Chapter 938.


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“Not connected,” Lin said confidently.

– Why?

– Time has its course. If it goes backwards or stops, this is wrong. There is no magic that could disturb the passage of time. Perhaps intertemporal substance can create changes of this kind, for example, to accelerate the growth of a plant or to preserve a woman’s eternal youth … – carefully explained Lin Ling.

– The meaning of my words is that you should believe science, and not invent the devil himself knows that!

Mo Fan did not know what to do, so he hid the find and went to bed again.


Few linger in the city of Khemi, most of the wanderers immediately go to the state embassy in the valley of Gebi – to the fortress of King Philip.

Having reached Peru by flight, no one even thinks about excursions and shopping, everyone rushes to change vehicles and get to the fortress on the Pacific Ocean Callao.

Mo Fan vaguely remembered that he had seen this magnificent structure flying on an airplane.

From above, the fortress looked like a five-pointed star, but each beam was not at all triangular, but had the shape of the bow of a sea vessel. The walls of the fortress had an impressive thickness, and in the center of all this stood a castle.

Peru, like Japan, was often attacked by sirens. Therefore, when designing this place, it was taken into account that it would be a strategic center in protecting the entire coastline of Peru. In the end, the capital of Peru, Lima was very close!

It was now just a calm, calm season and it was quiet all over the coast of Peru. In the local press there was not a single word about the sirens, but for Peru this is already very good news. The locals, not as greedy as the Japanese, could come up with a great way to handle the sirens. For this country, the siren attacks are like a natural disaster, they destroy cities, agriculture and fisheries.

At the entrance to the citadel, you had to confirm your identity. The imperial guards politely led everyone inside.

-Hello. My name is Oustil, I am a royal magician. We are very pleased that you were able to visit Peru.

– Hello! We are members of the national team of China. We came to conquer your state badge, ”Ai Jiang Tu said bluntly.

– You do not want to rest after a long journey? – said Ouststil.

“Nothing, we had a good rest before leaving,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

The magician escorted them to the exit, but they managed to notice the huge arena located in front of the castle. After Ousstiel ordered to begin preparations, the water wall surrounded the whole arena, as if it was one giant fountain.

Soon came the members of the national team of Peru, some were very dark, and some code was snow-white.

– These outstanding magicians came to us from Asia, show all what you can do! – smiled said Ouststil.

Competition conditions are very simple. Each party must select three people. Ai Jiang Tu decided that this time Li Kaifeng, Mu Tinyin and Guan Yu would fight.

The level of magicians in the national team of Peru was the most mediocre, out of three selected players, not one was not a high-level magician, despite their talent …

The competition was simple and boring.

– You are really very strong. Please do not rush to leave. “We hope that we can still practice with you and gain experience,” said Ousztil. The loss was not a surprise to him.

– Good. We, too, will not interfere with more training, – said Ai Jiang Tu.

– I understand that your team will not be very interesting to train with ours. We could exchange several players and equalize forces, – Oustil stated.

– Not bad idea.

……… ..

Six against six, in each team of three participants from Peru. Forces equaled.

Everyone rose to their seats and were ready to start the battle, when suddenly a man in military uniform came out of the castle with a sullen expression on his face. He was surrounded by about six men and women. Judging by their clothes, they were all officials.

– It seems this is the commander in chief! – Jiang Shaoxu whispered, seeing a badge of honor on his chest.

– And, General Mote, are you also interested to watch the fight? – Ouststil respectfully greeted the general.

“Not interesting,” he answered coldly.

The royal magician Ousstiel was in an awkward position and did not know what to say.

However, General Mote did not pay any attention to this, his predatory gaze was fixed on Mo Fang and a group of magicians from Asia.

– Are you members of the national team?

“Of course, they are members of the Chinese national team,” Osstiel answered for them.

“I am not asking you,” General Mote was merciless.

Magus Ouststilu became even more embarrassed, what kind of fly bit the general ??

– We are members of the national team of China. Do you need something general? – coldly answered Ai Jiang Tu to this unfriendly man.

– Arriving in our country you have done a great folly. Now you all climb with me to the observation tower! – the general said with a serious air.

Everyone was confused, the general had no reason to behave this way.

“Please go with General Mote to the lookout tower,” smiled the magician Ousztil, as always trying to be courteous.

Everyone followed the general to the observation tower.

From the height of the observation tower one could see the vast expanses of the sea and tens of kilometers of the sea coast on both sides … as well as a cloudless clear sky.

The general, still looking the same sullen, waited for the whole team to crowd around. He pointed to the long sea shore north of the tower and the immense sky. In a chilling voice, he said:

– Look what you have done! Look at the news that the inhabitants of Hemi brought us. I do not know who to ask for help. Do you see what problems you have created for us? See ??

Mo Fan began to get angry, in honor of what the general talks to them like that? What does all of this mean?

He could not endure arrogant people and was already going to repulse the general. At that moment, Zhao Man Yan pulled him down and pointed his fingers to the sky with stiff fingers …

Mo Fan saw a pile of clouds formed in the middle of a clear sky.

The whole sky was clear as a boundless blue sea, and these clouds looked very suspicious. Their color was not white, but blue-green!

When the color only began to appear, it was hardly noticeable against the sky, but when the clouds formed and closed most of the sky, people realized that something strange was happening!

– Oh Gods! Again they are! Shouted Jiang Yu.


Again these birds !!

In the valley of Gaby there was a whole army of such birds. No one expected them to get here!

But the worst thing was that, judging by the size of the clouds, there were ten times more birds!

These clouds were much larger than in the Gaby Valley, they seemed to be tired of the whole sky. Their screams, like explosions of lightning, spread hundreds of kilometers around. Louder and louder !!

– Whole tribe! This is a whole tribe of werewolves!

-Too many of them!!

Ossstil froze, staring in horror at the sky. The people around were shouting.

Ai Jiang Tu, Jiang Yu, Mu Tingying, Zu Jiming, Nan Jue and other guys stared blankly at the sky.

Why? Why is this happening??

Tens turned into hundreds, hundreds into thousands, thousands into tens of thousands … in the end there were more than a hundred thousand !! Where did they come from? What are they ??

They could not describe their horror in words when they first met them. Now everything was much worse!

– What have you done ?? How could these countless monsters break out ?? – General Mote was beside himself with anger.

If the city of Lima is attacked by hundreds of thousands of werewolves, it will be a real disaster! Need to warn them!

“We … we did nothing!” Said Jiang Yu.

“I don’t care what you did.” I ask you to leave this city immediately! Snarled General Mote.

– What? Are you driving us out ?? “Mu Tinien did not believe her ears.”

“General, if they get out of here, they won’t survive!” – Immediately intervened magician Ouststil.

– Do you want to say that we should donate our country ?? Can you imagine how many of our soldiers will kill these monsters ?? Shouted the general.

Ousstiel bit his tongue. He still thought that to expel these guys in such a situation would be an inhuman act. It’s like binding them and leaving them on top of a mountain so that these monstrous birds will eat them alive !!

– I’m not going to repeat. If you do not leave, then I will kill you, and throw your body out of the wall! – General Mote was furious.

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