Chapter 947. We go ??


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Ling Ling insisted that Mo Fan himself go there and test her theory.

At dusk, Mo Fan approached the mine. Werew monkeys still did not sleep around the clock and wandered about the territory, occasionally issuing a roaring roar.

Mo Fan stood at a distance, fearing persecution.

White-faced werewolf monkeys, like the birds, were not different from each other. They were not so fast, but they were much more powerful and could kill a man with one blow.

Stopping in a small depression, the magician waited until it was finally dark. He calculated that there were more than two hundred monkeys here.

Mo Fan took out the folios of the shadow element and silently plunged the hollow into darkness. The light of the moon and stars brightly illuminated the territory of the mine and the Nazca monsters were clearly visible, only a small hollow around Mo Fang was in the shadow.

The dull monkeys did not even notice how the darkness gradually surrounded them.

– Absorb the shadow!

Mo Fan was safely hidden by the darkness of the shadow element, just the same as invisible. He could move freely here and there and go unnoticed.

The monkeys were aimlessly trampling in one place, not realizing that a man was sneaking through their crowd.

If the sign of werewolf birds is a multi-colored crest, then werewolf monkeys probably also have their own sign.

Mo Fang needs to kill all the monkeys, only then can he know what is their sign!

Mo Fang needed to kill more than two hundred monsters. Now, under the rule of the night, they were an easy target!

Soon all the monkeys in a small cavity were eliminated. More than two hundred monkeys silently died in the chains of the power of the night, the whole picture of the battle went completely unnoticed. These creatures, like the birds, did not have souls.

After a close examination, Mo Fan saw a golden tail stuck between the stones. He did not see this in monkeys!

– Haha! Golden tail! It seems I need you! – smiled Mo Fan.

To make sure that he was right, Mo Fan turned the trick again on another group of monkeys, plunging them into the darkness of the night. But this time he did not kill the whole group, but decided to find a monkey with a golden tail. And I found two at once !! After killing them, he saw that the other monkeys had disappeared like a mirage. Mo Fan was surprised and delighted at the same time.

So that’s it! Here it is!!

Now it’s clear why werewolf birds are so many. They are just a mirage created by magic. Just need to kill their special creature and the rest will disappear!

Now everything became clear!

Mo Fan returned to camp with a smirk on his face.

“Ling Ling, how did you find out, anyway?” – anxiously asked Mo Fan.

– These special creatures and intertemporal substance come from one place, but still they have no direct connection. Exploring ancient Indian literature, I discovered one particular spell of the ancient Indians. Initially, it may have been one of the transformations of invocation magic, but it cannot be used on humans. As well as intertemporal substance, it works only on beasts. Creating these special animals also works only on draft creatures … – told Lin Ling.

– You want to say that the Indian magicians of the call were so strong that they invented a quick way to break through the summoning creature and could also duplicate them? – Mo Fan was very surprised.

– Yes, the ancient Indians had a lot of values and many of them did not reach us. Their rich culture gradually disappeared. Mo Fan, this secret is not that no one knows, but still grandfather hopes that you will not spread about him. He fears that the secrets of the Nazca land magic may be used for mercenary purposes. Of course, this magic is not invincible, but if everything is done covertly, it can be a real disaster, ”Lin Lin seriously said.

It was difficult to imagine that such a serious, full respect for a foreign culture can be heard from a young girl.

Mo Fan did not want to let her down.

It seems that this time he needs to decide everything himself!

……… ..

– What? Will we go together? – Zhao Man Yan stunned out of his tent and stared at Mo Fang.

“Yes, tonight,” said Mo Fan insistently.

– You absolutely sbrendil ??

What the fuck! This psycho wants to go together where the whole army cannot break through ?? Is he tired of living ??

– I’m serious. You have to believe me. Do as I say, and then everything will go like clockwork, otherwise the next day the birds will fly again and we will all end! – persuaded Mo Fan.

– Maybe you ask someone else? – said Zhao Man Yan with a sour face.

……… ..

Before dawn, Zhao Man Yan nevertheless convened everyone at the top of the mountain.

Ai Jiang Tu hastily called not only General Mote, but also officer Siri and several mercenary soldiers from China.

On the other hand, the Chinese military was even lucky that they were not at the mine at that time, otherwise, they too would have been surrounded.

“Why did you raise us so early?” Said Officer Siri impatiently.

General Mote was also unhappy; he was too busy to waste time.

– Mo Fan found a way to sneak into the mine, but I need your help. You need to pretend that you are going to attack from the main front to get their attention, and then move back, as if you are missing people. The main thing to do this convincingly, Zhao Man Yan began to explain.

– Fuck! Are you crazy? It is necessary to come up with such a stupid plan! Do you have any idea how many monkeys are there? Even if we distract those from this side, from the other side there are tens of thousands of them! – General Mote banged his fist on the table, nervously twitching his mustache.

– But if everyone comes out from this side, then who will be on the other side? “Nan Jue was also in doubt.”

“Yes … Mo Fan wants us to go there together …” Zhao Man Yan said carefully.

The guy said this with obvious doubt, but did not hear a single objection. Zhao Man Yan was angry with Mo Fang that he did not come to tell everything himself, but made him look like a psycho. Nobody will believe in this nonsense!

– Where is Mo Fan? He can not properly explain what he was up to? – Jiang Shaoxu was at a loss.

– I passed his words. He is already waiting on the other side of the mountain. As soon as the sun rises, you must launch an attack, and no one needs to be sent to us.

– Do you hold us for idiots? If you two can kill everyone, then I’ll eat myself! – cursed the general.

… … …

The first rays of the morning sun appeared. On the horizon, among the blue mountains, there was hardly a golden glimpse.

Mo Fan hid behind a cliff, about two hundred meters from a clump of monkeys, calmly waiting for Zhao Man Yan to come along with the news.

After some time, Zhao Man Yan with obvious reluctance approached Mo Fang.

– Well? They agreed? – asked Mo Fan.

“General Mote said he would rather eat himself … does this look like agreement?”

– And what about Ai Jiang Tu and the rest? “Mo Fan didn’t even think the general would agree.” This dummy already got them.

“They asked to tell you that they would put flowers on our grave,” said Zhao Man-yan wistfully.

– What kind of pessimism, you do not believe me? – grinned Mo Fan.

– Bl * d, yes nobody will believe in it! How are you, your mother, going to do this? – Zhao Man Yan was angry.

There are so many girls in the world who are just waiting to teach you a lesson, and this mentally retarded wants to be taught by these monkeys! He wants to die, well, to hell with him! Nothing to carry other people with you!

You need to have time to write a suicide letter and ask Jiang Yu to give it to his parents.

– They started the attack! We go! – Mo Fan abruptly stood up and headed for the mine.

Zhao Man Yan was taken aback, his eyes wide open:

– We go ???

– Exactly, we go! – Mo Fan nodded his head.


At that moment, Zhao Man Yang’s heart jumped.

Mo Fan was so self-confident, surely he has a cool plan! Come on !!

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