is the long-lived demonic tribe that has been driven into rebirth that is nothing short of proof that humanity’s love has triumphed. If you’re blunt-headed from reincarnation, let me remind you of that again.”

Two brave men kicked the ground at the same time.

From the left the Sacred Sea Sword Bailamente rolls out a poke, and from the right the Sacred Sword Enhare of Light is slashed down in a hanging.

In contrast, I wrapped the holy light around my hands and took it head-on.

“Huh… what…? Is this…?

Redriano’s expression was severely distorted.

What I used was the magic of the Sanctuary.

“What’s up? Did you think the Demons didn’t have love?

It was Redriano who was revealing his surprise, but laughed with his nose, as he soon regained his calm.

“It’s something that does stupid things. No matter how much magic can be exercised, there is no love in the devil tribe. All you have is ugly desires, jealousy, anger, and laziness that want others. It’s proven by history, and I would never call it love, etc.”

A gift of the education of the College of the Brave, well, that’s all I had in mind.

“Then we cannot use the true power of < Sanctuary (Ask) >. In the first place, this is 10 million people. It is overwhelming in quality and quantity, such as the support of less than a hundred Demon King’s Colleges.”

“Ten million? What’s wrong with that? Eight of us is enough.”

So I talk to them.

“Mass. How’s that?

“Yes, we’re in an underwater city, searching for Jergacannon.”

“Wait there for a while.”

“Uh, yes. Okay.”

“Ellen, can you hear me?

“Yes, Master Anos”




“Yes, now!

“Nono. Shea. Himka. Casa. Shelia.”

Every time they call their names, they reply aloud.

“One, we’re going to have a backup match”

The Fan Union heartily listens to my words.

“They say there’s ten million over there, but what, it’s not enough to take. I don’t think your feelings for me are worth less than 10 million people.”

The other side is quiet.

But strong determination comes through faint magical changes.

“Sing. Give me your love.”

It was the moment I said so.

The sanctuary I wrapped around rose like a tornado, turning it into a pillar of light connecting the heavens and the earth.

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