Chapter 935. Prohibition


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– Burial celestial flame!

Mo Fan held the raging flames with both hands to send him to the place where the birds had covered the power of the night.

A cap of fire clouds was above the night, at the same moment a raging flame, like a shower, began to descend to the ground. Now the earth has turned into a fiery sea.

Below the fiery sea, in the air the fiery air, and above the fiery clouds. The raging flames captured the wolf-birds on three levels – on the ground, in the air and in the sky.

The birds seemed to have fallen into a huge furnace, their beautiful feathers were burned, and their bodies became charred …

The burial with a celestial flame is considered to be quite a strong and long-acting high-level magic. Even if we take into account the fact that the level of these werewolf birds is quite high, being locked up with the power of the night and the spikes of the shadow, they had no way out. And now the heavenly flame burned their bodies to the ground!

– In one moment, destroyed so many birds! Finally, my dark talisman will be able to eat to the full … – Mo Fan looked at how the celestial flame burns the birds and inadvertently wondered how many souls he could collect.

Perhaps I can strengthen the asterisks of the element of space!

– I wonder why the talisman does not want to take it?

Mo Fan suddenly noticed a strange thing.

Usually after the monsters died, the talisman selected their souls. Mo Fan himself saw the souls glowing green and blue, as if they were fireflies, flying into a talisman on his chest. But this time there was no shower!

– How so? – Mo Fan for the first time encountered this situation.

– These birds have no spiritual energy? Can not be! Every undead and monster has spiritual energy that allows them to exist, if these birds do not have such energy, how do they support life?

Mo Fan thought that this time he would harvest a big crop, but in the end there was nothing. The talisman told Mo Fan that these monsters have no soul …

After that, Mo Fan fell into deep thought and immediately remembered what happened to him on the plane.

There are overhead lines that are controlled by the strongest mages. This defense is like a magic circle, if a monster appears, the defense drives it away. But if any monsters manage to fly into the air line, then an alert comes immediately and the magician controlling the airspace comes to the rescue. It was like a highway, surrounded by a fence – hardly wild animals could break through.

The safety of the overhead lines was very high, so rarely was anything out of the ordinary. But when Mo Fan was flying in an airplane, this incident occurred with a huge bird, and the guy was perplexed, wasn’t there a warning when she crossed the protective barrier?

Now, Mo Fan understood why this happened – all because this bird has no spiritual energy!

The beasts that have no spiritual energy are not even ghosts! And the aircraft equipment can only see living beings, so the bird pursued them for such a long time and the headquarters did not even know about it …

– Fuck, what the hell is this ?!

Mo Fang immediately started to get a headache. The birds looked like ordinary monsters, but it turns out that they do not have a soul … But if they do not have a soul, then why do they attack? Perhaps, they are simply puppets in someone’s hands, but their life is meaningless – they cannot defend themselves, cannot attack themselves, cannot think and even cannot suffer …

– What else is there? Mo Fan went to the place where only ash was left from the birds and found a bright tuft.

The burial with a celestial flame destroyed several hundred birds, but this tuft was burning for a long time, and it looked like a completely untouched fire that retained its color!

“Have you ever seen this thing?” “Mo Fan, taking a multicolored tuft in his hands, went to ask Zhao Man Yan and Jiang Shaoxu.

“It feels like seeing but not paying attention,” Jiang Shaoxu replied.

“These birds flew again …” Zhao Man Yan didn’t pay attention to the tuft that Mo Fan brought.

Mo Fan made a sign to Jiang Shaoxu that she was quicker to use the magic of the spirit, now there was no time to reason over the mystery of a multicolored tuft.

Jiang Shaoxu used spiritual waves, and Mo Fan prepared to use the power of the night again, planning to roast them in the stove again, but who knew that all these methods would be ineffective!

Not only did they not become angrier from spiritual waves, Jiang Shaoxu, so feeling the breath of darkness surrounding Mo Fang, began to retreat …

– Fuck, they seemed to be replaced! Shouted Zhao Man Yan.

There was a low visibility in the hurricane, so the newly arrived birds could hardly see how their brothers died. But in some strange way, they knew exactly how the rest were killed. Now the birds were circling high above the magicians, waiting for more birds to fly in to the rescue!

– They are smart … Although … No, this can be explained quite differently! Said Mo Fan.

Before that, Mo Fan destroyed the birds with the help of the power of the night, from there it was impossible to transfer a single sound to the outside. How did these damn birds know that their brethren were in a slaughterhouse?

– Scatter the damn birds! – the birds became more and more …

The birds formed a huge funnel above the heads of the magicians. But Mo Fan could not use the power of the night, as there were too many birds …


The team continued to move in a lightning hurricane. The force of the wind could break the servant-level animal. Every high level mage needed defensive magic to get past this hurricane.

“It feels like the birds are no longer pursuing us — Nan Jue listened to what was happening around.”

“Apparently, they realized that they had better not stick their nose in here,” said Mo Fan.

It is clear that the birds were puppets and, as directed, they could fly into the hurricane and attack the magicians. But for some reason they did not do it …

“What if they are waiting for us outside the hurricane?” We will not last long here. Now wind power is spending our magical energy. And if lightning strikes, then our defensive magical items will end – said Jiang Yu.

Mages now could not do anything. They could only discuss further action, hiding in a hurricane. But they won’t be able to hide here for too long. And what if the force of a hurricane suddenly becomes more powerful and takes everyone to the zone of a stronger hurricane?

– You still have enough conscience to talk about it. Didn’t you make us rush at random? And now we do not know where to go from these damn birds! “Zu Jimin swore at Jiang Yu.”

“Jiang Yu, you’re responsible for that.” Li Kaifeng and Mu Tinyin also complain.

Jiang Yu was silent.

Mo Fan saw that the team began to express mutual insults and stopped putting forward any salvation options. He silently walked alongside.

– Do not go anywhere! “Zu Jiming was very angry.”

“Your voice makes me angry, can you shut up?” What the fuck is your difference? – Mo Fan could not stop and thought about where his bad mood had taken. He is now stirring up the wasp’s nest …

Mo Fan saw that Zu Jiming calmed down a bit and followed the glow of the pearl.

Zhao Man Yan and Jiang Shaoxuy saw Mo Fan detach himself from the team and were restlessly following him.

Ai Jiang Tu knew that everyone had a terrible mood, they were all in a place they could not get out of. They want to leave, let them fail. It is only necessary that the reliable Nan Jue remain. Ai Jiang Tu could not resist: “We are waiting here until you stop trying to walk into the walkie-talkie.”


Four magicians continued to move in a lightning hurricane with Mo Fang. And the wind has already reached such a force that it could tear the animal into the shreds of the level of the pack leader.

Lightning flashed more and more, and from time to time they fell on the ground in front of the magicians. From such a spectacle goose bumps.

– Do we still need to go ahead? Jiang Yu asked quietly.

– Go already, and then again here all quarrel! Said Jiang Shaoxu.

The team was not united. And if Ai Jiang Tu did not have high prestige, then she would have collapsed before reaching Venice.

– Ahead of the lightning flash one after another, there are too many of them. Said Jiang Yu.

The further the magicians advanced, the more lightning there was. Ahead, several dark-yellow lightning flashed, as if warning.

“Nan Jue, that yellow lightning over there doesn’t seem familiar to you?” – Mo Fan turned, looking at Nan Jue.

Nan Jue seemed suddenly to see clearly.

– This is a ban! – shouted Nan Jue.

The lightning ban was yellow in color, they are already watching in the eastern security tower in Japan.

“All these lightning … This is not natural lightning, but created by man?” Asked Jiang Shaoxu in surprise.

– And you do not know what the ban is? – laughing, said Mo Fan.

The hurricane was a barrier of prohibition. This meant that someone had blocked the secret in the center of the hurricane. And the closer this mystery is, the stronger the hurricane becomes. So what was hidden there?

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