Chapter 940. Birds Attack!


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– The power of the night!

Mo Fan covered the whole area around with blackness, and even the entrance to the old castle plunged into the night.

The darkness covered all the coast, and the birds that were in the air now could not decide on the direction of their flight.

– Blessing: Gain! – At this moment Nan Junni released magic that Mo Fan hadn’t met firsthand.

In fact, the magic of the power of the night Mo Fanga was able to cover only two thirds of the territory, and still there was still a part of the space that did not plunge into darkness – it was at this moment that Nan Rongni released her amplification magic, and Mo Fan noticed how the cover of his power nights noticeably intensified, and the darkness became even more dense!

After the power of the night expanded the boundaries of its action, it was possible to hear the exclamations of magical birds that they were now completely diverted from their direction.

– Is it an element of blessing? – Mo Fan surprised asked Nan Rongni.

Jiang Shaoxuy, Jiang Yu and Zhao Man Yan also looked at the girl in surprise.

The element of blessing relates to white magic, and it practically does not occur in China, in principle, as it does not occur in the territory of other states. The blessing is a specific element of the Parthenon temple, only those magicians who underwent special training in the Parthenon can awaken an element of blessing in themselves.

No one could have imagined that the third element that Nan Rongni awakened would be an element of blessing!

Mo Fan knew about this element from the words of Xin Xia – she also wants a blessing to become her third element. However, when Mo Fan learned about the properties of this magic, he resisted her aspiration.

In this case, Xin Xia will have only auxiliary magic, while she will not have a single protective element that could protect her. It is for this reason that Mo Fan so resisted the idea.

The surprise was that the element of blessing awakened Nan Rongni!

“Her family spent a lot of money on this …” said Zhao Man-yan quietly.

“Unfortunately, you will not live with such magic for long,” Jiang Shaoxuy added.

Nan Rongni glanced toward the girl – because you can not remind about this in such a situation!

The element of blessing noticeably strengthened Mo Fan’s magic, and now even those birds that flew below all were under the spell’s influence.

– Zhao Man Yan, insure me! I’m going to kill this crowd of birds! – shouted Mo Fan, seeing that the birds go astray, being in complete darkness.

At the same time, a three-layer protection appeared on Mo Fan’s body, which made him virtually invulnerable.

– Come on, go to the daddy! I’ll destroy you all! Deadly lightning!

Mo Fan sent his hands into the air, and now there are lightnings that created the electrical network. This network practically pressed the birds to the ground, piercing their bodies, and blackened, charred corpses were already dropping to the ground.

“Nan Junni, will you increase my fire magic?” – asked Mo Fan.

– Come on! – answered the girl.

– Well! Jiang Shaoxu, use your spirit magic to intimidate them. It is necessary that they head straight to my burial with a heavenly flame! – said Mo Fan.

Jiang Shaoxu nodded her head. Under the influence of the power of night, fear spread to birds with an enhanced effect, so she simply had to give the creatures a command to move in a certain direction.

Fear acted on the birds simply utopian – one could see how the crowds of these creatures fly in under the cover of the power of the night, not understanding what was happening. They tried to escape, but it was already impossible …

– I’ll bury you!

The cloud of fire opened right above the pile of birds. The flames literally instantly burned them to the ground, turning them into ashes!

The flames flared up more and more …

Magic birds were smart. Realizing that Mo Fan was actually burying all of them with his magic, when he had already destroyed more than a thousand birds, troops of birds of a higher level began to pull up into battle.

The thousand birds that had already been destroyed were in this huge flock only a small part, but Mo Fan could no longer hold his shadow magic of the power of the night.

The rain of dead birds continued under the hood of the power of the night, except that the birds themselves, without fear of death, rushed here and again, wanting to attack the castle. The power of the night began to gradually dissipate, and at that moment fire burst in its place …

– Mo Fan, will you stand it? Asked Jiang Shaoxu.

“Of course, these are ordinary birds, I can destroy ten thousand of them like that!” Said Mo Fan.

– Spatial impulses: Compression!

The space appeared above Mo Fan’s head, instantly capturing about ten birds. They immediately squeezed with great force, and blood spurted in different directions.

– The hand of the green demon! – Now Nan Junni has released the magic of plants.

These demonic hands popped up a lot, and they immediately began to attack the birds approaching the team.

The birds’ feathers fell on the water surface, and their blood irrigated stones.

– No, there are too many of them! We can’t kill them all! – cast Nan Junni.

Mages and so acted on a limit of the abilities. Among them, only Mo Fan was distinguished by his combat power, whose strength was further supported by a little hetero, but he would not be able to bomb these creatures forever …

– We have been fighting here for almost an hour, it’s time to change! Said Zhao Man Yan.

– Change! Change!

Ai Jiang Tu and the others were close to the castle. They found a lot of magic stones that fed the magical barriers, but they did not come across any other objects on their way.

Now the most terrible thing was that the birds were actively attacking not the approach to the castle, but the entire coast. If the coast starts to collapse, they can get inside with sea water!

– The magical barriers can no longer stand, the coast is also crumbling, we can not escape! – said Mu Tinyin.

– Do not say so! We must guard the entrance! – Ai Jiang Tu and the others headed towards another part of the team where Mo Fan was.

Before that, Guan Yu and several other magicians thought that Mo Fan would not last even twenty minutes, but he and the guys lasted for almost an hour!

Indeed, Mo Fan’s combat power is simply amazing!

Nan Jue has already received news that the magical barriers will be restored in half an hour, which means that Ai Jiang Tu, Guan Yu and Zu Jiming should replace the guys by just thirty minutes so that they can have a little rest and recover.

Mo Fan, Nan Rongni, Jiang Shaoxuy, Zhao Man Yan and Jiang Yu were the five of them returned to the castle. They were all exhausted.

– What should we do? Even if the barriers are restored, and the birds also attack, we will all perish, and no one can even save us … ”said Jiang Yu.

– Damn, this is an ass! – swore Mo Fan.

There was no talk of any spiritual entities, just stupidly old castle.

In such a critical situation, only an element of demonization could save, but if these fucking birds do not have spiritual entities, then Mo Fang will have serious problems later! His talisman will not be able to help him!

The cumulative pearl was filled only by a third, and this is clearly not enough for retribution with demonization.

After all, after the demonization, all the progress in the cultivation of Mo Fang’s magic will noticeably subside …

Summing up, we can conclude that the only way out here was just to sit and wait for your own death.

“But we ourselves, not knowing it, mistakenly entered a territory called the Nazca …” said Jiang Yu.

– Does the radio work here? – asked Mo Fan.

“Our devices do not work here, but there is a computer system in this old castle, and electricity is carried out, but it is unclear what the signal is,” Jiang Shaoxu replied.

Mo Fan immediately ran to the command center and found a working computer there.

The communication system in this old place was still working …

– Ling Ling, rather, need help! – Mo Fan sent a message to the little hunter.

Ling Ling always keeps his laptop with him, so the answer from her was followed immediately.

– In what place are you at all? It’s like some kind of military base, ”asked Lin Lin, perplexed, when she saw the signal from Mo Fang.

“I sent you a location, help me find out about these strange birds.” Their plumage shimmers in different colors, they have no spiritual entities, but they have brains. Now we are stuck in the old castle, which is actually blocked by these birds, we have very little time … – Mo Fan sent another message.

Now the hope remained only on Ling Ling …

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