Chapter 951. Arrogant Leader


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Having passed one district, an indescribable beauty appeared in the eyes of the team.

The terrain spreads out by the sea, huts from an unusual kind of trees stood right on the slopes of the mountains, and on the other side red vanilla blossomed. Everything about this place was beautiful: mountains, paths, the sea, flowers and houses ….

“Maybe we’ll stop here to rest?” – suggested Jiang Shaoxuy.

– But we just recently rested! Said Ai Jiang Tu.

Nan Jue also threw a angry look at Ai Jiang Tu, just as Mu Tinyin and Nan Rongi did. For girls, this place was a paradise in which all the girlish dreams came true.

In the end, the whole team went in the direction of the thickets of vanilla.

Along the road grew red vanilla that exuded a light fragrance. This place looked so serene that it seemed to take a few steps, and you would fall right into the tender cake with cream and strawberries.

“This place is simply exceptional, like a dream village,” said Mo Fan. He made a note about the location, because he was constantly in search of a quiet and lovely place where he could live with Xin Xia.

Upon entering the grass, the team discovered a hedge that was part of a small structure, inside which there was a woman.

Seeing Mo Fan, walking in her direction, her eyes nervously ran: she wondered where the Asian came from, and how she would react to it.

“Guests, you must have gone astray.” Did you want to stay in the area, or do you have other plans? Oh, sorry, I did not notice that you already have girls, – said this woman. Her clothes were covered with various pendants.

Her skin was very tanned and gleaming with a seductive light – there was in this all kind of wild sexuality that eastern girls cannot boast of.

Zhao Man Yan, being a lover of amorous affairs, did not fail to seize the opportunity to flirt with her.

As a result, the woman tactfully informed the guests that the district is now celebrating a holiday, and on holidays the presence of guests is not welcome here.

The girls in the team were very upset. Jiang Shaoxu was even ready to wait until the end of the celebrations, except that the team did not support her – they all had so many tasks to complete in a certain period of time. If they stay in this beautiful place, then who will go to Venice to represent the country?

The national team moved on.

However, Zhao Man Yan was seriously divided. Everyone told him that such a woman would hardly be interested in a boy like him, and this undoubtedly hurt the boy’s pride. He did not hesitate to insist that the team should stay here for a few more days, because he hadn’t had a girl for so long!

However, the team decided to move on.

They descended from the mountain in order to stay in one of the settlements for a halt after sunset.

– But I am very interested to see this holiday of theirs. If you don’t want to go there, I can go there myself, and after sunset I’ll arrive in time to the place where you will stay for the night, said Mo Fan.

– Me too, I want it too! – Jiang Shaoxu screamed, jumping for joy. She decided to go with Mo Fan.

Ai Jiang Tu and Nan Jue had nothing left but to let go of the two, and they themselves continued to move forward.

– Wow! I can glue someone together before it gets dark! – said Zhao Man Yan. At the same time, he also decided to go back.

Mo Fan decided to return to that settlement-area with fragrant herbs on the top of the mountain for one simple reason: his accumulative pearl began to glow, revealing that something interested her there.

If it was not about the accumulation of energy for payment with demonization, he would still go there to look at the customs of this people.

Only one thing embarrassed Mo Fang: Jiang Shaoxu was tied with him. If she gets lost or is lost along the way, he will not be able to send her as Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan immediately went to flirt, and Mo Fan with Jiang Shaoxu just slipped up the side of the mountain to go unnoticed.

Continuing to the top, Mo Fan and Jiang Shaoxu noticed that the buildings were close to each other and surrounded by a palisade.

– And there are a lot of security mages here, apparently, they are watching public safety. This place really seems very reliable, ”said Jiang Shaoxu.

At almost every crossroads, they saw people who were dressed as well as that woman. Most of them were men, it was not clear what they were talking about, but they were constantly laughing.

– It seems that this is the so-called “vanilla of the imperial concubine.” She appeared long ago from the tears of the emperor’s concubine, which then ruled in New Zealand. It is used for the manufacture of psychotropic substances, among other things, it is very expensive. It is possible that it is precisely because of this that the area looks more prosperous compared to other areas that we met here, ”said Jiang Shaoxu, almost immediately determining the type of vanilla that was growing here.

Mo Fan is now not particularly steamed about this, he was only worried about one thing: what could attract the accumulative pearl in this place?

– Follow me. “They cannot find us, otherwise we may have serious problems,” warned Mo Fan.

– Relax.

Jiang Shaoxu walked along with Mo Fan, who used shadow magic to hide them both. Thus, they steadily got to the main settlement.

There were a lot of people here – about 300-400 people, and they were all on the street.

Among this huge crowd of people stood out in red robes with pendants, which, apparently, were magicians.

Mo Fan looked at all those present and counted about 50 magicians. The level of their cultivation was not low, and if you still count the guards on the way, then there were only about 70-80 magicians.

What can I say, 70-80 mages for a population that does not reach even five hundred people is a lot. And the most interesting thing is that all these magicians were not young beginners, according to the aura that emanated from them, it was possible to say with confidence that they were experienced magicians.

– Head of the village, you misunderstand us! – at that moment the voice of a man in a red headdress was heard. He frantically twisted his head.

– Misunderstood?! I do not want to talk more with you and your kind! Of course, you already saw that vanilla brings the bulk of the money to this settlement, so you decided to collect it and sell it! Shouted the head of the village. He was a middle-aged man in black, his face was very brutal.

– I am very prudent. If you do not believe, then you can ask my people, they are always grateful for my moral stability. I, Sig, have already said that I am not a villain who does terrible things, I am just a businessman who wants to do business with you. I no longer care about your homes, people, land, or vanilla. Give me the money, and I will go with my brothers, ”said the man who called himself Sig at ease.

– Moron! This place originally belonged to us! He took what belonged to us, surrounded our territory, and now you say that we also have to pay for it? Do you keep us fools? – from the crowd came a female voice. This girl literally ran ahead, spitting in his face.

Sig just pulled a handkerchief out of his breast pocket, and after wiping his face, he angrily said: “They say that you are one of those girls who have not yet known men’s caresses … I have already expressed my proposal to you. Paying or not paying, buying not buying is your business, but if you once again dismiss such disrespect to the head of the Red society, I promise you will have as many men in one night as there will not be in your whole life! ”

From the last words of Shiga, the girl turned pale. At that moment a middle-aged man stood up behind her.

Cig still looked and laughed at the girl, and from his smirk at all those present, the hair on his head stood on end.

More than three hundred peasants stood there with a bewildered look — they did not have any strength to resist Sigu, the head of the Red society.

– E * at! Yes, it’s the robbers! “My Fan has not yet had time to say this, as Jiang Shaoxu has already begun to sigh with fear.

The two of them hid in the bushes and could see everything with their own eyes.

There is no question of any celebration, people are forcibly held!

– I have not met such shameless thugs! – Mo Fan was indignant.

– Yes, they force away from these people what is theirs, and then sell it! They sell the stolen goods to the same people they have taken away! Said Jiang Shaoxu.

– By the way, in the settlements through which we passed, there were announcements of remuneration for the heads of children from the red society, right? – recalled Mo Fan.

– Yes, and the reward is rather big … Mo Fan, cool down, there are too many of them! – Jiang Shaoxu has already guessed about Mo Fang’s thoughts and hurried to warn him.

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