Chapter 937. Intertemporal Substance


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They entered the city. Mo Fan hardly believed that this place was closed for such a long time. Instead of smells of decay all over the town, the fragrance of extraordinary flowers was still felt.

The huge black hurricane was an intertemporal wall and all that was in its center lived in the past.

– It seems this is the oldest city in South America. The entrance is still decorated with ancient flowers, ”attentive Jiang Shaoxu pointed to the road leading to the entrance.

– Do you understand the history of South America? – Mo Fan was amazed at the breadth of her knowledge.

“Perhaps I am mistaken, but it seems these flowers were at the very beginning.” They are called Lifan, a very rare species! About thirty years ago, they disappeared all over South America. They used to make wine from them. I remember my grandfather had one bottle of such a flower drink hidden away. He always said that he would open her only when I found my husband. Lifan flowers are very special! In the old days, when there were not so many magicians of the spirit, these flowers were used instead of opium poppy to create an intoxicating dope with a soothing effect. The poppy contained dangerous substances and people sat down on it, and the Lifan flowers have no negative effect. They say that the magicians are somehow connected with this flower, – Jiang Shaoxu spoke in one breath.

Flowers that can be used instead of the magic of the spirit! Such is Mo Fan heard for the first time.

– Can you determine from what time this city? – asked Nan Jue.

– No, I do not know when they began to use these rare and valuable flowers. In the book of the history of Peru, there must be records about the cities and clans with the Lifan flower in the form of a coat of arms. I will find out about it when we return. And yet, I’m not at all fond of history, but just curious. Interestingly, Lifan flowers still extinct in our world are still grown here? – reasoned Jiang Shaoxuy.

It seems that she was very interested in this plant and immediately began searching in the ancient city. Harmony reigned in this small quiet town, it is unlikely to be dangerous here.

Everyone began to disperse in different directions, but Mo Fan decided to follow the call of the magical pearl and go in search of the energy source.

The ancient town is perfectly preserved, as if frozen in one moment. There were no motes on the streets. Time could not leave its mark on the walls of houses. Like another flawless world!

Crossing the wide road, Mo Fan saw a beautiful fountain that appeared at the crossroads, crowned with a sculpture of a woman of perfect beauty. The snake wrapped around her waist and went down. From this sight it was impossible to take your eyes off!

At this moment, the shine of the magic pearl has reached its maximum strength. Mo Fan looked down at the clear waters of the spring and looked again at the sculpture of the beautiful woman.

– Is this water the same as in the energy source? – began to guess Mo Fan.

He dipped the magic pearl into the spring. The water was very cold, but seemed quite ordinary. It does not seem like the magic pearl is filled with energy!

“This is … plain water!” – Mo Fan scooped up water and took a sip. Absolutely no taste!

Mo Fan was perplexed: if this is not what you need, what fig is the pearl lit up ??

Maybe I am fooling myself and the pearl is really damaged!

Upon reflection, Mo Fan did not understand where the source might be. Raising his head, he looked at the statue.

– Is it here? – Mo Fan made his way to the middle of the source intending to more closely explore the sculpture.

After examining her from head to toe, he did not find anything, but when he approached the girl, the pearl glowed even brighter, as if trying to soar upward towards the sculpture!

And what is even more surprising, the talisman also responded!

Mo Fan was wondering why both things are so attracted by this statue ??

Maybe something really hidden in it?

Mo Fan knocked and realized that there was a cavity inside.

He knocked again, and the sculpture began to crumble, as if made of sand!

Mo Fan accidentally destroyed a historical monument. The statue was crumbling, crumbling down, and a crystal bowl appeared on this spot, filled with crystal-clear substance.

The little talisman shone with a blinding force, eager to absorb all the contents in one fell swoop.

The magic pearl sparkled so fiercely as if she said: stay away from her! She is mine!!

– What could it be? Surely something good! – reasoned Mo Fan.

The talisman can only like a real jewel. But on reflection, Mo Fan decided that first of all he needed to energize the pearl. He put it in the bowl and let it absorb everything.

But then another oddity happened. The pearl absorbed only one-third of the substance and was immediately saturated.

Mo Fan put the talisman in the bowl, but he couldn’t absorb energy at all, and just swam in the bowl

– How can you not that nonsense ?? – cursed Mo Fan.

Two-thirds of the crystal substance remained in the bowl. Mo Fan, had no choice but to take the remains with her, for sure it will come in handy.

Having absorbed only one third, the pearl was filled. This is also good news, no need to worry about the cost of demonization.


Now Mo Fan could return to the rest, it seems they also had interesting findings in this town.

Jiang Shaoxu nevertheless found a Lifan flower, now she could not stop smiling happily.

Mo Fan did not know what the other players found. It was necessary to return. In this small town there was no longer anything of value, it’s completely pointless to remain.

……… ..

After waiting for Zhao Man Yan to restore their strength, they all together left the city.

As they left, large yellow eyes appeared over the city, in the black haze of a hurricane, and closely watched the children until they were out of sight. After that, the two yellow lights disappeared.

This unusual incident was noticed only by a small fiery hot woman sitting on Mo Fang’s shoulder. She whispered yellow eyes to him, but the boy didn’t even pay attention.

……… ..

“Are these birds still there?” “Nan Jue was asking Ai Jiang Tu who was waiting outside.”

“They seem to have flown away,” came the reply.

– You have not been so long! We thought the hurricane tore you to shreds! So much time wasted … – said Zu Jiming.

– Well, since you are in a hurry, we will quickly return to the city! In the wilderness too dangerous! “Mu Tinyin was all trembling with fear.”

The attack of thousands of birds is something unimaginable! Now they all wanted to relax in the city.

The return trip was through the Gaby Valley, the return was calm and uneventful.

… … …

Returning to Khemi, they immediately fell asleep. In the valley, the Gaby was full of adventure, of course, but apart from the deadly danger to Lou Yilin, there were no other threats. What was really scary was the birds! One God knows if they will return and when this will happen.

Mo Fan sat in his room and looked at the crystal substance. He absolutely did not understand such things. Mo Fan retained the idea of trying to drink a substance like plain water.

The firegirl was still worried about the appearance of yellow eyes. Mo Fan also began to worry, the little girl could not be mistaken. If there really were eyes in the hurricane, what could it be ??

Why is it hiding over the ancient city?

– Well, that’s enough! It makes no sense to fooling. The pearl is filled with energy and it is a success! – Mo Fan decided not to think about it anymore, put his head on the pillow and immediately fell asleep.

There are many strange phenomena in the world, one more fanciful than the other. Do not necessarily delve into everything!

In the morning came the news from Ling Ling. Returning to Khemi, Mo Fan immediately told her about the crystalline substance, hoping that the girl would help to understand the purpose of the find. She is very fast! Mo Fan barely had time to wash himself and was still sleeping, Lin Lin was already hanging on the wire.

“Mo Fan, where did you get this?”

“She was hidden in a statue in an ancient city in the middle of a hurricane,” said Mo Fan.

– This is an intertemporal substance. You have to thank my grandfather for his large library, only then I was able to find information. Unfortunately, its use is not mentioned anywhere, only the name. It says that it was created on the basis of an ancient flower, but the method of manufacturing has not been preserved, ”said Lin Lin.

– Intertemporal substance ?? It seems to have something to do with time. This ancient city in the middle of a hurricane, time seemed to stop there. All this is somehow connected!

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