Chapter 949: A Descendant of the Lifan Flower


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Zhao Man Yang suddenly dawned!

Golden tail! Golden tail! There are few such monkeys!

– In the direction of seven o’clock there is one monkey with a golden tail! – Now Zhao Man Yan has also begun to search for these creatures.

A ray of light rushed in the direction of this white-headed monkey and fell on it, highlighting this creature in the background of all the others like it.

– Well! Said Mo Fan, heading toward the monkey, which was now highlighted by a golden ray.

This white-headed monkey has already managed to understand that it has been calculated. She only wanted to step back, but Mo Fan was already aiming at her!

She jumped to the ground as magma flowed from there! The monkey was destroyed in seconds.

At the same time, the crowd of monkeys in front also instantly evaporated.

Now the passage ahead was cleared, and Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan were quick to go there.

This path led down, from where a view of the ore cavity was opened, which was completely filled with monkeys – they were all going there!

The cry of the white-headed monkeys was heard out of thunder out of the blue sky — the whole mine began to shake from this cry.

At some point, Zhao Man Yan even wanted to run away, because such a sound made human ears literally burst.

However, Zhao Man Yan was all the time focused on searching for gold-tailed monkeys.

– I will consecrate! – Said Zhao Man Yan, after a ray of light through the crowd of creatures. His golden ray fell on the tail of one of the monkeys with white and black fur, after which the monkey itself completely lit up.

– Wow, an element of light can throw up such tricks! – surprised Mo Fan.

– Do not underestimate me! – Zhao Man Yan smiled smugly.

With the light illuminated by Zhao Man Yang, searching for the right monkeys was no longer a problem.

My Fan could only kill them!

There was enough and the average level of magic, as the monkeys themselves did not represent a great danger. The two mages gradually approached the manhole in the pit of the mine.

– We need to move faster to quickly get to their commander in chief! We will not be easy … – said Mo Fan.

If they could cope with huge crowds of ordinary monkeys without problems, then a monkey above the level can be a heavy target!

– What is there outside? Asked the mine manager, who was in close proximity to the hole.

“Two people are approaching here,” the mine wizard replied.

– Two people?! – The head of the mine was clearly at a loss.

– Yes, two people.

Several magicians from the mine stood at the magic barrier. Stepping through it, they looked around.

Two young guys walked towards here, and a crowd of white-headed monkeys dissolved in front of them like dust — as if it were easier than ever!

Mages from the mine could not believe their eyes – have the highest level magicians already come to their aid ?!

How can you be a higher level wizard at such a young age?

– Let us in! Said Mo Fan, approaching.

Magee mine tried to let them in.

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan were moving toward the hatch, but even here there was a crowd of beasts that they wanted to slip through with them.

– Mo Fan, two monkeys on the left side! – Zhao Man Yan highlighted them with his magic of light, pointing to monkeys with tails.

– Well, come here!

Mo Fan opened his hands, and the magic of space, by the wave of his hands, immediately shred the monkeys to shreds. The magician looked in the other direction, where those two monkeys were – he pulled out the folio of the element of lightning and released peals of thunder!

Lightning went into the crowd of monkeys, piercing them all, including those two …

At that moment, another crowd of monkeys, which numbered more than a thousand ghosts, disappeared!

– E * at! These two tails were able to project more than a thousand of their own kind! – Zhao Man Yan involuntarily swore.

The monkeys with tails were destroyed, and with them the crowd of their ghosts – at that moment in the hollow it became completely calm and safe.

Mine magicians who witnessed this situation were speechless.

Who are these young magicians, since they were able to destroy more than a thousand monkeys?

– You still have not let us in! Shouted Mo Fan.

From this cry, the magicians came to their senses and let Mo Fang and Zhao Man Yan enter the very center of the basin.

“Two … two magicians can save us!” Our magical barrier will not last long, ”the fat mine manager said in agitation.

The rest of the magicians in the mine also wept with enthusiastic tears, they already thought that their life would end here ….

“You shouldn’t make hasty conclusions … first find this person here,” Mo Fan gave the head portrait of the person.

Before arriving here, Zhao Man Yan, Ai Jiang Tu, Jiang Yu made a portrait of that thief, as they saw him. If you pull materials on mine workers, it will be easy to find a similar one.

According to the mine, it became clear that this thief was an ordinary laborer, but the question of how he was able to penetrate the Nazca lands and steal the precious stone was still relevant.

However, Mo Fan was not steamed about this, his main task now was to solve this matter as quickly as possible, because soon another wave of Nazca beings would rush in, there will be a lot more, and it’s not a fact that there will be a chance to stay alive.

– Why are you looking for him? – asked the fat manager.

– Do you want to survive or not? Find him as soon as possible! Said Mo Fan sharply.

The fat manager, who had the opportunity to see with his own eyes the destructive power of Mo Fang, did not argue with him, but only sent several magicians in search of that person.

Although there are more than three thousand hard workers in the mine, knowing the name of a person is not so difficult to find him.

Very soon, an employee named Sheldon was already standing in front of Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan. Zhao Man Yan only confirmed the identity of this person, saying, “This is it!”

Shaldon first tried to excuse himself, saying that he was innocent, however, realizing that he had been calculated, he pushed the magicians and rushed to run deep into the mine.

– Do you still want to run? You have done business, and now you want three thousand more mine workers to remain buried here with you? Mo Fan said coldly, sending spikes of shadow at Sheldon.

The thorn shades of the fourth degree begin to act immediately after they sink into the flesh of the victim.

Zhao Man Yan immediately began searching the immobilized hard worker.

– What are you doing? On what basis did you grab me? Shouted Shaldon.

– Mo Fan, he has nothing! Said Zhao Man Yan.

“He definitely hid it in the mine,” said Mo Fan.

Sheldon, being an ordinary person, without knowing it, climbed into the forbidden territories of Nazca. However, having stolen the precious thing from the bird’s eye, they began to pursue him. In the end, he hurried back to the mine, but not to continue working, but to hide what he had stolen. After all, there is no better place to hide a thing than a mine mine!

The mine manager, having learned the true cause of this disaster, gave an order to all the workers by all possible means to find this stone in the name of saving their own lives. As a result, the stone was found.

Sheldon saw that the value he had hidden was found, and his face immediately changed.

“You … you can’t do that!” Shouted Shaldon.

“Let me guess … you must be a descendant of an ancient Indian clan, right?” Mo Fan asked bluntly, staring at him.

Sheldon was stunned. He could not imagine that this Mo Fan would so quickly reveal his identity.

– You, having lost all shame, decided to distinguish yourself? Said Mo Fan.

Sheldon was an ordinary laborer, but was also an offspring of an unusual Indian race.

That is why he was able to freely penetrate the lands of Nazca.

Mo Fan easily found out who he was, because before that Lin Ling had informed him about an intertemporal substance. She told him that the substance came from an intertemporal flower, which is closely connected with another kind of flower called “Lifan” – the very flower that Jiang Shaoxu was looking for when entering the ancient city.

This flower was depicted on the chest of Shaldon – the seal of the ancient flower Lifan.

The intertemporal flower, the Lifan flower … over the centuries, they were approaching the brink of extinction, and people seemed to have forgotten everything, except that the guardians of the ancient Native American culture remained on these lands, accumulating anger in themselves to repel the aggressors and occupiers!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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