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The Imperial City, with its vast territory and vast territory, is the largest city in the Imperial Dynasty. It has a prosperous development and a dense population. If the West Wind City is compared with it, it is a hundred thousand miles away.

At this time, under the gate, Chu Xingyun lifts the head, staring at the towering wall, with a bright glow in his eyes.

As soon as he enters the city gate, he can begin to investigate the inside story of 16 years ago, the whereabouts of his parents, life or death, everything, within this imperial city, will get the answer!

“Chu big brother, let’s go into the city.” Luo Yan said, pulling Chu Xingyun’s thoughts back, nodded slightly, then the three people followed the direction of the city gate and stepped into the imperial city.

Within the imperial city, the buildings are lined up, and the Grand Dao, which is paved with bluestone, is tens of meters wide, and it can hardly be seen at all. Even if it accommodates more people, it will not feel crowded.

“Spirit Beast!” At this moment, Luo Yan suddenly exclaimed and hid behind Chu Xingyun.

I saw on the Grand Dao in Bluestone, there are a lot of Martial Artists with the Spirit Beast as the mount, and the beasts are coming and going.

Luo Yan personally experienced the terrifying Beast Tide, and even almost died, so it is sensitive to Spirit Beast, and the Spirit Beast here is sturdy and most of them reach the Spirit Gathering level.

“There are countless Experts in the Imperial City. It is also very common to use the Spirit Beast as a mount. However, the mounts here are not all Spirit Beast, and some are Martial Spirit.” Chu Xingyun smiled and said to Luo Wei, let Luo Xiao some Doubt, ask: “With the Martial Spirit as a mount? Now, without fighting, why did they release the Martial Spirit?”

“I told you that after Martial Artist communicate the world, you can condense the Martial Spirit, the existence of the Martial Spirit, not just for battle, they are more like a part of the body, and are inseparable from the Martial Artist.”

Chu Xingyun stretched make a move, even the indexer, said: “The front of the burly man, the bone fan in the white clothed youth, and even the streetcar driven by the street vendor, are actually Martial Spirit.”

“Only by integrating Martial Spirit into all aspects of life, we can understand Martial Spirit better and have a deeper understanding. On the contrary, if we simply use Martial Spirit as a foreign object, we will often rest on our laurels. This is why some people do not awake for a lifetime. Martial Spirit innate talent, even if you are lucky, the power is very common.”

“It turns out!” Luo Wei’s innate talent is extremely high. Listening to Chu Xingyun said that he immediately understood that Yang Feng, who was next to him, had a slight solidification and looked down. He seemed to have a understanding of Chu Xingyun’s this talk.

On this road, Chu Xingyun often passed his own cultivate experience to Luo Wei, so that Luo Xiao had a deeper understanding of cultivate. Yang Feng accompanied them and heard a lot.

At first, Yang Feng didn’t pay much attention to it, but over time, he found that every word that Chu Xingyun said contains great wisdom, almost pointing to the essence of cultivate, which is very helpful to him.

“Yang Senior Brother!” Just then, a voice came.

Chu Xingyun turned his eyes and saw a handsome young man wearing a robes move towards him, with a gentle smile on his face.

Yang Feng showed a smile and said: “Yehua Junior Brother, how come you?”

“Honored Master has a life, let me wait for you here, this one, is it the Chan Xingyun that Honored Master said?”

The Jinpao youth is facing Chu Xingyun lightly smiled and stretched a move. “Hello, my name is Ye Huan. I am under Yang Flame Sect. It is the core disciple of Ling Xiaowu. I have heard about you. Please advise me in the future.”

Chu Xingyun also stretched make a move, but did not talk much, just a slight nod.

“His character is like this, relatively lonely, Ye Huan Junior Brother don’t care.” Yang Feng was afraid of Ye Huan, immediately said something.

Ye Huan shook his head and smiled. “The person who can make Honored Master so valued is not looking for the ordinary person. The temperament is somewhat isolated and extremely normal.”

After that, Ye Huan’s body suddenly exudes a pure spiritual power, and between the spiritual powers, there is a high-pitched eagle whistling in the void, and then a golden-winged black eagle swoops down and falls in front of the four. .

“Fourth Grade Martial Spirit.” Chu Xingyun’s brows are awkward, and it is Yang Zhi’s discipline. The innate talent is really good, and Martial Spirit has reached the rank of Fourth Grade.

“Chu Junior Brother is really good eyesight.” Ye Huan gave Thumb up to Chu Xingyun, and said: “The Imperial City is vast. If you walk on foot, it will be difficult to get to Wufu one day and one night. I will take you on a journey. At the same time, I can tell you about the whole city.”

Chu Xingyun did not refuse, and the four men stepped on the golden-winged black eagle.


The golden-winged black eagle screamed, the body vacated, and the move towards the front swiftly swept away. The speed was fast, and a gust of wind blew up, blowing Chu Xingyun’s robe hunting.

“Chu Junior Brother, although the Imperial City has a vast area and a population of 10 million people, in general, it is divided into four major regions. The region we are in is just outside the city. The outer city is full of squares, auction houses, and fighting. Various buildings such as the palace are the places where fish swim with dragons, with a huge number of Martial Artists.”

Ye Huan pointed to the bottom, there are buildings, there are countless attic, according to a certain law, divided into a piece of region, the Martial Artist is huge, people coming, people going, it is particularly lively.

“The five major Wufu are located in the inner city. In addition, some Big Clan forces in the imperial city are prominent in the city. They are also living in the inner city. It is different from the outer city. It is already genetic and there is a forest system. As for the deeper, It is the Liuyun Palace. Except for the Imperial Family, the rest of the people are not allowed to enter.”

“Outer city, inner city, royal palace, what about the fourth region?” Luo said curiously.

“The fourth region is there.” Ye Huan let the golden-winged black eagle fly higher, then stretched his finger to the side of a continuous mountain range, Lang said: “The fourth region is the mountain range. This mountain has thousands of miles of veins, broad boundless, and there are countless sturdy Spirit Beasts that live in danger and are called the Trial mountain range.”

“With such a huge mountain range, if there is a Beast Tide, or a natural disaster, then isn’t the imperial city going to suffer?” Luo Yan opened his mouth, this mountain range was so broad, the golden-winged black eagle climbed nearly a thousand feet, both Only a part of it can be seen.

“Mounting range is dangerous, but it also has great benefits. In addition to collecting spiritual materials, it can also use Spirit Beast as Trial. Even I heard that there are many powerhouse caves in this mountain range. Mansion.” Ye Huan explained in an unhurried manner, and did not care for her because of her identity. Her temperament was particularly mild.

The golden-winged black eagle was extremely fast, but it also flew for half an hour before it slowly stopped and hovered in midair.

Below, it is a huge square. The big Grand Dao gathers under a huge arch. At the back of the arch, there are quite a few people. It is roughly estimated that there are no fewer people.

“We have arrived in the inner city. Through this arch, it is the region of the five major military houses. Let’s go on.” Ye Huan let the golden-winged black eagle fall slowly, descending on the ground, a group of four people, striding toward the arch. Go and enter the Wufu region.

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