Chapter 950. The Amazonian Forests — The Realm of Magical Creatures


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Mo Fan personally went to the Nazca lands and put the stolen jewel in place. Raising his head, he saw flocks of birds begin to gather in the sky.

After a while, everything dissipated, the sky became absolutely clear – even a cloud was not on it!

Mo Fan was already preparing for a new influx of magical creatures, but, as Nan Jue said, after the jewel returns to its rightful place, animal attacks on cities and settlements should also cease.

Workers mine Yale, too, were saved. They were happy to see the blue sky again!

Upon his return, Mo Fan discovered General Mote, whose face was impossible to just look at, and Chuckling Ai Jiang Tu, who almost never smiles. He told Mo Fang that he had a gift.

Mo Fan was really embarrassed. Why would he receive gifts from such people? Or is it about the resources that were promised to their team Oustil in case of success?

Ousstiel kept his word, he gave every magician the opportunity to choose the resources they need.

After thinking that after waking up the fiery hot dog, it would take a lot of provisions, Mo Fan told Ouststil to bring in more fiery spiritual seeds.

Mo Fan very carefully approached the selection of seeds. He thought that the fiery hot dog should turn into a fiery goddess, which means that she needed only the best food!

After staying in Peru for a few more days, Mo Fan listened to Ousstuil’s guesses about why the Indian decided to steal the treasure from the Nazca lands. Most likely, he needed money, and someone advised him to go on this crime.

At the very beginning, Mo Fan thought that these Indians had a great vicious goal of revenge, however, having learned that the thief did it all because of money, he involuntarily thought that it was not for nothing that the ancient settlement and the entire territory of Nazca was guarded by magical creatures carefully.

Time is such a thing that can turn everything upside down. And even people who were once famous for their high moral principles begin to commit indecent acts.

Mo Fan decided to no longer pay attention to this incident and move on.

Zhao Man Yan has already transferred the promised magic controller to Mo Fang. This magic controller was a ring that should be worn on the arm. Zhao Man Yan not only praised his friend the properties of this artifact, but also did not fail to say that this item is much more expensive than a spontaneous crystal ….

Mo Fan did not even think about reimbursing the monetary difference. Having obtained a long-awaited artifact, he hurried to put it on and sat down to cultivate. The speed of cultivation really increased at times! In just one day he managed to arrange two whole constellations, and these are 14 stars!

Yes, with such a speed, Mo Fan for several days will be able to order all the stars in the galaxy of the lightning element, and then without any difficulty will himself release high-level lightning magic!

It is obvious that magic folios cannot completely solve the problem of high-level magic release, because high-level magic more depends on the level of magic control by a wizard. Everything else, the element of lightning is very capricious, so it is not so easy to train.

As for the power of the night, this spell requires that Mo Fan personally put together each constellation and system together.

The night has come. Mo Fan was lying on the bed, holding a telephone in his hands.

– Slow down, slow down. What are you ashamed of? There is no one, ”Mo Fan urged.

“No, day after all,” Xin Xia thought that Mo Fan had already completely lost all shame, so she unceremoniously disconnected the video link.

Mo Fan hoped that somehow he would be able to see her snow-white chest.

On such lonely nights, even the appearance of feminine styling begins to awaken wildest fantasies in Mo Fahn …

Unfortunately, Xin Xia turned off the video call, turning off all fantasies at the same time.

– Oh, yes, you have it there now is light. Then … wait until the night comes, and try again? – asked Mo Fan.

“…” Xin Xia wanted to tell Mo Fang that her answer would not change even at night.

“Did I not tell you that I needed to leave?” The leadership allowed me to participate in the Athenian election, because this way I will have the opportunity to visit the temple of fairies, ”the girl’s voice sounded.

“What is this fairy temple?” – asked Mo Fan.

– In the Parthenon there are many temples, among which the temple of the fairies is the most revered. The title of fairy is transmitted among the sorceress element of healing. Only fairies can resurrect people, but even just the attendants of this temple are very revered around the world – these are the most high-status sorceresses of the healing element. The leadership hopes that I will be able to enter the temple of the fairies and become an intern for the role of servant – only this way you can gain the favor of the fairies. Blessing the fairies will greatly affect my cultivation of the healing element, and will also help awaken specific abilities, Xin Xia explained.

– Are you talking about resurrection? Is it really possible to bring a person back to life? – interested in Mo Fan.

“Only not those people who died a long time ago …” Xin Xia replied.

“So you can learn this too?”

– Not. Not so simple. Only the most prominent healing mages can do this. A superior is above the servant in the temple, and after her is mother. Above the mother is already a fairy, and the position of the fairy is inherited from one sorceress to another. Since I am not a full-fledged student of the Parthenon, I cannot even dream of raising my life at least above the level of the prioress, ”said Xin Xia.

Mo Fan didn’t really understand the structure of the Parthenon Monastery, but after Xin Xia’s clarification, curiosity noticeably broke out in him.


Fairy in the temple of the Parthenon can bring people back to life?

Mo Fan should go there and investigate everything …

He, of course, is interested in the element of healing, but most of all he is not bothered by the fact that all the temples of this Parthenon are teeming with young servants, whose feminine silhouettes scurry back and forth, rustling their skirts … well, how can you not go to such a place and personally do not look?

Salivating and flowed ….

The next stop was in Mexico. The judges said that the team should go there through Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica, covering the entire coast ….

– Wow! The coast is so huge, it’s like traveling from the south of China to the north across the whole continent! – exclaimed Zhao Man Yan.

“We are not far from the Caribbean … I wonder if there are pirates here or not?” Jiang Yu asked.

“I don’t know whether we will get to the Caribbean itself or not, but in the territory of these states there is a notorious organization, the damage from whose activities is second only to damage from the black church,” said Nan Jue.

“Then we better not run into them, what good … there are so many people from influential families in our team, we didn’t have enough to become their victims …” said Zhao Man-Yan quietly.

– Hey, I heard that the American mainland is best suited for the son of rich families like you! – Jiang Shaoxuy said unfriendly.

“If we make our way straight through the Caribbean, our path will lie through the Amazonian forests, which to this day are famous for the magical creatures that inhabit these territories.” What can I say, Amazonia is a whole kingdom of magical creatures, and it seems to me that if we choose this path, then our internship will also end there, said Jiang Yu.

Amazonian forests … to enter there means to enter the sea of magical monsters!

In truth, if the team decides to move not to Mexico, but let’s say to Brazil, then the judges will definitely throw them into Amazonian territories, ostensibly to improve their magical skills.

So, it is better to move by land method on the states that are on the Caribbean coast.

The path did not seem very difficult. The team left Peru, passed Colombia, and was already approaching the Caribbean.

Mages moved along the mainland, because not everyone in the team got along with water, they decided not to take the boat.

Coconut palms met him absolutely all the way ….

– Strange, is this some kind of male settlement? “We went through so many villages, and there were no girls in them at all,” Zhao Man Yan was indignant.

– Some men.

“Besides, they have absolutely no protection here.” If the sea monsters begin to attack, then all write lost.

– I think they are not afraid of sea monsters. Not noticed in all the settlements posted announcements of monetary remuneration for the wanted criminals?

– Cash reward? – after hearing about the possible income, Mo Fan was noticeably more cheerful.

Mo Fan is now a venerable hunter, so he has every right to make good money while at the same time undergoing an international internship!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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