Chapter 936. Intelligent People in a Team


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Mo Fang was very curious!

The cumulative pearl has already clearly signaled to its owner that it is hidden in the very depths of this wind, and there is also a prohibition …

“This is the very ancient magic of banning lightning.” Come on, we must move forward! “Nan Jue was even more lively than Mo Fan, so she led the magicians along.”

– You want to go further – I don’t like this idea. If you get caught up in a whirlwind, then no one can save you! Said Zhao Man Yan.

In the team, Zhao Man Yan is considered a shell mage due to the fact that he possesses three types of defensive magic, and usually it is he who produces protection for the team.

– Do not go beyond my protection, now the power of the wind is comparable to the magic of the average level! – warned Zhao Man Yan to the others.

“Mid-level magic, just …” said Mo Fan arrogantly.

“You can experience mid-level every-second magic on your own,” Zhao Man Yan replied.

Mo Fan, thinking, shut up.

The fact that the force of the wind was equal to mid-level magic did not say that in the event of an attack, the magicians would be subjected only to medium-level magic.

– Can we go further? Asked Nan Jue.

“So far, yes,” Zhao Man Yan nodded his head.

“You have become much stronger,” said Mo Fan.

– Haha! – Zhao Man Yan has been waiting for this moment for so long, and a smile lit up his face. What a wonderful feeling when a friend admires your magic that he is famous for his fighting power!

Brigandine magician … under the protective magic of Zhao Man Yan, magicians reached the forbidden part with yellow-golden lightning.

Outside, the hurricane seemed black and dark, completely hiding the colors of the lightning, and now, when the magicians went inside the hurricane, they discovered that the territory of the prohibition of lightning was covered by yellow discharges.

– Can we weaken? – asked Mo Fan.

The ban is a magical wall that begins to attack if you approach it. Only stronger magic can break this prohibition, or you can simply … open it. Yes, yes, this prohibition should have an entrance door and a key to it. If you find them, the ban will no longer pose a serious danger, and magicians will be able to enter inside this territory.

– Can. The ruins of the ancient settlement gave me a hint, but this will take time, ”answered Nan Jue.

“Hurry up, otherwise Zhao Man Yan won’t take it,” said Mo Fan.

Jiang Yu and Jiang Shaoxu now looked much happier, because they were anticipating the valuable finds that they would find inside the forbidden territory!

“As soon as my strength is exhausted, I will inform you.” And now you still need to hurry, because the wind is much stronger here, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

All the others stood aside, waiting for the moment when Nan Jue would deal with these yellow-golden lightning.

Of course, Nan Jue could not just pull out a piece of wire and begin to open the ban, as the thieves with the doors do. Now she stood at the territory of the ban, stretching out her arms, trying to determine the rhythm of the ban action from within. She tried to figure out at which point the lightning noticeably weakens …

After some time, Zhao Man Yan’s face was already sweating. According to him it was clear that his forces were already running out.

He continuously released three kinds of magic: the magic of light, earth and water. He had no opportunity for respite ….

– Nan Jue, what is it? – asked worried Zhao Man Yan.

– It turned out to be much more complicated than I thought. If you can’t stand it, then we can come back … hey, what’s up with your face? Asked Nan Jue.

“My magical powers are about to run out, can’t you see?” – said Zhao Man Yan unfriendly.

From the very beginning, magicians did not think about how much magic energy was in reserve at their protector.

– Your energy is not enough to go back?

– You did not leave a reserve for us to leave here ???

The process of passing deep into the vortex took away too much power from the magician, and without his protection, the others would not last even a few minutes!

They will all be destroyed by the wind!

In this small team there was only one magician with defensive forces – Zhao Man Yan, but his power will end in a few seconds! His energy is not enough to go back, and so he deprived everyone else of the opportunity to escape from here!

– Die, Zhao Man Yan! – Jiang Shaoxu screamed.

– Your mother! You yourself say that it will become with all of us when my strength runs out … therefore we must break this prohibition! Shouted Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan was ready to sob: he first heard the explanatory words from Zhao Man Yan.

– How … how … how … what to do? – Jiang Yu was also shocked by the situation.

Even all of them, high-level mages, will not endure in such a strong whirlwind for a long time – it will simply crush them all as in a meat grinder!

– In terms of what to do? Nan Jue, come on, quickly crack this fucking ban! – yelled Mo Fan.

Nan Jue was also sweating cold. In such a tense situation, when it is absolutely impossible to relax, she could not feel the rhythm of the ban.

However, she clearly understood that if she did not do this now, they would all perish!

Nan Jue said nothing, concentrating entirely on the yellow lightning.

– Do not kipish! All activate your protective artifacts, who have what! We have to give Nan Jue at least a few extra seconds, ”said Mo Fan hastily.

Magee could not calm down, because their lives are now completely dependent on Nan Jue …

“I … I can hold out a little longer, but you have to take the other side,” tears flowed down Zhao Man-yan’s face.

“I have a triangular surface mirror that can copy and reflect the magic of any element, but it requires too much magical energy … if we all are under defensive magic, it will give us just one extra minute of time,” said Jiang Yu.

“Two minutes,” said Mo Fan.

Mo Fang had many elements, half of which were already cultivated at a high level – his magical energy will give one more minute to this triangular surface mirror of Jiang Yu.

– No no no! Mo Fan, you must save your magical energy in case Nan Jue breaks the ban, and danger will be waiting for us inside the forbidden territory – that’s when we need your combat power. First, we will wait until all our forces run out, and only then we will resort to your energy reserves … ”said Jiang Shaoxu.

– The thing you say. And you are the same sensible as Zhao Man Yan! – Mo Fan nodded his head.

Zhao Man Yan kept his strength, praying that this time was enough to break the ban.

“You can use your energy, and in that time I will try to recover,” Zhao Man Yan was quick to sit down to recover as much energy as possible.

All sweated. While the energy resources of the magicians were rapidly dwindling, the deadly danger was approaching them more and more quickly.

No one said anything – everyone only occasionally looked at Nan Jue, in the hope that she had already managed to do this.

Jiang Yu sobbed … he thought about how he did not want to die like that, so young …

– Faster, get me! – in the most tense moment I heard the voice of Nan Jue.

All lined up behind her, taking steps in step with her steps.

Mages were surrounded by yellow lightning, which in fact were even more dangerous than a whirlwind – such lightning instantly pierces the body!

* Wham

One yellow lightning bolt hit the spot right in front of Nan Jue, but she managed to react.

“We won’t go there,” said Mo Fan.

They had already entered the territory of the lightning, so it was impossible to retreat.

“It seems we should move there,” said Nan Jue, indicating the direction.

– It seems ?! – four magicians screamed at the same time.

– I could not fully open the ban. Ahead of us the course is ordered, now you must strictly repeat my every step, ”answered Nan Jue.

Mo Fan was numb – he had never been in such a situation!

– Seem, we chose the right direction. Further there should not be difficulties, – Nan Jue’s voice was heard.

Walking along with the girl, the magicians noticed that the prohibition lightning was becoming less and less.

Finally, the magicians got into the spacious territory.

Part of the territory was green, and the other part is covered with flowers. The wizards were just numb from what they saw.

– Look! City! Cried Zhao Man Yan.

At the top of this blooming splendor there really was a small town! He absolutely did not look old.

– I do not understand how this is even possible? We entered the hurricane, and inside it opened such a space! – Jiang Shaoxu did not believe her eyes.

– This is a separate space. I think … we found an ancient city! Said Mo Fan.

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