Chapter 946. The Secret of Nazca


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The situation is more or less cleared up. The main question remains: who stole the gem from the pattern of a giant bird?

– Try to remember if you saw anyone here last time? – asked Mo Fan all.

Since the theft occurred precisely at that time, everyone here was under suspicion.

– It seems not seen.

“I only remember how a middle-aged man insistently told us that these were forbidden lands and it was dangerous to enter here.” We just walked past, and after we entered here, we didn’t meet a soul, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

– The man? What man? Nearby there is no settlement. Where could he come from? – surprised Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan opened his mouth in surprise.

And that’s right, why he did not immediately think about it.

– Who remembers how he looked?

– Completely ordinary man with dark skin. He did not look like a magician, – answered Zhao Man Yan.

This appearance can not be found in the entire city of Hemi, especially since Asians do not distinguish European faces well.

“I only remember what smelled strongly of saltpeter,” said Jiang Shaoxu. She was very sensitive to smells, only when she smelled the smell of this man, the girl immediately went away.

“Potassium nitrate … such a thing is used in making fireworks, and also …” Mo Fan said slowly.

– Mine!

– In the mines !!

In one voice shrewd Jiang Shaoxu and Nan Jue shouted.

Well, of course! Indeed, in the mining industry always use this substance!

It is no wonder that the Nazca monsters attacked all the mines in the southwest. The thief is surely on one of them.

– I see. Someone from the Peruvians stole the thing from the spirits, and we have to save them. It was necessary to simply allow the werewolf monkeys to kill the thief and be done with it! – indignantly swore Zhao Man Yan.

“Nan Jue, if we find this stone, will it all stop?” – asked Ai Jiang Tu.

– It seems so. We can not be sure about the origin of the Nazca patterns. These lands are fraught with frightening forces. You need to quickly return this thing and leave here, ”said Nan Jue.

– Then we went to the mine Yale and find a thief! Because of this freak, we almost died! – Zhao Man Yan continued to swear.

Zhao Man Yan was traveling to South America hoping to frolic with the local hot girls. His mood was hopelessly ruined. First the birds, then this general, of course, they themselves are to blame. But now it still !!

If these damn birds had not pursued them, they would have returned home a long time ago, regardless of everything that is going on here!

– Only two days left, we need to hurry! Said Nan Jue.

– Then quickly climb into the helicopter, take off! – Ai Jiang Tu was already in the pilot’s seat.

The helicopter shaking and swaying rose into the blue sky.

……… ..

Approaching the Yala mine, they saw that the entire territory of the mine had turned into a real den of monkeys! At the top of a nearby mountain, General Mote has already set up his headquarters.

The general remained in his position, since several thousand mine workers still needed to be saved. In an attempt to free the mine, many subordinates of the general died, there were fewer and fewer people.

The number of monkeys was constantly increasing, and if they used to occupy a site in the mine, now they have filled both mountains. The general needed six times more people to deal with them!

Finally, General Mote realized that the more people he sends, the more monkeys appear.

– Need to stop this. Mages inside the mine will not last long. If the protective barrier collapses, the mountain will collapse under the weight of thousands of monkeys and all people will be buried alive! Said the black girl, officer Siri.

The general was deathly pale. Monkeys were much more than the military. To send people to the attack means to lead them to certain death.

“Can we contact people inside the mine?” The general asked.

– No, the signal does not pass.

“General, a helicopter from King Philip’s Fortress landed without any permission.”

– Who is it?

At the same moment they heard the loud hum of a helicopter, strong gusts of wind forced them to move away.

When the general saw the helicopter landed, his face grew gloomy.

“You again,” the general said icily.

– We have no time to spar with you. Can you reach people at the mine? We arrived straight from the top of Mount Nazca. One of the workers at this mine, a middle-aged man, stole a gem from forbidden lands. Nazca monsters want to get him back, so they are here. This is the only way to get rid of the curse! Said Nan Jue.

“What nonsense!” And how could you get to Nazca Mountain?

– See for yourself! These are the photos we took there – Nan Jue showed the photos to the general.

The general looked at the photographs and made sure that the huge picture of the bird really lacked one important detail.

– Most likely, the thief is at the mine. Surely this is one of the three thousand workers who were locked up. That is why it was occupied by the Nazca monsters. All who were in the forbidden lands at that time are the targets of the attacks. That is why many cities in the southwest have been attacked! Said Nan Jue.

– We can not contact people in the mine and can not pass through the environment of monkeys. It is impossible! Said General Mote.

– So think up how to do it! And then expose the thief!

“Have you forgotten how many birds there were when they attacked us for the fourth time?” Cities were attacked only twice. You’d better not delay, otherwise everything will be destroyed !!

The general understood all the danger of the situation. He looked at the young magicians who understood the reason for the attacks, stopped the regular objections of officer Siri and said sternly:

– We also want to break through! What do you think, are we just standing and watching ?? These animals are very strong and we have already destroyed some of them! Are you clear ??

They fell silent.

Everyone looked around, the two mountains of the mine were completely covered with monkeys. They did not drink, eat or sleep. No one could leave the mine or go there. Even if the thief himself will give the stone, now it does not help the cause. It was necessary to pacify the anger of werewolf monkeys and save lives.

……… ..

It was getting dark. Mo Fan was still thinking about how to get inside. Lin Lin was already in touch:

“Mo Fan, I examined the tuft that you sent me five days ago.” There is something interesting! “Lin Lin was so pleased with the look, as if she won a beauty contest.

– Well, what did you find out? – Li Fan was burning with curiosity.

Ling Ling is so smart!

Mo Fan, as usual, immediately sent Ling Ling his find. Air delivery took only two days. Ling Ling spent three days and finally dug up the necessary information. Isn’t that cool?

– So here. This is a very long time to explain. The most important thing is that they are not at all endless and not invincible! – said Ling Ling.

– This is not true! If the birds come back again, there will be ten times more! Such a number of birds can not be defeated!

Even if Mo Fan is demonizing, it’s not a fact that they will be able to withstand the fifth attack!

– There are certain laws. The crest helped to understand the laws of werewolf birds. Have you heard of Sun Wukong, the king of monkeys? Having pulled out only one hair, he could turn into a huge number of monkeys and control them in battles … The Nazca birds are exactly the same! They have one distinguishing feature – this multi-colored crest. You just need to kill the bird with such a tuft, and the rest of the birds will disappear! – said Ling Ling.

Mo Fan opened his mouth in surprise when he heard these words.

Multi-colored tuft, of course! That’s why birds have no soul, only a bird with such a tuft has it!

Here is the secret!

– Ling Ling, no one can compare with you !! – Mo Fan sent her a delicious kiss through the monitor screen.

Ling Ling is just a brain !! Based on such insignificant information, she was able to figure out so much!

“Actually, this was not without the intertemporal substance you gave me.” Without it, I would not have guessed! – Ling Ling with a charming smile ignored Mo Fang’s greasiness.

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