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“The selection of Wufu, covering the sixty-four cities of Liuyun, has long since ended. These young talents are all from the Imperial City. The assessment method accepted is completely different, and the time spent is longer.” Ye Huan pointed at the crowd, right Chu Xingyun explained.

The Imperial City is the Sacred Land of the Imperial Dynasty, which has a richer resources.

Chu Xingyun just glanced at it casually and saw a lot of young people in Spirit Gathering. The Martial Spirit is not weak and has many Martial Studies. This is why most of the five major military capitals are from the Imperial City.

“Chu Junior Brother has already passed the selection, and got the core disciple’s Command Token, just go with me to register, after that, after entering Wufu, I will introduce you in detail.” Ye Huan stepped up slightly.

At this moment, there was a burst of exclamation in the crowd, such as the sound waves, and whistling.

Ye Huan was frown, looking back, but seeing the crowds quickly separated, giving way to a road, and behind the road, there were several horses with soft and gentle steps.

“How could she come?” Ye Huan seemed a little surprised.

Chu Xingyun also looked at the curiosity and saw that the soft sedan continued to move forward. Through the soft tulle, it seemed that I could see two vivid and vivid shadows inside.


A breeze swept over and rolled up the tulle, and the eyes of the crowd were frozen.

The two men on the soft car are all women.

One, wearing a cyan long skirt, delicate facial features, fair skin, revealing a sense of dignity and beauty, the corner of the mouth is slightly raised up a touch of curvature, very beautiful, attracting many people exclaimed.

The other, when the crowd saw it, did not hold the breath.

The woman wore a snow skirt, but she didn’t have much decoration on her body, but she was clean and tidy, her face was beautiful, her spirits were like a fairy, and she took an out of this world, just like a red dust. Just dare to look far.

“The two big elder sisters are so beautiful.” Luo blinked and said from the bottom of his heart.

“The person in the green dress, named Lin Qing, and the other person, is called the light dance, both women are the discipline of my Lingwuwufu. The difference is that Lin Qing is inner disciple, and the snow is light. Not long ago, promoted to core disciple.”

“And, this snow dance is still my favorite age of one beauty, innate talent and beauty, is the Goddess in the minds of countless young talents, and even many emperors, all secretly favor her.”

Ye Huan smiled and looked at the soft sedan in front, and waved his hand. The two women on the soft sedan also saw Ye Huan, smiled at him and even pulled the tulle.

“A smile, a heart-rending, beautiful.”

“If you can get this woman, even if it is to die immediately, it is worth it!”

The smile that the crowd saw the light dance of the snow was in a sluggish state. The original noisy atmosphere disappeared and disappeared.

“How does Chu Junior Brother feel?” Ye Huan looked at Chu Xingyun.

“It’s beautiful, it’s a stream of numbers one beauty.” Chu Xingyun This is not a fake, he is a true-minded continent, has seen countless Beauty, this snow-light dance appearance, can be ranked in the forefront, temperament is more ethereal, such as fairy, Very rare.

“However, compared with her, it is still a far cry.” Chu Xingyun’s eyes flashed a hint of glow, seems to have a touch of thought, a figure in his mind that makes him dream.

“She?” Luo Yan shook his head and asked, “Chu big brother said that she is a scented elder sister?”

Luo Yan followed Chu Xingyun and also heard Chu Xingyun mentioned Shui LiuXiang more or less. This name is no stranger.

Ye Huan also curiously looked at the past, more beautiful than the woman, he has never heard of.

Feeling the two eyes, Chu Xingyun did not answer, just smiled, deep in one’s heart, endless thoughts entangled.

In the soft car that left, Lin Qing frowns, some do not channel: “Light dance, that brat actually said that someone’s beauty is far better than you, you said he is bragging?”

“How is it, not how, let him go.” Snow lightly smiled and shook his head, but his eyes turned to the rear, staring at the slightly thin figure.

“I don’t care about my mouth, but my eyes are looking at the brat, dancing lightly, you are not honest.” Lin Qing’s face is full of smirk.

“I just feel a little curious about nothing more.” Snow dancing is helpless.

“Yes, looking for the ordinary person to see the flow number number one beauty, will be shocked and stunned, only this brat, saying that your beauty is far from being as good as people, replaced me, I also feel curious.” Lin Qing continued said with a Smile.

The snow smirked and looked at, but still staring at Chu Xingyun.

Just now, when Chu Xingyun said that sentence, Xue Liwu felt from his eyes that he had many things, thoughts, tenderness, anger, resoluteness, and so on.

Such an eye, she has never seen it, seems to contain all the love in the world, so that she feels deep curiosity, involuntarily will pay attention to…

As the soft car moves farther and farther, Chu Xingyun and others have also penetrated into the Wufu region. There are more young talents gathered here, scattered everywhere, and it is full of exuberant atmosphere.

“The front is our Wufu Wufu.” Ye Huan pointed to a region in front of it, where there is a huge arch of up to 50 meters. After the arch, you can see rows of green stone pavement, on both sides of the road. A lofty palace, appear indistinctly, makes people feel small and small.

“Weird, how could he be responsible for the assessment?” Ye Huanyi saw Ling Xiaowu’s assessment elder, the smile on his face disappeared, and Yang Feng was the same.

“Is there a problem?” Chu Xingyun wondered.

“The elder named Xiao Yu is the elder of my martial arts. It has a very high status. However, this person has more grievances with Honored Master. It is not too much for Water-Fire.”

Yang Feng’s face is a bit ugly, adding: “The most important thing is that this Xiao Yu’s relationship with Gu Qingsong is excellent.”

Hear this, Chu Xingyun’s look is micro-condensed.

On the same day in Black Water City, he used the power of the heavens and the earth to display a broken sword, wounded the ancient Qingsong, and let the ancient Qingsong face lose face. If not the three Wufu representatives make a move block, the other party will definitely not give up. .

Now, Chu Xingyun came to Lingxiao Wufu, and Xiao Yu, who had made a good relationship with Gu Qingsong, suddenly appeared here and became an elder.

This is hard to make people think about it.

“Xiao Yu’s status is high, but there is still a gap compared to the Honored Master. Chu Junior Brother does not have to worry.” Ye Huan said comfortably, but there is always a feeling of uneasiness in his heart.

The four people circumvented the crowd and walked directly toward the gate of Lingxiaowufu. When they were about to enter, suddenly, there was a fierce figure in front of them.

This man is a young man, about nineteen years old, his eyebrows are like a sword, and his body is full of sharpness.

I saw the young man holding a cold light long sword, his eyes were cold, and he fell directly on Chu Xingyun’s body. The cold vomited a word: “No one, no one, no one to enter Lingxiaowufu, give me a roll!”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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