Chapter 933: A Flock of Magic Birds


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Black hurricane has already turned into a huge beast that was before his eyes.

After passing through the ruins, Mo Fan discovered that there is nothing more than ancient stones in this site, and that electric whirlwind.

The sand was already spinning in the air, notifying the team that the whirlwind was gradually moving in their direction.

Although the wind was strong, the magicians could still transfer such power.

Mo Fan pulled out the accumulative pearl and found that she was just signaling towards the wind.

– It will not kill me? – asked Mo Fan.

The force of the vortex itself was not inferior to the magic of the highest level, so if, remaining outside it, you can still survive, then life is in grave danger if the magician still decides to enter the vortex.

– It feels like absolutely nothing. I think we need to get out of here as soon as possible, ”said Ji Jiming, listening to the sounds around.

– I can’t even imagine where you have such a powerful body, it absolutely does not fit your little soul! – Jong Shaoxu poked it up.

In addition to the wind in the mound, there really was nothing. The team walked around the neighborhood, but did not find anything resembling ancient valuables, elemental objects, or magical creatures.

They spent half a day in the mound, but the city remained for them only a pile of stones. Only Nan Jue found some interesting inscriptions for herself, the rest were left with nothing.

– Well your mother! We spent so much energy, but we didn’t find even a simple magic pebble! Who said it there, that this place should definitely be a treasure trove of jewels? – Zhao Man Yan swore.

– We spent the time in vain, said, you should not shove here! – outraged Ju Jiming.

– Now let’s rest, and tomorrow we’ll see again. If we still do not find anything, then we just go back, – said Nan Jue.

Mo Fan nevertheless remained in the black: he not only got hold of a spontaneous crystal, but his accumulative pearl was actively shining towards the whirlwind. Mo Fan looked at this whirlwind, not daring to enter it, because this wind destructive force was akin to a human meat grinder.

Mo Fan, not wasting time, decided to cultivate in order to improve control over his shadow magic.

343 stars are very hard to bring into their complete control, and this process itself does not occur!

Sitting at a large orange stone, Mo Fan entered his own galaxy of the shadow element. The more he wanders through the expanses of the galaxy, discovering new places in it, the more his control over magic will develop!

“Now … another star of the shadow … we will increase it … it seems enough.”

During a showdown with stone monsters in the valley of Mo, Fan managed to collect so many spiritual entities that were enough to enhance 49 stars, and now his shadow spikes have reached the fourth step!

The gain went very quickly, but, unfortunately, there was not a single magical animal in the settlement where Mo Fan could test his new chip.

Suddenly, strange sounds began to reach Mo Fang, preventing him from continuing the cultivation process.

He opened his eyes and looked up at the sky.

The sun was about to set below the horizon, and now it was illuminating the sky with the last orange rays, on which there was not a single cloud …

Uninvited guests began to appear in this light, their bodies were emerald green and their wings bright blue. Something they resembled jade.

A flock of these creatures flew here, completely filling the entire sky, which is why it now became green and blue!

– E * at! Again they are! Only this time there are even more of them! Shouted Jiang Yu.

– You are not mistaken? We went so far away from those places … they, what, flew in ?! – now shouted Zhao Man Yan.

– Everything, we were gone! We are in such a vast territory, and we do not even have a trench or a place from which to fight! – Li Kaifeng was also very surprised by the arrival of unexpected guests.

Mo Fan did not understand what was happening.

Why was the sky so suddenly filled with so many magical creatures?

Mo Fan had already encountered a magical bird during the flight: then the bird tried to destroy the plane, and nearly there was trouble!

– To go nuts, here too they are ….

– They surround us!

Mo Fan looked around and noticed that all the space around was now occupied by the blue wings of these birds, and it seemed that they had really come here for them!

– Your mother! Anyone already explain to me normally what is happening ?! – cursed Mo Fan.

The number of birds reached several thousand – a whole flying army! Even Mo Fang was scary …

– About a month ago, when we only arrived in Peru, we inadvertently entered the territory, which the locals themselves call the forbidden. Then these birds pursued us, only that time there were a little more than ten of them, and we were able to destroy them … then a whole hundred birds appeared, but we also dealt with it … We returned to the city, and these birds continued to pursue us, but were destroyed by Peruvian defenders, it even came to the danger of an orange level, and then … right now! – said Zhao Man Yan.

Upon hearing these explanations, Mo Fan changed his face.

Well this is the problem … First, they were faced with a dozen birds, then with a hundred, then there were more than a thousand, and now the number of these creatures is approaching ten thousand … They are so far from the inhabited city, but the birds still pursue!

Only ten magicians, if one of them dies, it will turn into just a utopian picture!

“Why didn’t you tell me about it before?” – asked Mo Fan.

– So you did not ask. Besides, I really thought that the time when there were more than a thousand of them was the last … well, why? Why do they still haunt us? – Zhao Man Yan sighed.

– What we are going to do? We must rather find a way out …

“Even if we dig up the catacombs, these birds will get to us all the same, and there will be no fight either — there is no place to hide here!” We died! Shouted Ju Jimin.

A huge flock of birds was approaching, closing the sky with a huge dark cloud.

Mo Fan, seeing that in the series of opponents only increases, he cursed himself. Yes, he reached a high level of shadow magic, and he even managed to raise the magic of shadow thorns to the fourth step, and yes, he himself was indignant that there was not a single magic creature here so that he could test his upgrades … but, your mother, he I did not ask the whole feathered army !!!

Ai Jiang Tu’s face also expressed sadness, he also understood that it would be very difficult to survive in such a battle ….

– What do we do? – asked Nan Jue, referring to the team captain.

“If you had to choose between a battle with these birds and entering an electric whirlwind, what would you choose?” – Ai Jiang Tu asked in reply.

“Captain, you flew off the coils completely, the internal power of this hurricane is approaching the magic of the highest level, we will surely die in it!” Shouted Jiang Shaoxuy.

“We should not go deep into the funnel.” We will enter the whirlwind only so that these birds cannot reach us … there is no other way out. If you do not want in five minutes to turn into the lunch of this flock, then we need to hurry! Said Ai Jiang Tu.

As the captain said, besides the whirlwind, there was simply no other way out — they would not stand a few minutes in a battle with so many birds!

Heading to the whirlwind, Ai Jiang Tu noted that Mo Fan expressed a special zeal in that direction, so he asked him: “Do you think that there is already nothing worse than the valley?”

– Go you! You have done it with these birds, and now I’m in full ass with you, ”Mo Fan cursed.

“You can tweet with these birds, but it seems to me that you won’t leave them alive …” added Zhao Man Yan.

– …

Mo Fang did not like that in this situation he had no choice: he felt the danger posed by the whirlwind, but he did not have enough courage to remain on the battlefield with these birds. Now he is just a victim of circumstances!

Of course, in the face of less danger, he certainly would not have freaked out!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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