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The voice of the youth was very cold, and he looked up and looked at Chu Xingyun with a look at the ants.

“Li Yi, you are so courageous, dare to stop me!” Yang Feng stepped out, and the atmosphere of Earth Spirit’s Third Level day bloomed, and the cold qi of Li Yi was blown away.

However, Li Yi’s face is not afraid of fear, and the tone is indifferent: “Yang elder and Senior Brother Ye, I naturally can’t stop it, but these two people are not my disciples of the Wufu, what qualifications are there?”

“Chu Junior Brother, this person named Li Yi, cultivation base has reached Spirit Gathering Eigth Level day realm, has a Fourth Grade cold scale sword Wuhun, strong strength, just recently became a core disciple.” Ye Huan depressed voice.

“The person next to me called Chu Xingyun. At the time of the selection of Wufu, I passed the assessment, and the exclusive Command Token of the core disciple was given by Yang Yan Grandmaster. Let me give up immediately!” Yang Feng is getting colder and colder. Staring at Li Yi.

“How about the exclusive Command Token of the core disciple, if it has not yet completed the assessment, it will not be my disciples of the Wufu Wufu.” Li Yi once again looked at Chu Xingyun, looking like a sword, just like to directly penetrate the eyes of Chu Xingyun.

“impudent!” Yang Feng was angry. He was so arrogant that he was blocked by a core disciple, and he also ignored it one by one, which made him bear with him.

Stepping forward, Yang Feng just wants to make a move lesson, then he feels a thick atmosphere coming down, and accompanied by a cold voice: “This place is my Lingwu Wufu, who dares to make trouble!”

The sound just fell, a figure flashed, clothes wearing purple gold long gown, five senses of fortitude, it is Xiao Yu.

“Hey!” Yang Feng coldly snorted, then looked at Xiao Yu, angrily said: “Xiao elder, I am the life of Honored Master, with Chu Xingyun into Lingxiao Wufu, this Li Yi has repeatedly blocked, ignore me, etc. The troublemaker should be him.”

“Chu Xingyun?”

Upon hearing this name, Xiao Yu looked down on Chu Xingyun, corner of the mouth slightly raise, and said in a tone: “You are the Chu Xingyun who walked the back door in Black Water City and asked Yang Yan to be a core disciple? Sure enough, as the rumor says, the cultivation base is really low, only the area of Spirit Gathering First Level.”

Xiao Yu seems to be deliberate, loud, so that all the people can clearly hear, have turned their eyes and focus on Chu Xingyun.

“This person is the Chu Xingyun? It’s so young, the cultivation base is low, why can it be directly a core disciple?”

“The rumor is that this person cultivation base is weak, Martial Spirit is unbearable, but very good at flattering, and Yang Yan is happy, so I got the quota of core disciple.”

“It’s shameful to be a speculative person!”

The crowds talked about each other, almost all of them were rumors, and they regarded Chu Xingyun as a despicable villain and cast an angry color.

“You said that it is not wrong, my cultivation base is indeed low, only Spirit Gathering First Level days, but on that day, I rely on a hand move, easily injure the ancient Qingsong of Yunmengwufu, let the four major military forces compete Soliciting, this thing, why didn’t you say it?” Chu Xingyun frowned and looked at Xiao Yu with a look at the idiot.

Xiao Yu’s face was stagnation, and he saw contempt and disdain from the eyes of Chu Xingyun.

“Since Xiao Elder recognizes Chu Xingyun and knows what happened in Black Water City, please let it be, so as not to waste our time.” Yang Feng is Yang Yan’s discipline, and Yang Yan and Xiao Yu are evil, naturally he There is no good face to this Xiao Yu.

“Let’s say? I’m afraid not!” Xiao Yu coldly smiled, said: “Chu Xingyun passed the assessment, and the number of core disciple is not fake, but he must pass the final assessment before he can enter Lingxiao Wufu.”

“The last assessment!” Yang Feng and Ye Huan looked at each other and looked at the doubts in the eyes of the other party. Why have they never heard this?

Xiao Yusaid coldy: “On the previous severe days, the five major military authorities completed the consultation and decided to add an assessment before the recruitment of the disciplines in the major military capitals. All those who have received the quota must go through the foggy forest. On the day, after seven days, the person who can leave safely is considered to be truly enrolled.”

“Chu Xingyun wants to enter Lingxiaowufu, naturally no problem. Through this assessment, I will never say more than half a sentence, but with his current cultivation base, I advise him to choose to give up, but he has to lose his life.” He added another sentence, letting Chu Xingyun’s eyes tremble, and whispered: “A good old fox!”

Xiao Yu’s this talk is ostensibly admonished. In fact, it is a radical approach. He wants to stimulate Chu Xingyun to participate in this last assessment and enter the foggy forest.

Moreover, each of his words is mixed with spiritual power, attracting more and more people’s attention.

At this moment, Chu Xingyun felt that he was stared at by countless fiery eyes. These people, all of whom were getting the number of Lingxiao Wufu, were full of unhappyness with Chu Xingyun. He felt that he was able to get a core disciple in the back door. It was a despicable move.

Even, Chu Xingyun still feels that other people in Wufu have also cast a disdainful look.

One of them, he is very familiar, wearing a crescent-colored dress, eyes charming, but full of cold and chill.

This person, not Shui Qianyue, who is it?

She accepted the invitation of Yunmengwufu in Black Water City and became the new discipline of Yunmengwufu. According to the assessment regulations, she also entered the foggy forest and spent seven days.

Around Shui Qianyue, there were several young talents standing, and the breath was not weak. The same eyes looked at Chu Xingyun coldly, and a cruel arc was raised on the corner of his mouth.

“The situation seems to be something wrong.” Ye Huan sank his eyes, and the voice was a little dignified.

Chu Xingyun is sharp-minded and can’t understand the situation at hand.

Judging by him, this extra assessment is probably designed for him. It is to let him know and retreat and give up joining Lingxiaowufu.

If Chu Xingyun promised to participate in the assessment and waited for him, I am afraid that it is also targeted by countless people. Coupled with the numerous Spirit Beasts in the foggy forest, there are countless dangers, which is undoubtedly dangerous!

“Xiao Wei, don’t think that I don’t know what you are doing.” This assessment is clearly aimed at Chu Xingyun. There is no fairness at all. Let me go, I want to meet Honored Master!” Yang Feng’s sleeves It is necessary to step into the Lingfu Wufu.

However, just as he and Xiao Yu were interlaced, Xiao Yu once again said with a sneer: “As early as two days ago, Yang Yan left Lingxiao Wufu and entered the palace. So far, you want to see him, I am afraid Not so easy.”

“even more how, entering the foggy forest, has been agreed by the five major owners, even if Yang Yan is opposed, it does not help, can it be that you think that the five major owners will change their mind for a small Chu Xingyun ?”

Xiao Yu looked at Chu Xingyun with a smirk and looked at them, and they looked at them, how arrogant and arrogant.

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