Chapter 931. If you want to kill, then die yourself!


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Having made his way across the valley with stone monsters, fatigue lay on the faces of the children with a heavy seal.

It was not a state of moral exhaustion, but the fatigue caused by such a sharp stress.

“Mo Fan, what happened in the end?” – asked Zhao Man Yan.

Nan Rongni helped him with her healing magic. There was no serious injuries on Mo Fan’s body, because he himself was as strong as a bull, so after the help of Nan, Zhunni immediately returned to his former state.

After Zhao Man Yan again reminded him of what had happened, Mo Fan angrily stared at Lu Yilin.

– And yet it was him? – Zhao Man Yan was starting to get worried.

“Yes, I’m going to kill him, and you’d better not get in my way,” Mo Fan wandered slowly towards the offender.

Lou Yilin was already backing away. He could not have imagined that Mo Fang would manage to get out alive from such a trap. The guy’s face was very pale.

– Lou Ilin, how could you do that ?! – strictly said Nan Jue.

Lu Yilin was afraid not only of Mo Fang, but also of the general anger of the whole team. If dismantling now begins here, then he will definitely not be good …

“I … I … I don’t understand what’s going on at all.” This is all he! – at some point the guy just decided to throw off all the blame.

At this time, Ai Jiang Tu stood up in front of Lou Yilin, looking at him with a blackened face in anger.

Lou Yilin had already considered the possible consequences. He decided that he would deny it to the last, if the team members began to doubt him … only now was Mo Fan, and there was only one way out – to shove everything at him, saying that he was the one who made the unforgivable mistake.

– Do you think that now it makes sense to deny? “Mo Fan was obviously meaner than the others.”

The silvery glow of Mo Fan’s magic threw the guy onto the stones.

Lou Ylin, not knowing what to do, began to scream.

– What are you gonna do?! Shouted Lou Yilin.

“You wanted my death, now I long for your death — it’s so easy!” – strictly answered Mo Fan.

– Mo Fan, do not boil. It is necessary to report on this situation to the judges, let them deal with it. The team prohibits any personal squabbles, so the judges will punish him precisely if they find out that he was trying to harm his team mates, ”Nan Jue decided to stop Mo Fanya.

– Right. Let him deal with the manual. If you just kill him now, then the Lou family will give you a lot of problems. The logic here is simple: he tried to stop you, but you didn’t die, but if you kill him, then it certainly won’t go unnoticed. Everyone will only condemn your act, – Nan Rongni also dissuaded the guy.

Lu Yilin, hearing that the team discourages Mo Fang from rash actions, calmed down a bit.

“Mo Fan, so that you don’t put up problems for yourself, my family Zhao can set a price for the damage to the Lu family, so you stay in the black,” Zhao Man Yan offered his friend the wisest way to solve the situation without corpses.

“Goes, I will not kill him,” Mo Fan slowly began to move away.

Lou Ylin rose from the ground with a view of the saved.

“If he can as well as I get out alive from this valley, then I will forget the offense inflicted on me,” Mo Fan coldly said.

Lou Yilin had not yet had time to calm down completely, as these words thunder on his ears.

The silver glow hit him in the solar plexus, and the magician threw him into the air again.

Lu Yilin was already flying towards the sands of the Gaby Valley, and this situation deprived the whole team of speechlessness, because no one thought that Mo Fan was really capable of such revenge.

– Mo Fan, yes calm down you already! – first responded Nan Jue.

The faces of Tszu Zimin and Li Kaifeng became very distorted when they saw their friend Lu Yilin flying towards the valley. They began to rise to protect him.

Mo Fan’s body caught fire with a fire rose of fire and a fire threat, and this fire push instantly threw the three of them to the side.

Mo Fan turned and looked at Li Kaifeng, Zu Jiming and Nan Jue.

– The one who dares to help him will be my sworn enemy. I personally will throw this person there too! – Mo Fan was furious.

Is the fact that he did not die, means that he should not take revenge?

He was able to survive only thanks to his high cultivation and life experience, but no one had been concerned before that!

And Mo Fan still has to be silent and rejoice that he survived ?!

– Sorry already, I am not the holy father to forgive my offenders!

Mo Fan made it clear to all one thing: if you want his life, be ready to give yours!

Rejected by fire, Zu Jiming, Li Kaifeng and Nan Jue now did not even dare to take a step, all they had to do was look at how Lu Yilin would survive in the valley.

As soon as Lou Ylin landed in the sand, the stone monster’s faces immediately began to accumulate around him.

He stared at the team through this whole ravine.

– Save, save me! Faster! – Lou Ylin’s face was twisted with fear.

“Mo Fan, I just wanted to joke, really …. You can’t just kill me, my family won’t forgive you! – Lou Ilin shouted what was urine.

Mo Fan stood at the exit of the gorge, along which the valley lay, and with a smile said: “What are you doing! I’m not going to kill you! I told you, if you can get out of there, I will forgive you my offense! ”

From this answer, Mo Fan on the skin of the other members of the team involuntarily began to crawl.

Mo Fan in anger can be so scary!

* Aaaaaaaaa

After some time, Lou Ylin’s deafening cry ran through the area. I could not even believe that the cry of such a force could come only from one person.

The team did not try to justify the act of Lu Yilin, Mo Fan just repaid him with his own coin.

“Upon returning to China, you will pay for this,” Guan Yu grinned, turning to Mo Fang.

According to him, Mo Fan acted very foolishly.

– You consider yourself an influential person, but the name of your family for me is just an empty sound. Your happiness is that you are not subject to manifestations of your weak psyche like Lu Yilin, ”Mo Fan calmly replied.

– You think I was scared of you? Dream – responded Guan Yu.

However, Guan Yu is very smart: for all his time in the national team, he tried not to get into such conflicts, because, unlike this idiot Lou Yilin, he had ambitious plans for his future.

– Mo Fan, you are really cool, since you did so! – Only Zhao Man Yan in this situation showed Mo Fang his thumb.

If he had been in his place, then Zhao Man Yan, as a hereditary speculator trader, would certainly have shook as much money as possible out of moral damage from the family of Lu. But Mo Fan is completely different, he is a real demon in the flesh that does not tolerate such a relationship!

– I hope that in future such moments will not arise in our team anymore. Even if Mo Fan was not revenged on him, I still could not allow such a person to remain in our ranks! – said Ai Jiang Tu.

“This will happen again, and more than once – very often we are mistaken,” Jiang Shaoxuy said it with such a look as if nothing had happened, and she was not particularly interested in the death of Lu Yilin either.

If it weren’t at the hands of Mo Fan, then this Lou Yilin would still have died at the hands of other team members, and in general, how could this stupid person be in the national team ?!

– It all started because of me. Do you want me to help you disown the Lou family? – quietly asked Mo Fanya Jiang Shaoxuy.

– Not worth it. If they start creating problems for me, then I personally go to their posh mansion to show them all my greatness in the flesh! What kind of family is this, if you raised such a garbage? – answered Mo Fan.

The girl just giggled, saying nothing more.

Lou Yilin was already dead, and the whole team saw his remains.

No one can bury him, because he has already remained buried in the sands of the valley Gebi.

The team moved farther and farther, and the guys have already reached the big plain. Mo Fan at that moment discovered that his cumulative pearl burns even brighter, signaling that something interesting is approaching!

– It is necessary to go another four kilometers, and then we will reach that old settlement. The local elements of lightning and wind are already beginning to increase, ”said Nan Jue, looking at the device in her hands.

– Hurry, look up! Shouted Zhao Man Yan, pointing with his finger.

Everyone looked there and saw how a black hurricane began to rise in front of their eyes, which looked more like a huge black cloud – everyone caught their breath from such a spectacle!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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