Chapter 932. Territory Windy With Lightning


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A huge whirlwind was visible from afar, he seemed to be propping up the clouds …

The force of the wind in this hurricane was intertwined with electrical discharges.

This huge silhouette struck the imagination – it was impossible to think that in such a natural Peruvian place such a force could appear!

“My God … is this too huge?” It feels like there is something inside! Shouted Zhao Man Yan.

“It seems that this electric hurricane is hosting just at the site of the settlement,” said Nan Jue, calculating the location.

“I’m scared … I don’t dare to go there,” said Jiang Yu.

“Since we have arrived here, we must certainly visit that mound – there must be 100% treasures waiting for us!” – Mo Fan was thrilled to think about possible discoveries.

Other people and magicians had not yet been here, so Mo Fane’s heart began to beat wildly at the sweet thoughts of treasure.

Spiritual seeds … if he has spiritual seeds, then his power will increase, and he will be able to resist the destructive effect of the element of demonization longer!

“By the way, during the trap that Lou Ilin gave me, I seem to be able to break the barrier in the nebula of my shadow element.” Now, with the right opportunity, I may well be able to make a breakthrough to a high level! – Mo Fan talked to himself.

Mo Fan kept the cloud folios of the shadow element that Tang Yue gave him — as soon as he makes a breakthrough to a high level of shadow magic, he can immediately form star clouds!

Tang Yue herself cultivated the magic of the high-level shadow element, so she had a lot of such folios, and she could easily share them with Mo Fang.

However, Mo Fang himself was more concerned with the qualitative leap in magic, which was supposed to happen along with the breakthrough to a high level of shadow.

The hurricane scared the magicians, and it was already dark around – that is why the team decided to stay for the night, and go to the city from dawn.

The excitement of what happened in the valley of Gaby still trembled in Mo Fan’s blood, so he decided, without wasting time, to finally deal with the barrier in the nebula of his shadow element.

At night, Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan should have been on watch, only Mo Fan persuaded his friend to take all the guards on himself, while he himself engaged in breaking through the element of the shadow!

Even failing with a breakthrough once, Mo Fan was still not afraid to suffer a collapse again – so what if he fails again? Just go and buy another galactic vein, especially in this mound should be a lot of expensive gizmos!

– Are you going to make a breakthrough here? Right now? – Zhao Man Yan was looking at Mo Fang.

He only recently actually killed a man, and now he is quietly going to make a breakthrough? Was that a kind of sacrifice ?!

“Yeah, I want to finally deal with this nebula of shadow, so please help me … I don’t want to be assholes like Guan Yu or Ju Jimming disturbing me at such a crucial moment,” said Mo Fan.

“The element of the shadow … your main elements are fire and lightning, are you not going to make a breakthrough in lightning magic?” There, in fact, the probability of a breakthrough is much higher … ”Zhao Man Yan looked at him with an incomprehensible look.

At first, any sane magician will prefer to maximize his basic elements, and only then will he take on secondary ones.

– Lightning? So this magic is already at a high level. I can easily make up more than 280 stars, it remains only to practice a little more, – said Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan has changed dramatically in the face after these words!

– Fuck! So you are the third element promoted to a high level? – cried Zhao Man Yan in surprise.

“…” Mo Fan nodded his head.

Zhao Manh Yan hit like a thunder in broad daylight, and now he just wanted to go to a quiet place to recover.

He would like to rejoice for his friend, only one single thought didn’t give him peace: he was so far behind Mo Fang in cultivation with the greatest resources and support of his family!

“Come on, make a breakthrough, I’ll see that no one comes to you,” said Zhao Man Yan with difficulty.

Mo Fan had already made himself comfortable, and Zao Man Yan, stunned, just pulled out his wooden fish that lay in his bosom, and began rubbing the blue patterns on it …

The dawn was already on fire, and the rising sun slowly rose from the horizon, illuminating the neighboring places with a red light.

All sleeping group of magicians woke up in tents.

Mo Fan was sitting outside all this time, and Zhao Man Yan was sweetly snuffling on a nearby stone.

Opening his eyes, one could see that the sunlight practically did not penetrate here, as if this place was covered with a dark cloud.

– What’s the matter? Why is it already getting light around, and here it is so dark here? – asked Jiang Yu in bewilderment.

Mo Fan just smiled slyly. His eyes were glass black, and he himself was in a dark, sinister shadow silhouette.

He got up, shook off that shadow, and the place became illuminated by sunlight.

At that moment, Zhao Man Yan also woke up. Seeing this picture, his eyes poked out of their orbits.

He was excited, but still asked in a low voice: “You made a breakthrough, didn’t you?”

Mo Fan nodded his head in agreement.

– E * at! And you are really cool! Said Zhao Man Yan.

Now in the team, the majority of magicians cultivated high-level magic of only one element, of course, there are a couple of guys who produce high-level magic of two elements, except that their control over magic is far from perfect.

Mo Fan was already quietly releasing high-level fire magic, the star cloud of lightning was still in his study, and now he made a breakthrough in the shadow! Hmm … no middle or entry level magician dares to even dream of a magician who cultivates three elements at a high level!

– You do not have any magical artifact that speeds up the process of establishing control over the asterisks? You understand, a high level is a high level, and this all takes so much energy … I would have a little thing that could speed things up a bit, ”said Mo Fan to his friend.

“I can help you get such a thing, only you decide the financial part of the question yourself,” Zhao Man Yan replied.

“Yes, yes, money is not a problem,” Mo Fan pulled out a sparkling crystal and laid it in front of Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan is a hereditary merchant of magical gizmos, so it’s easy at a glance to determine the value of this or that thing that comes into his field of vision. His eyes instantly caught fire when he saw what Mo Fan pulled out.

– Where did you get it ?! – asked Zhao Man Yan.

“In the Gebi Valley,” Mo Fan replied.

“This is the most important melting material used for tempering spiritual seeds!” – exclaimed Zhao Man Yan.

– Melting material?

– Natural spiritual seeds are catastrophically low, so the bulk of the seeds are created artificially. The power of artificial seeds can not be compared with natural ones, and the scope of magic cannot be achieved with them, but they significantly enhance the magic produced – about 4-6 times. A large number of spiritual seeds can produce one spiritual seed, but this requires a melting material – like, for example, this crystal. Apparently, you brought with you a crystal of the elements of the earth! However, whether a seed can help a magician to reach a sphere in magic depends only on the quality of this crystal! – excitedly explained Zhao Man Yan.

– If so, how much can I help out for him? – asked Mo Fan.

– We need to know its market value, then put up for auction in our auction … let’s do it, I will get this thing from you, you said that you need a magic controller? – suggested Zhao Man Yan.

– Go, take it! “Mo Fan threw a Zhao Man Yanu crystal.”

Zhao Man Yan, his eyes glittering, grabbed the crystal with both hands, and then shouted: “E * at! This thing is even more expensive than the galactic vein! It is almost priceless! ”

– Yes to me on the drum. I immediately realized that you should get this crap, but remember – you promised me a magic controller for it! I still have two elements in which I still have not made a breakthrough … ”said Mo Fan.

He remembered that at the very beginning he had spent a whole semester to tame some seven stars. Now it was about 343 stars, and he certainly needed an auxiliary item.

Mo Fan knew that Zhao Man Yan would surely throw him a high-class magic controller, and then the lightning and shadow magic would be completely under his control, and the magic of fire would listen to him even more readily …

– By the way, what are you going to do with the elemental crystal of the earth? Mo Fan asked suddenly.

– My third element, his mother – the earth! – Zhao Man Yan swore.

Mo Fan, having heard this, laughed in full voice.

Brigandine magician … all its elements are protective: water, light, and now the earth!

Seeing Mo Fan chasing him, Zhao Man Yan sadly said: “Don’t laugh, as soon as an opportunity arises, I will show you what my magic is capable of!”

– Yes, I look, you straight vymahal like a magician. I’m thinking why Zhou Xu was eliminated this time, not you, ”Mo Fan frowned. He perfectly understood that his friend must have something trump, since he remained in the team.

– Come on, stomp already!

– What are you discussing there? We will soon enter the ancient city! – shouted Nan Jue.

– Come, come! – The team stomped toward a hurricane with lightning.

“Do you think there are values like spiritual seeds or something else?”

– Of course have! And they will all be ours!

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