Chapter 941. The Effect of a Substance on a Small Outlet


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“Mo Fan, is that intertemporal substance still with you?” Asked Lin Ling.

– Yes, but can there be any good from her? – was interested in Mo Fan.

– In the past few days I searched for information about her. The historical sources of other countries speak of something similar, but I am not sure if this substance can have such an effect now. But since you are now in a critical situation, it makes sense to try, ”said Ling Ling.

– Try … and how to use it?

The question of birds took time, and in the situation of Mo Fang, now everything that could somehow delay time was to be used.

“You can use it as a feed for rapid growth, but it cannot be used on humans, but it should work on creatures,” said the little hunter.

“On creatures … are you suggesting that I apply this substance on birds?” – asked Mo Fan.

– No no no! Then all of you will surely end there. You need to be drunk by an agile wolf or a hetero, and if my guesses prove to be true, then this intertemporal substance will save your life! – answered Ling Ling.

– Are you sure that this liquid can be given to draft animals? Mo Fan asked again.

– You can, in any case, it will not be worse for sure. As for the birds, I will try to find out as soon as possible, only I need you to send me a clearer photo of the feathers of these creatures. Let it be for now. Take care of yourself, ”Ling Ling said.

– …

Ling Ling did not leave Mo Fang of a choice, which made him puzzled even more.

What would be the use of giving this substance a fiery hetero?

However, Mo Fan understood that in this situation he can only listen to the words of the little hunter.

General Mote stood on the lookout tower of the imperial castle, carefully looking into the distance …

– So long, why are birds still there? The officer in dark uniform asked.

“So they are still alive,” said Ousstiel.

– How is this possible? Do you think that a gang of twenty-year-old magicians will be able to resist the onslaught of so many birds? – said the officer.

“They turned out to be stronger and more enduring than we had supposed,” Oustil said.

– They must die. As soon as they die, these Nazca birds will also fly away, and everything will become quiet and peaceful again, ”General Mote said with confidence in his voice.

He was sure that these young magicians somehow offended the Peruvian spirit of death, and therefore now no one can save them!

The coast has already collapsed, and it seemed that the ancient castle was in the middle of the water.

Even the golden glow of the magical barriers no longer gave security to the magicians of the national team of China. They sat in the castle.

– And now what? – Mu Tinin said, her eyes wandered around.

Her life was just beginning to play with bright colors, and now she must lose her like this? In some godforsaken place?

In fact, Mu Tignin expressed the thoughts of most of the guys from the national team: they were all the daughters of fate and their families, and now they are left completely alone in this castle, surrounded by strange birds and half-destroyed magic barriers.

“After the barriers collapse, run in different directions,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

He said that now everyone will be for himself, and if it is destined to survive at least someone, then let it be so.

However, he was deceiving himself and others: it is impossible to get out alive from a place surrounded by troops of furious birds.

A minute went by for a minute, and Mo Fan sat and looked at his fire hat.

He had already given her an intertemporal substance, except that the heterodox and her body had not reacted at all. She was also looking at her dad, eyes hatching.

– What do you really think that this little one can save your life? Asked Guan Yu coldly.

“I’m too lazy to spend such precious time squabbling with you, so stay away from me,” Mo Fan replied.

“Hm, we are all about to die, and even at such a moment you are so aggressive,” Guan Yu complained.

“So you decided to spend the last hours of your life on me?” Do you want me to kill you even earlier? – asked Mo Fan.

Mo Fan now did not pay attention to the bully, he just continued to sit in the same place.

* Jin-jin

The little girl was feeling guilty. She very much wanted to help daddy, but even she would not be able to overcome such a number of bloodthirsty birds.

She rubbed her daddy, making sounds and trying to console him.

“It’s okay, even if there is no effect … the most important thing is that you don’t feel worse, then everything will be alright with me,” said Mo Fan, addressing his petit.

– Barriers, magical barriers collapsed!

– I do not want to die! Not!

Weak barriers could not resist and simply collapsed, and the castle itself began to swing in different directions from the influx of living creatures.

* Jin

The little girl made a shrill sound.

Mo Fan wanted to take her in his arms, but her body began to shake, so he did not dare to touch her.

The brown flame began to embrace it, fully embracing ….

– Mo Fan, what about her? – Nan Jue, Jiang Yu and Jiang Shaoxu watched in amazement.

The flames swelled more and more, and now the hot dog looked like a small volcano.

Mo Fan was also perplexed for a few seconds, and then it dawned on him: “The intertemporal substance worked!”

The pillar of fire rose higher and higher, and now it has soared into the air!

The little hetero girl really grew up, now through the flame she could see the silhouette of a fiery sorceress, and the magma continued to flow with even more pressure!

“This is … this is …” Mo Fan was numb, not knowing what to say.

Mo Fan was familiar with the sight. He clearly remembered that during the demonization he had resorted to the magic of his fuck, and behind him the silhouette of the fiery sorceress also manifested itself!

Mo Fan knew that when he reached his adulthood, the hot dog would turn into the same fiery sorceress that he had once met on a hot northern plain.

However, Jiang Feng was then only the keeper of the fiery fruit, so the power of the heater should also be much more powerful!

The real fire queen! Mistress of fire flame!

“That means what effect this intertemporal substance has!” It accelerates the passage of time, which is why the creature develops much faster! Cried Mo Fan enthusiastically.

Real fireheart! Mo Fan waited so long for this … what about her fiery powers ?!

The rest of the team also stood, not realizing how the little fiery creature could so quickly turn into a fiery deity ???

“Mo … Mo Fan, how did you manage to do this?” Jiang Yu asked in a shaking voice. He is also a conscription magician, and he thought that the musician Mo Fang was still in the childhood stage, and then he saw this …

* Jin

Now the voice of the little heterosexual sounded even more beautiful, he was deeper and even a little stern. Mo Fan just fired on.

Mo Fan thought that the development of his pet would not change, but what he saw in front of him, he would definitely not risk embracing ….

She does not hurt her daddy, but on the rest her anger will pour out with all his might!

“Don’t stick to me … what about the dangers outside?” – Mo Fan still could not get used to the new “female” image of his pet, and the heat from her body burned very much.

The little fuckhead … the fiery goddess nodded her head – she was enveloped in the flames of all the birds that were hovering around the castle, and now only their charred bodies had crumbled down!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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