Chapter 930. The Immortal Mo Fan


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Soon Mo Fan raised his head and saw the sky, which was a long crack. It was a terrific sight. But after this place was flooded with stone monsters, he began to think that this is the worst place in the world!

In such a stalemate, Mo Fan did not dare to hesitate; it is better to connect a little girl in the strongest incarnation to the cause.

– Blown fist – nine dragons!

The raging flames blazed, and the fiery threat and the fiery rose joined together, creating a powerful fist force, sending it forward!

Nine dragons swirled in the air, fiery fist violently hitting stone monsters. It could be considered that Mo Fan’s power was already very powerful. This force was equal to the power of a high-level fiery fist. But with the help of her, he was able to clear his way only 20 meters long!

– What a high defensive ability! Said Mo Fan.

It is not surprising that before this the national team was in mortal danger in this very place. The bodies of stone monsters consisted of an orange stone, which was unusually solid.

If you had to fight these monsters in a huge space, then Mo Fang would have nothing to fear. They move very slowly and their combat ability is not at a high level, it would be easy to hide from them. But on this narrow stone pass, stone monsters became a punitive machine. They were everywhere, even if you are very fast and agile, they can still get you!

Mo Fang’s adrenaline rises due to the presence of a huge number of monsters and high danger.

– The thorns of the shadow – a sting!

Six spikes of shadow flew out and chained six stone monsters who tried to attack from behind.

Six monsters were nailed at the place where they stood, thus forming a protective wall behind Mo Fan.

But the shadow thorns did not have a long-term effect; they could not for a long time hold six monsters of the pack leader level.

* Roar

Two five-meter stone monsters raised their huge hands and directed them towards tiny Mo Fan. Their fists were like stone hammers, if they hit the surface of the earth, they would smash it into pieces.

Mo Fan turned into a shadow and slipped out from under the foot of a stone monster, dropping 10 meters ahead.

Moon monsters were very sensitive to dark bodies. Only Mo Fan wanted to continue on the edge of the cliff, as he saw that a red stone fist was about to fall on him. Frightened, Mo Fan came out of the shadows and began to gallop over the stone cliff.

– Bloody boots!

After that, Mo Fan’s legs were wrapped in blood-red.

He quickly found himself on the monster’s hand and began to stamp on it with his spiked boots.

On the left, stones began to fall from a sheer mountain, Mo Fan, using control to stop falling stones.

– Control!

Mo Fan’s eyes lit up with a silvery light, he controlled the stones that were about to fall on his crown.


Huge stones also lit up with a silver light and were directed forward to the stone monster. Taking advantage of this, Mo Fan ran another 10 meters ahead.

– The force of gravity!

The body of Mo Fanya was lit up with the light of the element of space, and a diamond shaped space appeared ahead. As space shrank, it created a very powerful force of gravity that put pressure on the bodies of these monsters.

After Mo Fan took control of the field of gravity, it was even difficult for monsters to raise their huge arms. Heavy torso began to decrease in size.

– Flaming sword! Ruby!

The raging flames engulfed a ten-meter flaming sword, Mo Fan took hold of it with both hands.

A wave of fire surged on both sides and raging fire filled all visible space. Nine stone monsters fell to the ground with a huge crash.

– Lightning!

Mo Fan did not stop using the magic of different elements. Taking advantage of the fact that he destroyed the monsters that threatened him, the magician took out the magic folios of the lightning element. And, with the fastest speed he owned, he began to transfer his magical energy there.

Thank you, Tang Yue, for these magical folios that helped Mo Fang in a difficult moment. Lightning element constellations were created very quickly.

– Let these monsters take rest! Shouted Mo Fan.

The lightning element constellations were so bright that they blinded their eyes. There was not a single moon monster around Mo Fan.

Straight lightning, like arrows, pierced stone monsters. These deadly rays did not have the power of resistance, and, coming together, they delivered a death blow!

The monsters in front fell with a crash, making way for Mo Fan on this difficult part of the way.

One hundred meters, only one hundred meters, but how many difficulties did they bring!

Recalling Luilin’s stinging smile, Mo Fang’s heart burned with anger.

Luilin really believed that in this way he would be able to get rid of Mo Fang ?!

Mo Fan, under no circumstances should he perish here!


– What is it? – suddenly around the corner, a monster who was different from red-orange stone monsters slipped from a cliff. This monster was smooth and light, like crystal, which was completely different from the monsters that Mo Fan had already seen here.

The deadly rays of lightning struck this place, smashing rocks here to smithereens. But Mo Fan felt that what he needed was hidden in this gorge. From here came a strong energy …

Mo Fan very quickly moved through the stone jungle, it is good that the deadly rays of lightning gave him time to take a breather, and also helped Mo Fanyu to find the mineral hidden in the gorge.

– So, you first need to capture you, and then deal with everything else. Said Mo Fan, raking up a white, like a duck egg, mineral.

Mo Fan breathed deeply, but at that time a stone monster blocked his way out, leaving not a single gap.

Being in a confined space littered with monsters of the level of the leader of the pack, this was truly deadly!

Taking another deep breath, Mo Fan decided to get out of here by all means, his blood was cold in his veins at the thought that he could die here!

– Fire wings – fast fist!

The powerful magic of the fiery wings crushed several stone monsters, freeing up a space of 20 meters in length.

– Fire wings, scatter!

Mo Fan’s eyes were red with fatigue and tension, and there was a deafening sound in his ears.

The effect of bloody boots long ago dissipated. Mo Fan put on snake mail.

Tilted to the ground by a stone monster, Mo Fan began to rise, but at that time several times he was pressed into the stones of the sheer cliff at the side. But the magician did not stop and bravely fought with these monsters!


– Ahead raging flames! – began to shout joyfully Zhao Man Yan.

Ai Jiang Tu returned with the team to the gorge, but they were not very enthusiastic about the battle, because they thought that Mo Fan went to certain death.

Breaking the road to 50 meters, the magicians saw the light of the fire that was making its way from the gorge. Zhao Man Yanu was very familiar with this scarlet color of the fiery rose and the brownish color of the fiery threat!

– C’mon, he didn’t die? – Li Kaifeng asked in surprise.

Ai Jiang Tu rushed forward to help Mo Fang.

Unfortunately, be it the magic of space, or the magic of a curse, it could not help here. Possessing a strong enough fighting ability in other places, in these stone gorges, Ai Jiang Tu was not able to do anything.

– Music of death!

Nan Jue played with both hands on a bow string, issuing music of death.

The music of death cleverly cracked down on these stone creatures, a sound wave set in motion the stones, thereby destroying them.


– Mo Fan, Mo Fan, just be alive, you son of a bitch! – Zhao Manyan already had red eyes, he was trying to find the body of Mo Fang among a dozen stone monsters.

In the end, he saw the silhouette of Mo Fan.

Snake hauberk hung on the guy’s body, as if it were a simple piece of metal. He was covered in bruises and abrasions, but still stood on his feet. A couple of surviving stone monsters wanted to attack Mo Fan, but he sent them to the next world with the help of a lightning strike.

When the others saw Mo Fan, his body was illuminated by a bright light, he bravely stood in a place littered with the corpses of stone monsters.

“You … were walking very slowly here …” Mo Fan turned his head, his face was stained, but he had a mocking smile on him.

That smile … Luilin gave her goosebumps …

He could not believe his eyes …

Do not die!

This guy was locked up in a gorge for such a long time and survived!

How is it possible, he is a magician who has just moved to a high level! How could he survive?

“These … these monsters … did you interrupt them alone? – Jiang Shaoxui had a smile from ear to ear.

On the road, the corpses of stone monsters were lying everywhere, there was nothing to do with them, layer upon layer were piled on top of each other.

A magician who has just become a high-level magician! And this is all his handiwork!

This time even Ai Jiang Tu was shocked by Mo Fang’s combat capability …

Even if they had not come to the rescue, Mo Fan would still have escaped from this valley of death!

– Tide of light!

Zhao Man Yan mastered the high-level magic of the element of light, collected countless seals of light. If they were folded into one golden shell and sent to Mo Fan, such a shell could protect it.

But Zhao Man Yan understood his position well. Even if you use a tide of light – the magic of a high level element of light, which could also be used as a defense, even if all these seals of light gathered together near Mo Fan, at the moment when 10 stone monsters synchronously attack Mo Fan, are unlikely crush them in a short amount of time.

If Mo Fan owned the same defensive magic as Zhao Man Yan, it would double his strength, and he would arrange mass slaughter here, destroying stone monsters one by one!

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