Chapter 95: The glow of life


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“… kill the demons, let them…?

Said Ellen in dismay.

“… kill the Demon King of Atrocities…?

Jessica squeaks, as she was floated by the fever.

“…………… kill me?

It is heard through < Thought Communications (Leaks) > that the girls in the fan union whine like a saying.

Hmm. A little bit. Right.

Need to be careful?

“… chi, no. Guys, don’t think weird……! I’m sure this voice is an enemy attack. Brainwashing magic…!

“Oh, well… well… what do you want me to do?

“It’s okay. Think about Master Anos. Be sure to bring your mind. I’m gonna overwrite you with such an old man’s stinking voice, Master Anos!

“Ugh, yeah… Dear Anos”

“Dear Anos, you looked great today…”

“They told me to give you your love… because I won’t wash these ears for the rest of my life!!

“… ahhh, do it…!

“And hold on, Ellen. I thought you were thinking about Master Anos and you said you were sure of it!?

“… yes, but Master Anos’ voice is too honorable, I just remembered, it seems crazy…”

“… what about enemy attacks?

“Huh? Absolutely fine.”

“That’s Mr. Anos…”

“Yeah, Master Anos is amazing…”

Hmm. That’s a very spiritual thing to do.

But you should stop doing this any more.

I solved the magic of the Sanctuary.


Misha calls me.

“Of now?

“Did you hear that?

Kokuri nodded.

It’s connected by magic.

Even if I heard it, there’s no wonder.

“Chunks of Hate”

Indeed, it was the voice that deserved to be described as such.

“Did you feel anything else?

“I know how it feels to be similar”

Misha said quietly.

“Dean of the College”

Hmm. I see.

Sure, Heine said she could hear the brave Kanon.

That could be about this.

Apparently, the College of the Brave is no less troublesome than the College of the Demon King.

“… Anos Voldigord…”

Ledriano made a dim voice.

I still have my similarly lifeless eyes earlier, but somewhere different.

If you borrow Misha’s word, you’re in a cage of hatred or something.

If you look, Zesia is standing up caught in the Sanctuary Light Cannon (Theo Trias).

Her holy sword enhare of light emitted unprecedented magic.

The brilliance looks like a star just before it burns out.

“… be you not the Demon King of tyranny, your power is dangerous. One day, it will surely threaten us humankind…”

Says Redriano in a voice like he let go of half his sanity.

Zesia doesn’t respond to Ledriano’s words, she turns her gaze to me.

Emotionless eyes remind me of dolls who just listen to orders.

But beyond that covered in the light of the Holy Sword, there is certainly her roots.

“… Your visit to this College Exchange… seems to have been an unparalleled survival for us…”

At the same time that Redriano squeals, Zesia comes running at me.


“Don’t worry.”

Speak that way to Misha, and I’ll step forward to intercept Zesia.

She drew a magic formation on her own left chest.

That technique…

“Back off, meesha!

I developed anti-magic to protect Misha behind me.

“Listen, Zesia. Leave the magic alone. It’s going to be an unwanted result.”

Ignoring my advice, Zesia comes in.

“Have you noticed the fear now? It’s over, Anos Voldigord. Know the will of the brave.”

Zesia thins on me.

It doesn’t mean you have to utter words to use magic.

But as in the place of Zesia, who has no voice, Ledriano said.

“- < Root Light Extinguishing (Gavel) > Huh!!

At my close range, Zesia pierced the Holy Sword of Light Enhare into her own left chest.

Moments later, her body begins to collapse, with its roots shining innumerable lights.

< Root Light Extinguishing (Gavel) >.

The curse of a brave man who forcibly opens up all the magic power at its roots and causes a magical explosion of light.

Also commonly referred to as root explosions, this is also a self-destructive magic of abandonment.

Instead of their own lives, they throw away even the possibility of an afterlife and explode on this occasion generations of magic that should have followed.

Its power extends beyond what an operator can handle.

Light covers the world. The sound stopped.

Whiter than white, the brilliance of pure white life filled Lake St. Minh.

“… you were apparently insulting our courage in our readiness…”

The root explosion subsides, and the bright white world slowly regains its original color.

I told you to leave it alone.

In my voice, Redriano gives me a mixed look of amazement and despair.

“Are you insane, Redriano? You’re going to die for nothing.”


The roots of my teeth don’t match.

He shivered with reluctance and just uttered a groaning voice, and Ledriano looked like he couldn’t even speak properly.

“Are you all right, Misha?

Like I said, I told her I was down near Demon King Castle.

“Because Anos protected me”

and anti-magic held down the root explosion.

Once, there were some hands that retreated in, but the range was wide. Unless it’s a blast, it’s inferior in power, but it’s pretty powerful magic. Even if Ray and Sasha manage to prevent it, Mass and the fan union guys won’t help.

“… hey… why…?

Finally, Redriano utters a verbal word.

When I turned my gaze, he said.

“… why, in the heart of < Root Light Extinguishing (Gavel) >… it’s intact so it’s awesome…!?

“If you abandoned the future, you’d think you’d reach me.”

Head loose for Redriano and step out.

“Sure, I was insulting you guys. But I didn’t think I’d use Root Light Extinguishing (Gavel) in a college-specific counter-examination.”

Another step, I took.

“Brilliant preparation. But this life isn’t as cheap as it gets where you all redeem it for your future.”

One more step, and I’ll take my feet off.

At that time, a flashing sword attack ran.

I took it with my right hand and paid it off.

“… ho”

That’s right. I have to be surprised, too, this.


Stuck in front of me was Zesia, who was supposed to have vanished earlier in Root Light Extinguishing (Gavel).

It caused a root explosion. Resuscitation can’t be good. The Holy Sword Enhare of Light, which should have all vanished, is also in her hands.

“It’s a pretty funny thing to do. Hey, Redriano?

Even so, he just shivers so he can threaten something.

Based on my previous personality, I don’t think it would be a good idea to explain it.

Is there something wrong?


Zesia kicks the ground.

As he approached me in an instant, he drew a magic formation on his left chest again.

Soon she stabbed Enhare herself.

The explosion dyes the area white.

I held it down with anti-magic.

Zesia is dead. Both the roots disappeared.



Zesia, who should have vanished, appeared out of nowhere and stuck in front of me three times.


Nevertheless, < Root Light Extinguishing Explosion (Gavel) > is not magical enough to make it light. We need to figure out why this guy’s coming back.

If you want to die in < Root Light Extinguishing (Gavel) >, you will die doing anything. Damn, it’s starting to sound like a battle with the brave.

– Anos, can you hear me?

< Thought communication (Leaks) > sounds.

It’s a secret communication addressed to me, not to the College of the Brave.

– Come to the temple. Please, I’m the only one who can stop Zesia.



Misha says.

I can’t tell you it’s not a trap.

Misha shakes her head as she sifts.

“I’m not lying.”

Eleonor doesn’t seem to be the same color as the others.

Well, if Misha says so, I guess so.

“I’ll go”

“Okay. I’ll hold him down.”

Now remaining in a remote position, Zesia stabbed the Holy Sword of Light into her own chest in an attempt to use the magic of < Root Light Extinguishing (Gavel) > again.

At that moment, I approached her and pierced her left chest with my right arm.

“… Huh…!

“He’s a guy with no art. I thought I’d blow myself up again and again.”

Draw a magic formation in your body and use the Origin Magic.

Subject is Root Light Extinguishing Explosion (Gavel). Stops the time of the magic itself and prevents root explosions.

“Hmm. Wouldn’t it stop right away?”

It was a little impossible to use origin magic on the magic itself, but, well, it would be a matter of time.

“Be careful.”

“You, too.”

Kokuri nodded, Misha used the magic of.

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