Chapter 943. Not the Last Attack


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As a result, the effect of intertemporal substance lasted for about half a day. Magee, laid out in full in this battle, fell asleep, and the fiery goddess during this time again turned into a little girl Mo Fane.

The little girl was also exhausted, so she sweetly snuffled on her daddy’s chest.

Mo Fan stroked her little body, the temperature of which was noticeably higher than the usual temperature.

Mo Fan recalled the situation when the cub of fiery hetera first appeared in his hands. In infancy, she, too, could not control the temperature of her body, constantly setting fire to these or other objects, which was why Mo Fang had to pretty much fork out.

– Is she going to make a breakthrough? – happily thought Mo Fan, looking at his petit.

Mo Fan hurried to contact Lin Ling, who only confirmed his guesses.

– Intertemporal substance – this is not your usual “doping”. It also has the property of accelerating the overall development of a draft or contract beast. Although the little heteroque only temporarily entered the state of adulthood, and then returned to the stage of childhood, this substance significantly influenced the speed of its general development. Do you still have this substance? You’re a conscription element magician, so it will be helpful for you to have that kind of liquid with you, ”said Lin Ling.

– There is. Gheterka drank only one-third of the substance, so I have another third, ”said Mo Fan.

– Save her. You can from time to time feed it your heterosexual, then its development will accelerate even more. If a normal transition of a heterkey to an adulthood stage takes about 5-6 years, then a substance can significantly shorten this time, ”said Lin Ling.

Mo Fan nodded his head, and joy gleamed on his face.

He personally was able to see what is capable of adult fire hetero. Now he was looking forward to her transition to the next stage of development, because then he would not have to personally participate in the battles, he would be able to send his petlet to them!

Mo Fan sent the girl to the contract space so that she could have a good sleep and recover there. At the same time, Mo Fan didn’t even pay attention to what changes had already happened to the hetero.

Ling Ling told Mo Fan that the hot dog now has to go to a long hibernation, after which her progress will be noticeable, and her power can already be compared to the power of a commander-level creature.

Of course, the girl would not immediately turn into a fiery goddess, but for Mo Fang, any progress of her pet was only a joy.

Even reaching the level of commander in chief, she will be able to defeat so many opponents for her daddy!

Members of the national team entered the main gate of the fortress of King Phillip. Anger was clearly visible on their faces.

“You … you didn’t die?” – General Mote and other officers looked at the guys with round eyes in surprise.

The destruction of thousands of birds did not cause them problems?

– We really tried to disappoint you! – strictly said Ai Jiang Tu.

Even Ai Jiang Tu, always trying not to show his emotions, literally boiled with anger! He can’t let this general and the rest get away with it! Of course, he understood that several magicians could not put a whole army of the military of this city, but he had already reported on all the Chinese leadership, and now the arrival of a responsible person in Peru, who had to find out everything, was expected!

– You will soon lose your place! And then go as an ordinary soldier to guard the border! Said Jiang Shaoxu.

General Mote, hearing the threats of this Chinese youngster, laughed.

“Why do you act like you’re at home?” I know that you are all offspring of noble and influential Chinese families, but do not forget that here is Peru, the city of Lima, and not your China! – cut off General Mote.

“Even if you are at the distance of the Pacific Ocean, you will still pay for everything!” “Nan Jue wasn’t friendly either.”

If we are talking about the capabilities of people behind only a few of these magicians, then, of course, it will be very difficult to teach this upstart to this; However, if we are talking about rallying the power that stands behind all the members of the team and their relatives, then the situation changes drastically.

– You came here just to say it? The officer in black uniform asked.

“We came here to pick up what rightfully belongs to us,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

Ouststil just now remembered that this team had not yet been given the Peru badge, so he hurried deep into the fortress, from where he literally flew out with a badge in his hands.

On the Peruvian badge there was a state beast that was knocked out very clearly.

He handed the badge to Ai Jiang Tu, who hurried to accept it ….

Suddenly, Ai Jiang Tu sharply squeezed it with force, because of which the icon turned into just a piece of metal. The captain of the team threw him at the feet of General Mote, as if it was just rubbish.

– You’re an idiot! – shouted the officer in black uniform, pointing to Ai Jiang Tu. The magical aura around her was already beginning to shake.

General Mote’s face, like this badge, has also shrunk dramatically.

The state badge is a symbol of its country as a coat of arms or flag. Relation to the imperial symbol as a garbage from foreigners will only cause anger.

– What are you making this place! I demand respect! – General Mote took steps towards Ai Jiang Tu.

Ai Jiang Tu, not a bit flinching, also strode towards the general: “How can you demand respect in a country that cannot even protect its guests?”

– What do you understand? You have angered Nazca – the spirits of death! – General Mote shouted angrily.

– So then you just became slaves of the Nazca ?! And these strange birds can soar uncontrollably in your sky, violate your borders – do you give a damn about all this? – Ai Jiang Tu, too, spoke in a raised voice.

– It seems that you will not understand anything. Then go straight to Nazca itself, the spirits of death, and then you will understand how invincible they are! Said Mota.

– Do you think that this is all over? They need your souls! At any moment, the Nazca may come for your souls! You will not be able to escape! Even if you move to the opposite shore of the ocean, they will follow you. And only when your blood flows to the river, you will understand who you contacted! – Said the officer in a dark suit.

At that moment another officer came in and said something quietly to the general in his ear.

General Mote, having listened, became dumb. With crazy eyes, he looked at Ai Jiang Tu, Nan Jue, Jiang Shaoxu and the rest.

– Do not look at us like that. I said that you would lose your place, ”Jiang Shaoxu said.

Moto looked at the official document, and now he was shaken with fear.

Fast, very fast!

The general knew that punishment awaited him, only now he could not have imagined that it would overtake him so quickly! And it turned out to be much tougher than he imagined.

– Every decision I took was made for the welfare of the city! How could they do this to me ?! – Mota was killed, again and again looking at the document.

The officer in black uniform saw that the document also had her name ….

She looked at these young magicians, not knowing what to say.

These Chinese magicians, what kind of people are behind them? They didn’t even need to go to a magical court!

How is this possible?!

Even there will be no opportunity to explain?

It is very difficult to believe what is written in this document!

“General, a new notice has come.

General Mote tore up the previous document to shreds.

After reading the new notice, the general has changed in the face!

Ousstiel, who was standing nearby and was able to read the document with his eyes, was also stunned.

“In the southwest, other cities are also attacked by unknown creatures!” Introduced emergency!

– Mine Yale is also surrounded by monsters! They ask for help!

General Mote did not understand, how could this happen?

Why are animal attacks on the western part suddenly turned into chaos across the country?

“These … these … these monsters …,” Ousstiel already panicked.

Several nearby officers also lost their presence of mind. They still have not moved away from the news that they are being removed from their posts, and now these monsters!

Mo Fan, seeing the reaction of these people, furrowed his eyebrows.

He suspected that the attacks of magical creatures had not yet ended, and also that these monsters could be directly related to Nazca.

What the hell is Nazca like?

Why is the whole country in fear of them?

“Ousstiel, because this attack of creatures was not the last, was it?” – asked Mo Fan.

Ousstiel just nodded his head: “That’s right. The Nazca will not stop as long as you are alive … ”

These thousands of birds were not the last?

What then will be next time?

No one even ventured to imagine it!

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