Chapter 944. The Way to the Nazca


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The mine of Yale was the largest mine for the production of magic stones in the entire southwestern region of Peru. The mine itself consisted of two large mountains, and the number of workers could be equalized to the population of a small town.

Now, at the foot of the mountains of the Yale mine, it was possible to see strangely appearing monkeys. They had white hair on their heads, as well as white tails and claws. The rest of the body was black.

Each monkey was more than three meters high. They had wide chest cells and powerful paws. Red eyes sparkled with such fury as if they wanted to kill all living things!

The mine had its own troops. Unfortunately, the hired military detachment from China on duty today left this place early in the morning. Mine Yale was in a difficult situation: protection is not enough, and then there was a sudden attack of werewolf monkeys.

Several thousand people were trapped in the caves of the mine. All external territory, buildings and mechanisms were occupied by monkeys. None of the workers dared to go outside.

– What is going on here ?? The military commander asked angrily.

“No one knows what is happening and where these monsters came from.”

“Damn it, I’m not asking this!” Why did the hired soldiers get out of here? Without them, we are completely helpless, the chief began to curse.

Yale mine was full of magical energy, so this place has always attracted various werewolves and monsters. The larger the mine, the more it attracts evil spirits, so there was nothing surprising in the attack of werewolf monkeys. The question was that the mine was completely defenseless when all the military left.

– I just got the news. “General Mote insulted partners from China, so they no longer want to protect our mines,” the mine manager nervously said, drenching himself in sweat.

– Damn it! Is he completely crazy? All the mines in the southwest cooperate with the Chinese military! They provide us with protection, we extract resources, then we divide everything in half. Without them, we all die here! Immediately make him apologize!


This news quickly came to General Mote. Seeing the terrifying statistics, the general turned pale.

All mine workers were Peruvian, and guards were military mercenaries from China.

How was he to know that half a day would not pass, as the Chinese military companies would issue a decree: complete evacuation of all security detachments! Killed a huge number of workers mines throughout the south-west. Terrible loss !!

“Our soldiers are also not obliged to give their lives for your people,” said Ai Jiang Tu coldly to the general.

The general looked at Ai Jiang Tu, gradually realizing what had happened. Having a great military experience behind him, he managed in one fell swoop to lose all the hired military.

Much more terrible is the fact that many mines left unprotected were attacked. Yale’s largest mine was attacked by thousands of werewolf monkeys and many human lives were threatened!

The general was responsible for the lives of several thousand Peruvians!

One after another, angry letters and official reprimands arrived. The general and his advisers finally realized the stupidity they had done.

In fact, a pack of werewolves did not pose a big threat to the defenses of the city of Lima. In the end, with them were the magicians of the highest level, their death would not be a great loss! There is still a magic barrier around the city …

But the consequences of recent events may be much more tragic …

Even if he is deprived of his rank, he still needs to somehow solve the situation at the mine …

– Please don’t be angry. But didn’t you get in touch with the Nazca death spirit? “I want you to settle everything,” said the general.

– Do you know how to do this? – asked Mo Fan.

– In fact, we also do not know. You need to go to the Nazca plateau, only there you will find the answers. Now is the best time to go to these forbidden lands. You were recently attacked by werewolf birds. I think a little more than a week you can safely walk past the monsters of the valley, the main thing is not to angry them! – said Ouststil.

– Yes, you’re kidding! Want to send us to the cursed lands? Cried Ji Jiming.

They will never return there! This is certain death!

– You can not go. Next time will be even worse. Believe me, this is not the last time, ”Oustil said seriously.

– Can send the military? Asked Nan Jue.

– Can.

– No no! These are forbidden lands! If the military enters there, even more monsters will appear and your troops will be defeated! As I said, you have about a week. If Nazca spares you, only then can you get rid of the curse! – said Ouststil.

– It seems we have no choice? – said Mo Fan.

– We have a week. This is enough to find out, ”said Nan Jue.

– The Nazca Land Monsters are attacking our cities and mines. I offer my deepest apologies for the behavior of the general. He will be punished. Now only you can go to the valley. With all my heart I hope that you will manage to settle everything. I promise that all the resources of the Peru team will be given to you as a gift, if you can save people in the mines … – Oustil said sincerely.

– You brewed all this, and we have to help? – Zhao Man Yan was displeased.

“If Ousstiel had not told us about that ancient city, we would already be dead.” Of course, the general is still a brute, but the magician Oustil is a good man. We cannot allow so many Peruvians to die – Jiang Shaoxu was determined.

– Exactly! Now the most important thing to get rid of the curse, it is not known how many birds will arrive next time! – reasoned Mo Fan.

“But wasn’t Yale’s mine attacked by monkeys?” What does this have to Nazca? – asked Jiang Yu in bewilderment.

– Oh, you will understand this when you arrive. I will arrange to take you to the valley, – smiled magician Ousstil. He saw that the guys did not quite understand the essence of the matter.

In any case, it was necessary to do something. The magician Ouststil is a sensible imperturbable person, and the general, with his tactless, arrogant and impulsive behavior, could not resolve the situation. Even if he sent people to the mine, it would not change anything. The werewolf monkeys were getting bigger and bigger.

It was necessary to find the source and it was Nazca. Chinese students who had just been attacked by the Nazca werewolf birds were the most suitable candidates for such a cause.

On the Nazca Plateau reigned their own laws, the military detachments and groups of magicians caused only even greater anger. The numbers were clearly not the weakness of the valley.

– You said that you would give us all the resources of your team. Do you keep your word? Said Mo Fan.

– Of course. Moreover, the general and his subordinates will give you a formal apology to the whole nation, and all the royal magicians will express sincere gratitude. “In Peru, you will always be welcome in your own home,” Oustil said.

General Mote will be disbarred. So decided the main magician of the Fortress of King Philip.

– Agreed.

Anyway, you need to do something with these damned birds! And if we can help Peru at the same time, Mo Fan will be only too happy.


Soon a helicopter landed on the territory of the fortress. It’s time to go. Zhu Zimin was the first to speak. He did not want to go to these damned lands a second time and was convinced that there would be no more birds. Surely this Ousstil spent them!

– No one forces you to go with us. Stay here, said Jiang Shaoxu.

Disagreement in the team – this is normal. As soon as Zu Jiming decided to stay, Mu Tingying, Guan Yu and Li Kaifeng did not want to go either. Nan Junni was on the verge of life and death not so long ago. The girl did not have time to take a breath, as again you need to go to the dangerous damned land. She also did not want to go to the Nazca plateau.

-I … Can I not go too? Said Zhao Man Yan timidly.

– I’ll throw you into the sea to feed the sirens! – unceremoniously answered Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan helplessly climbed into the helicopter.

– I have to warn you. Ousstil promised to protect you if the bird attack repeats. But he will give all the resources to us, you will have nothing left, ”said Nan Jue.

– And we do not expect anything. I do not believe a word of his! Do you want – go! Said Zu Jiming.

– Well, be careful, – Nan Jue was not wordy.

Do you believe – go to meet the danger. Do not believe – stay in Lima.

If the team is not complete, then many things become difficult.

We need to ask Lin Ling to find out about these lands, maybe this will help get rid of the curse.

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