Chapter 939. Ancient Castle in the Cliff


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Hearing the words of General Mote, anger began to flare up in the soul of every magician.

He just sends them out of here to ruin!

The flock of birds was huge and even if you call on the military, all the same, people will not be enough to destroy so many birds. It remained only to hope for urban defense.

Magee did not think that General Mote would be so cruel and cold-blooded. His tone was as if they had to go to their death and could not even resist.

– You did not prevent the threat of monsters, although you knew about it. Why should we assume such responsibility? – could not stand Nan Jue.

– We are not obliged to protect you, sacrificing the lives of the military of our country! I give you the last minute to leave the city immediately! Said General Mote.

– You!..

– Nan Jue, calm down. No need to waste time with him. Said Ai Jiang Tu.

– And I’m not going to go out of here, if we go out, we condemn ourselves to death! Shouted Ju Jimin.

“Well, don’t go out, I’ll kill you myself!” Said General Mo Tae angrily.

Jiang Shaoxu was so angry that she could not stand it and told General Mote: “Try to touch only one person, and we will destroy your whole nation, then see how many generals like you will be left!”

If one of the magicians dies, the Chinese government will try to hush up this matter and it is unlikely that it will give a decree to kill the whole nation from behind a handful of magicians. But who knows what form revenge can take? …

– Do you think that there is a sense to threaten me? This situation happened because of you and only you are to blame! – General Mote did not show his fear, still remaining cold-blooded.

“Do you have proof?” – Jiang Shaoxu interrogated.

– No, but you yourself know what to blame. – answered General Mote.

– Dear magicians, do not argue here. I think General Mote only says that because he wants peace to this city. And, if the number of birds were small, we could resist them, but to cope with such a huge flock is almost impossible. There will be rivers of blood. There is still a bit of time to escape, so I advise you to head to the old fortress, which is located on the coastline to the south. There you will be able to hold on for some time. Decide quickly, even though you have angered the Nazca monsters, there is still hope for salvation! – seriously said Ouststil.

Mo Fan also understood that there was no point in continuing to argue with General Mote. His officers have already provided accurate information about what is happening, and, either he will expel the magicians from here, or he will be killed himself. No other is given.

Ai Jiang Tu also believed that it was better to leave here. General Mote was adamant; he was ready to kill the magicians with full seriousness. And there was no point in seeking revenge, since everyone is already covered!

………………………………………………………………………… …

– Eh, General Mote, I think we made the wrong decision. After all, we do not know for sure whether this situation happened because of them – said Ouststil.

“I don’t want them to die, I just want to save the city.” – General Mo Te watched as Chinese magicians left King Philip’s Fortress and did not regret a bit.

– But we should not avoid this problem. And if the birds’ anger was caused by the inhabitants of our city, and not by magicians? So we and the residents should get rid of? Why should we live in fear and not eradicate the sources of this fear? – said Ouststil.

– It’s easy for you to talk, but how many people are ready to shed their blood? Asked General Mote.

“I know that you are confident in your decision, but I worry about more terrible events,” said Ousztil.

General Mote said nothing, he just shook his head, watching the birds that covered the city like clouds.

Sunny city gradually plunged into darkness. Residents of the city of Lima have already seen this awesome picture and were horrified by what is happening.

Werewolves have already crossed the coastline, not noticing the city or its inhabitants …

They flew over King Philip’s Fortress, casting a huge shadow from which the magicians fled in panic.

……………………………………………………………………… ..

The coastline was very long. Magee could not find the old abandoned castle, which spoke Ouststil. The birds were getting closer, so the guys didn’t even exchange a single word with each other, trying to get away from the angry birds.

They came to this country quite recently, but it was as if someone had cursed them. Wherever you run, birds chased them everywhere. Each time it seemed to them that this was the last chase, but the birds attacked again and again.

– Look, ahead! Shouted Li Kaifeng.

Magee saw the castle, which was located in the sea cliff, part of the building was even wet from the oncoming waves.

Ousstiel did not deceive the magicians, this castle was well located. First, magicians could resist the enemy from four sides, and second, they could slightly delay their doom.

The castle was made in Spanish style and perfectly preserved its original appearance.

– Rather, come in! – shouted Ai Jiang Tu, entering the castle on the shore.

The stone from which the castle was made was very strong, so the birds could not destroy it in a short time. And if they still succeed, then the mages will have nowhere to hide.


– This castle has a protective barrier, it will help us hold out for a while! And I will try to restore it! Just help me gain time! – Entering the castle, Nan Jue immediately found a saving barrier.

This protective barrier was very important now for magicians!

Hearing that there is still hope, the magicians were inspired. Ai Jiang Tu put everyone in a fighting position.

There was a cliff behind, the sea below, and the castle’s protective walls on both sides. Now everyone needed to hold the enemy in order for Nan Jue to restore the protective barrier.

“Divide into two parts and guard the castle line by line, otherwise our magical energy will run out very soon!” Said Ai Jiang Tu.

– At first we will go to guard, and you go and look, suddenly, you will find something that will help us in a fight with these creatures.

Mo Fan, Jiang Shaoxuy, Zhao Man Yan, Jiang Yu and Nan Rongni formed one team, standing on guard at the entrance to the castle. The rest had to keep their strength.

Ai Jiang Tu and the remaining magicians entered the building, before this castle was a defensive fortress. And besides the protective barrier that Nan Jue was talking about, other protective devices were to remain.

……………………………………………………………………………………… ..

“So many birds, we won’t last long here.” Yes, so they died, these damn creatures! Where did they come from? – Guan Yu cursed angrily.

“And the devil knows, but I’m sure that it was not I who pissed them off.” I will go outside and see if they will haunt me. Said Zu Jiming.

– And you go and try. – coldly answered Ai Jiang Tu, having heard the complaint of Ji Jiming.

Zu Jiming immediately shut up, he still did not dare to leave. He knew that if the birds killed everyone, he would be among those killed, but he still thought that he would be the last person to be killed by these creatures.

“There are magic stones here that can be used, because the protective barrier requires energy,” said Li Kaifeng.

– Yeah, you need to find them as much as possible, the protective barrier really requires a lot of energy. Said Ai Jiang Tu.

– Let’s move, and then the five defenders outside will not be able to hold out for too long!

– At most – 20 minutes, but will Nan Jue have time to restore the protective barrier in just 20 minutes? Damn general Mo Tae, did not leave us a choice, and we will have to die here! We had to at least leave a will to his family! – Cursed Guan Yu, beside himself with rage.


“Mo Fan, these werewolf birds are chasing us, not you.” You could stay in the city. Said Jiang Yu shyly, looking at Mo Fang.

And this, Mo Fan was supposed to curse and complain all the time, not Ju Jiang.

Jiang Shaoxuy, Nan Rongni, and Zhao Man Yan understood that if they survived, it would be because of Mo Fanya, who did not even enter the forbidden lands of Nazca. Mo Fan did not abandon them at a difficult moment, and the magicians were touched. If he were someone else, he would have gone and everything …

A flock of many thousands of birds in front of which people became tiny and insignificant. Friendship, relationships, love – all this now made no sense! …

– Do not rush to conclusions. I tried to escape, but I did not succeed, and in that lightning hurricane the birds remembered me. Let’s all show our abilities here, otherwise we will perish! – Mo Fan created the constellation of the element of the shadow and hastily responded to the magicians.

– … ..

Mo Fang did not have time for lyrical digressions. It is good that he overcame the nebula of the element of the shadow, which allowed him to bring the power of the night to a high level.

The power of the night was the appropriate magic in the fight against these birds – werewolves.

The power of the night brought with it fear, therefore such animals as these birds were subjected to very strong pressure. Most of the birds were above the servant level, but had not yet reached the level of the commander in chief. All the same, it was difficult to fight them because of their huge number. But after the power of the night came into its own, their fighting capacity was equal to the creatures of the servant level.

Of course, in the midst of this huge number, there were birds of the level of the commander in chief and leader of the pack. But it did not matter now, only the time during which they could hold on was important. And the longer this time is, the greater the chance that Nan Jue will have time to restore the protective barrier, giving everyone a glimmer of hope!

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