Chapter 948. High Stake!


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The mine of Yale was like a black storm, in which an infinite number of red-eyed red-eyed werewolf monkeys swarmed, their eyes were like myriad stars. Monkeys angrily looked at the people who dared to invade here!

The monkeys were at the top of the mountain, at the foot, on its slopes. China’s hired military, commanded by Ai Jiang Tu, could not believe his eyes that they were surrounded by so many monkeys — werewolves.

Too many monkeys, not even mercenaries can handle them.

“And what if we make a false attack, will they not haunt us anymore?” – seriously asked the Chinese military.

“It seems to me that we can already carry our legs away from here,” Jiang Yu said in a whisper.

From both sides of the mountain another pack of monkeys came up – werewolves. They rolled along the slopes, like mountain stones, columns of dust that they raised, terrified.

– Expend, diverge! – Ai Jiang Tu was unable to withstand the pressure of so many monkeys, hastily giving the order to the Chinese military.

Although the military were well trained, they also could not withstand the horror, like a small straw boat in a huge raging ocean.

Yes, the military was well disciplined and left the place quickly and orderly. Ai Jiang Tu brought everyone out of the mountain range, but the monkeys — the werewolves were even chasing them further than people thought. In fact, pursuing them to the place of deployment of the army of General Mote.

Seeing monkeys – werewolves that overtook people like a natural disaster, General Mote and his army threw out equipment, equipment and tents, having gone off to hell. The brave Peruvian soldiers have never been so disgraced.

“You … a bunch of idiots, what are you doing here, after all!” – the face of General Mote turned white with fear. Where have you seen that dark face suddenly turned white!

“Compared to your worthless army, we are at least doing something!” – swore Ai Jiang Tu.

Ai Jiang Tu was very angry, Mote was a general, but for some reason Ai Jiang Tu should command everything. There was no sense from this general idiot, he stood there like an interior decoration! And what is the use of this high-ranking official, and his army!

– Yes, from you, too, no sense, stupid! – cursed General Mote.

– Hey, you, worthless general! You can’t even make any decisions! – continued Ai Jiang Tu.

“And you totally rely on those two assholes!” Do you really think they will solve this problem? Said General Mote.

– Then let’s make a bet. If we solve this problem, then half of the shares in the Yale mine will go to China. If you and your army deal with the problem, our mercenaries will continue to protect you free of charge. Said Ai Jiang Tu.

General Mote was well aware that this young magician had a great military experience, that his words were not idle chatter.

I had to admit that for the Yale mine, the Chinese military were very important, even more important than the workers and technologists. If they didn’t guard him, anything could have happened, and General Mote didn’t want his company to go bankrupt.

In addition, the service of the military would soon come to an end, and here there is an opportunity to extend their service, and even free of charge, although usually the salary of military mages was very high.

“General, rely on those two young mages.” Even if they cannot drive away the monkeys, the werewolves, after all this is over, the mine will still need protection … I checked that China has actual rights to the mine. – said officer Siri.

General Mote began the calculations in his head. He lost his post, his last hope was this mine. If he did not know how to conduct military affairs, then it would be difficult for him to maintain the safety of the mine. But since these people agree to provide free royalty protection for several years, then why not make a bet on it?

“Okay, let’s do it — if you get a handle on this case, then half of the shares are yours.” – General Mote nodded his head after much deliberation.

– Hey, wait a minute. So, you will force the Chinese military, who were supposed to return to their homeland for a few more years to serve here …

– It’s okay, this is my decision. I myself will pay the military, moreover, they themselves can make a choice – to return home or stay here. – replied Ai Jiang Tu.

If he loses, then Ai Jiang Tu will have to be paid by the military from his own pocket. It may even have to hire magicians to guard this mine.

“But … do you trust Zhao Man Yanu and Mo Fang so much?” Asked Nan Jue.

Nan Jue did not understand why Ai Jiang Tu believed that these two magicians would cope with the task. Before my eyes stood a huge number of monkeys – werewolves. Even if Mo Fan calls the little girl for help, the number of monkeys is now even more than the number of werewolves!

. ………………………………………………………………………………………… A winding mountain road led to a mine located between two mountains.

The tops of the mountains suffered from the unbearable burden of monkeys – werewolves.

Zhao Man Yan looked around, looking at the tightly folded monkey – werewolves, looking at their devilish eyes, the mage’s feet began to tremble with fear.

Your mother, the number of monkeys, everything did not decrease!

– Mo Fan, rather call a fiery hetero, let it turn! They are coming! – Zhao Man Yan pounded his teeth.

“The little girl is sleeping now, she can’t fight.” – calmly answered Mo Fan.

– Then you come on, turn. I know you can, but you don’t want others to see it. Said Zhao Man Yan.

“Who am I turning to you?” Mo Fan asked uncomprehendingly.

Zhao Man Yan cursed.

“My God, how can you destroy so many werewolf monkeys, that you think you are a magician of the curse element?”

– Cover me! – seriously said Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan was preparing to use various kinds of defensive magic: water protection, light salting, tide of light, protective magic items, magic armor and even magic wings in case you have to escape.

Mo Fan carefully looked at everything around him, trying to find that single monkey with a golden tail.

“Hm, do you think you can hide from me ?!” – Mo Fan laughed, fixing his eyes on a special monkey in a huge crowd.

– Control – fake claws!

– Come on, go to daddy!

This particular monkey with a golden tail thrown high into the air.

Mo Fan’s eyes lit up in violet light, lightning pierced the air, as if striking the monkey with the golden tail. The monkey’s blood flew in different directions.

The monkey, which was struck by lightning, fell to the ground and turned into dust, and the monkey army disappeared in an instant. A flock of monkeys of 200 hundreds disappeared without a trace in a second.

– Fuck!

Zhao Man Yan was surprised to see what was happening.

Mo Fan, the son of a bitch, did the truth become a magician of the curse element? How could he do this?

– Follow me and cover me! – Mo Fan went ahead, looking for a monkey with a keen eye.

The reason why Mo Fan needed protection was the fear that too many monkeys would approach him and he would not have time to find among them a monkey with a golden tail.

And having Zhao Man Yang at his side with his defensive magic, you could hold out for a long time, find this single monkey and destroy the whole pack in this way!

– Where did you run? Spikes Shadow!

Mo Fan threw out the shadows of the shadows from nowhere, and a sting pierced a monkey with a golden tail in a crowd of these monkeys – werewolves.

– Spatial impulses – compression!

Diamond-shaped space appeared in the air, several symbolic monkeys got there and their phantoms immediately disappeared, the ranks of the monkey’s troops thinned out.

– Oh, one more!

Mo Fan found another special monkey and, with his fist clenched, killed her with a blow at ultra-long distance.

Symbolic animals could protect themselves, but their phantoms could not move too far from their parent. Therefore, at times Mo Fan could not pinpoint the location of this particular monkey, seeing only its corner of the eye in the crowd. But hitting the crowd, he still fell into a symbolic monkey, and its phantoms disappeared.

In fact, when magicians fought Nazca werewolves, from time to time such symbolic birds were killed, but then some chaos reigned and no one paid attention to the fact that the birds suddenly disappeared.

If 200 units suddenly disappeared in a thousand crowd of angry birds, no one even saw the changes …

Now Mo Fan did not allow them to gather in huge crowds, mercilessly killing their leaders – symbolic animals. And now it was clearly possible to see the monkeys disappear in the hundreds.

At last, Zhao Man Yan also noticed this.

“What … what’s going on?” How do these monkey werewolves disappear? I must have gone crazy and it all seems to me? – Zhao Man Yan said in surprise.

– You are not crazy at all, those monkeys with golden tails are symbolic animals. Having settled with them, their phantom images in the form of other monkeys will disappear. Said Mo Fan.

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