Chapter 934. High Level Element Shadows, Night Power


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* Sound of lightning

Lightning quickly flew 20 meters above Mo Fan’s head, immediately hitting the spot where he had just stood. The trace of his leg turned into a black surface, slightly covered with ashes.

The wind was so strong, as if the blade of a knife cut face. Gusts of wind even pulled out his hair. Truthfully, Mo Fan did not think that coming here was a sensible decision.

It was worth only rejoicing that the damned pearl was getting lighter and brighter, which meant that it was located near the place where the energy was stored.

* Cry of birds

The birds were screaming very close, drowning out the sound of wind in their ears. Passing the wind zone, Mo Fan saw the emerald silhouettes. They flapped their wings with all – resisting the wind and selflessly dying.

What kind of irreconcilable feud?

– Get ready for battle! Shouted Ai Jiang Tu.

– These animals are completely insane?

“When their strength weakens, they will not be able to fly in, so we don’t need to kill everyone in a row,” said Jiang Yu.

Only Jiang Yu had time to utter this phrase, as everyone saw the emerald birds who swoop down in this wild wind. They were fierce and fast, moreover, much stronger than the magicians imagined.

– Do not disperse, keep the line! – commanded Nan Jue.

In the area of the hurricane was low visibility, and the radio worked with interference. Birds chirping and howling wind blend together, creating an ominous roar. Nan Jue is a magician of the element of sound, therefore such sounds didn’t disturb her at all, but on the contrary, they seemed pleasant.

– Keep running, you need to move a little bit more. Although there are too many birds, I’m afraid we won’t cope with them. Said Nan Jue.

Mages continued to advance into the zone of an even more powerful hurricane, hoping that it would create a barrier, a natural isolation.

The birds were proficient in using the air current, so they chased the magicians tirelessly.

– Mo Fan, beware! – Nan Jue used her feelings, carefully listening to what is happening around.

In a hurricane there was a very low visibility that it was impossible to make out the faces of each other. Now everyone acted on the team Nan Jue.

Mo Fan turned around and saw that five emerald birds flew up to him, releasing their sharp claws to carry the guy with them.

Indeed, in the sky they are waiting for the brothers, who have already prepared to taste human meat.

“Before grabbing me, did you ask permission from my flying spikes?” Mo Fan opened his arms, a shadow flowed between his fingers.

Small and sharp like swords, the thorns of the shadows were in the hands of Mo Fan. In the hands of the magician, the thorns were small, harmless needles, but having flown out of them, they became a murder weapon.

In the eyes of five birds, Mo Fan was just living meat and blood, they did not even notice that a trap of thorns was waiting for them on earth. At the moment when the birds were approaching the ground, the thorns, one by one, dug into their bodies.

– Spikes shade fourth level, ohrenet! – After seeing Mo Fang, Zhao Man Yan involuntarily appreciated his abilities.

Mo Fan laughed, he felt that the shadow element had become much stronger than before.

“Help me attract as many birds as possible, and I’ll deal with them!” – said Mo Fan Zhao Man Yanu.

– Do not play with fire!

– Trust me!

Zhao Man Yan began to draw the attention of the birds with all his might.

Dozens of birds surrounded Zhao Man Yan, but he tried to use his defensive abilities.

– Tide of light!

Zhao Man Yan controlled light arrows, which were aimed in different directions. Even if you didn’t take aim, you could hit several strange birds, if you didn’t, then at least get their attention.

In fact, the tide of light quickly dissipated and did not even kill a dozen birds. A whole flock headed toward Zhao Man Yan and filled the whole space with his wings.

“Are there too many of them?” – Zhao Man Yan began to doubt.

A tide of light stirred the hornet’s nest, now the magicians were surrounded by hundreds of birds.

– Too little! – Mo Fan was unhappy.

At that moment, Jiang Shaoxu, who was nearby, approached the guys. Seeing that Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan bring birds to themselves, her face immediately acquired a fox expression, she asked: “It’s not so easy to incur hatred, right?

– Spiritual waves – anger!

In the element of the spirit, blue light indicates calm, and red irritation, anger.

Red light flashed, spread far, far away. Suddenly the birds began to fly erratically, spiritual waves colored their eyes red. The enraged birds flew in the direction of Zhao Man Yan — a flock behind a flock!

In less than a minute, near Zhao Man Yang, hundreds of birds with an emerald body, blue wings, yellow claws and red eyes whirled. But the most surprising was that these strange birds, like a school of fish in the sea, gathered in one huge flock, without harming each other. Combining their hatred, they prepared for battle!

– My God, Jiang Shaoxuy, what have you done? – Zhao Man Yan could not move, his voice was intermittent in the radio.

– Isn’t that what you wanted? – laughing, said Jiang Shaoxuy.

We can say that she was the most calm in the whole squad. The power of the element of spirit could reassure those birds who tried to attack it. It seemed to the birds that Jiang Shaoxu was a completely harmless creature. And if she did not try to fight the birds, then they did not touch her.

– Mo Fan, save me! “Zhao Man Yang was no longer visible, there were birds everywhere, which barked him with their powerful bodies.

Zhao Man Yan used various defensive magic – the blessing of light, water protection, and his defensive magic was even stronger than that of magicians of the same level who had the same elements.

“So, hold on a little longer, otherwise I’m using this magic for the first time, I still don’t quite understand how to do it right.” – answered Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan was about to cry.

For the first time?

Is that dumbass crazy? Why do you need to attract a flock of angry birds, you can not kill them one by one?

– The power of the night!

The constellations of the shadow element surrounded Mo Fan, with two hands he held something resembling a small tent that was completely black. The magician threw this tent to the place where Zhao Man Yan was.

Night descended to the ground, covering the birds with its black canopy. Now they could not fly away in search of the sun, they could not hide from the power of the night …

Night came, absorbing the sun’s rays in this place.

Zhao Man Yan didn’t see his own fingers, it was so dark. And these embittered birds turned into blind flies, which crowded together and thrashed, hitting each other.

The night not only brought hopelessness, but also fear. The birds made loud cries, trying to fly away from the place where the night reigned.

But this place was like a labyrinth – no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to get out of it.

– Thorns of the shadow!

Mo Fan used the power of the shadow again. Beside him appeared countless shadow spikes that flew incessantly into the night canopy.

Besides the fact that the thorns of the shadow stuck into the birds, they also stuck in the air, creating a huge cage of shadow thorns! Now the birds just do not leave!

The power of the night came into its own, and everyone who would like to leave this place had to first ask permission of the night!

And the one that used the top-level magic of the shadow element was Mo Fane!

The birds were banned in the night canopy, filled with countless spikes, which accurately struck the birds.


Being in the center, Zhao Man Yan was not enveloped in the bonds of the night. But outlandish birds became victims of the power of the night.

The power of the shadow element!

Zhao Man Yan never saw the magic of the shadow element so strong. Mo Fang managed to trap such a huge flock of birds!

– The power of the night can be considered an elemental area. However … my control power is still rather weak, and I will not be able to keep the birds in this position for a long time. Get out of there, and I’ll destroy them! – said Mo Fan Zhao Man Yanu.

In fact, Mo Fan himself enjoyed his strength. Before he became a mid-level magician, he most often used the shadow element to absorb a shadow element, mainly in cases when he needed urgent escape. The spikes of the shadow he used infrequently. If he used successfully, he killed the enemy, if not, then he had to flee …

But now Mo Fan reached the high level of the shadow element – he mastered the power of the shadow and the spikes of the fourth-level shadow, creating a cruel trap for these mad birds. Mo Fan himself was surprised by his abilities!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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