Chapter 942. Birds are carried away!


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The fire, like a lotus flower, gradually dissolved over the castle. Each petal of this fiery flower exceeded 300 meters in length, and it seemed as if this sky had completely become fiery!

This fiery lotus was the result of the magic of the fiery goddess – thousands of birds instantly fell down, toasted from all sides!

– E * at! Instantly destroy more than a thousand birds … it’s unreal! – Jiang Yu shouted with delight.

The fiery lotus looked more like some sacral flower, which opened with a new force on the wave of the hand of its lady.

The piercing sound swept through the district, now the fire goddess used not the fire, but the magic of the element of space!

The airspace above the castle became somehow heavy, and it became increasingly difficult for the birds to flap their wings. After some time, a whole pile of birds just collapsed down like stones!

The force of gravity!

She is capable of that!

The birds fell on the coastal stones, and their blood was sprayed in different directions. In order that they could not take off again, the fire goddess blew on the water surface ….

Her breathing was very strong, and the coastal stones instantly entered the fiery whirlwind, which now with even greater force pulled the birds inside!

In a huge flock of birds issued warning cries.

The leader of the bird flock was not exposed to external forces, he also widely flapped his wings and managed to send warning cries to his subordinates!

– The level of the commander in chief!

Everyone was now looking at this commander, who bravely led his bird army.

From the aura that emanated from this feathered commander, it was clear that he was much stronger than the animals of the commander-in-chief level that the wizards had to meet before.

The fiery goddess stared with her fiery eyes at this leader. She did not approach him, but simply crossed her arms over her chest, issuing a fiery spell!

* Jin

The fiery spell manifested itself with a reddish-brown glow around the fiery goddess.

As this spell inflamed even more, the flame of the spell began to take on the shape of bird wings!

The fire goddess has become a fiery bird!

She flapped one wing, and thousands of blazing feathers soared into the air, creating a fiery bridge behind her!

Feathers covered the fire around the birds, making them simply turn into a pile of ashes.

The commander in chief, seeing that a bird was flying behind him, covering everything around him with fire, immediately flapped his wings stronger!

However, he was not destined to escape from the fiery goddess. Soon she caught up with him …

– They are not the same level!

– Wow … that’s the power!

Seeing how the fiery goddess suppresses the commander-in-chief, the magicians were startled in earnest.

Magee looked at Mo Fan again: at that moment, when they thought that death had already come after them, he released this fiery goddess, who dispersed all these birds!

The fire goddess seriously dispersed: she was able to destroy about eight thousand birds, most of which were servant level.

But if she could so quickly get rid of these flocks of birds, then did Mo Fan have a contract beast at the level of a military leader ???

The commander-in-chief was killed, there were not many birds of the leader level of the pack, most of the servant-level creatures were also destroyed – only a creature of the commander’s level is capable of it … or are there any other unknown animals ???

For magicians of the national team, the monster-level commander-in-chief seemed the strongest rival, since, unlike Mo Fan, they had not yet been confronted with commanders whom Mo Fan had seen in his lifetime a lot … to take at least a totem snake, a rocky tyrant ….

About ten thousand birds could not resist the flame of the fiery goddess!

“The little naughty girl turned out to be stronger even than her mother — a real fireheater, child of the northern red-hot plain!” – exclaimed Nan Jue.

Nan Jue witnessed Jiang Feng anxiously guarding the little girl. Jiang Feng’s anger was very scary, and this fiery fuck surpassed his mother in this too! This creature level commander!

Nan Jue involuntarily glanced at Mo Fang.

It is really worth noting that Mo Fan, risking once, now reaps the generous fruits of his courage!

Guan Yu and Zu Zimin now languished not only from being angry at Mo Fang, but also from the greatest envy of him!

How could this idiot be able to conclude a contract with one of the most powerful creatures ?!

– General, take a look in the direction of the castle!

“What … what happened there?” – General Mote did not believe his eyes.

Blue-green birds literally dissolved in a red-fiery cloud. This flame was clearly visible even from here, at a distance of ten kilometers! Even the water was on fire!

The huge feathered army literally melted before our eyes, dissolving into clouds of smoke.

“Where does this fire come from?” What happened? – inquired surprised Ousstiel.

Is it all done magicians from China ?!

Can not be! This flame is too strong for them!

– Birds are starting to scatter! My God, what is happening there? Birds are carried away! Shouted the officer in black military uniform.

General Mota and Ousstiel looked in that direction, watching the birds retreat!

How can you even believe such a thing ?!

They are really retreating …

What did they see there, since they decided to go away?

– What is it? What is there? – literally shouted General Mote.

Scare such a huge army of magical birds beyond the power of ordinary magicians!

The space around the castle was littered with the bodies of birds, spattered with their blood.

– Little girl, do not chase after them! Come back – anxiously shouted Mo Fan to the sky.

However, the fire goddess has already sold out in earnest. Where are these chicks going? She rushed after them for ten kilometers and was able to destroy another thousand birds!

It was already hard for the fire to reach the birds, which flew in different directions.

The little girl came back, standing next to Mo Fan. Her flame gradually subsided, causing the eyes of the rest of the team to crawl out onto her forehead.

The fiery goddess, who had previously blown the whole army of birds to pieces, is now so easily nestled next to Mo Fang?

– Mo Fan, what the hell happened? Your pet … why did she become so adult? – asked Zhao Man Yan, trying to recover.

“Yes, I myself do not know, I just gave her an intertemporal substance, and in the end, this is what happened,” said Mo Fan.

– Acceleration of growth … so that means what a fiery hetero looks like in its heyday! The guy exclaimed.

– Do you think this effect will soon decline? – asked Mo Fan.

Little fuck up to adulthood still grow and grow, and Mo Fan now himself could not believe that in this world there is something that can instantly, even temporarily, throw it into the adulthood stage!

“We … we survived?” – Jiang Yuy’s voice sounded.

Jiang Yu’s voice brought everyone back to reality.

All of joy began to cuddle!

– What happiness, Mo Fan, that you have a hot check!

– Fire goddess!

“Haha, she will be my real deity!”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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