Chapter 952. Two Gangs of Robbers


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Jiang Shaoxu immediately decided to call for help.

Only the girl wanted to use the walkie-talkie, when she unexpectedly discovered that in this village there is a protective screen blocking the signal, the walkie-talkie did not work.

“Let’s first go down the mountain, try to find a place where the signal catches,” said Jiang Shaoxu.

– I think we do not have time. Watch it. Said Mo Fan, pointing to the crowd of people.

Siga’s henchmen have already lost their temper, gazing at the young daughters of the peasants full of energy

As if the girls who grew up in this village were much more attractive than their peers from other places. The robbers came here to rob the locals. And if you have free time, then do shameful things.

– Look, I’m really doing business here, nothing personal. You give your money to us, we spend it on prostitutes and do not touch your girls. Do not want to pay, we will take them. I give you another 15 minutes to think. I can hold back the fervor of my brethren for a quarter of an hour, but what will happen after the time has elapsed, I cannot vouch for this. – Sig said slowly.

Sig, as if a true ruler, in whose hands there was power, gave some time to his “subordinates,” considering himself to be virtuous for that.

The peasants were indignant when the atrocities of this scam had managed to reach this level?

– Give it to them. Give them the money, one peasant said, taking a deep breath.

– Yes, we can not overcome them. And while they have not done things here, better give them the money. Said the peasant woman in a trembling voice.

– Hey, madam, even if we do business, then you will not participate in it. You are old and terrible, my comrades are not interested in you! Ha ha ha! – Sig started laughing out loud.

The rest of the magicians in red, too, began to brazenly laugh and express their opinion about who attracts them the most.

Women burned with shame from what they heard.

– We can not give them money, because next season will come soon. And if we give them the money, then there is nothing to pay the hunters who help us get rid of the sea monsters. And then we will have more serious problems. – Said a strong middle-aged man.

Giving money to these robbers, the peasants exposed themselves to the impact of the sea monster.

“Fool, do you really think that we are kinder than the monsters of the Caribbean?” – having heard these words, Sig was angry not jokingly.

He grabbed that peasant, red cursing threads appeared in Shiga’s hands.

Sig very quickly tied a man with these red threads, thread after thread stuck into his body and very soon his head was in the mouth of a ferocious red spider.

After a moment, his body turned into gray dust, and his eye sockets were empty.

The villagers were frightened, in a faint state of mind. There was a man and not him! And just because he said not very pleasant words for this leader.

– Do not try my patience! If you do not give me the money, then I will turn your village into hell! You yourself are forcing me to do so! – Sig shouted, choking with anger.

Local residents no longer dare to resist. The sea monster will only come for the victims next season, and this crazy pirate will kill them right now!

– You pissed me off, and I changed my mind, now you have to pay me twice as much! Said Sig coldly.

“Where from … where do we have so much money?” Said the head of the village in dismay.

– It’s very simple, next year we will come back for your girls, but if you behave badly, we will bring you their corpses that will fertilize your fragrant herbs. Although … from this your spicy herbs will be even juicier and greener, and sell more expensive! Said Sig.

“Hm … you recently said that we can buy the girls, can we?” – asked the head of the village.

– I changed my mind!

– Leader, you are handsome!

– Haha, and I like it here more and more! Sig laughed, followed by his henchmen.


– Yes, they are doing chaos in broad daylight, and the government does not pay attention to it! Mo Fan, let’s smash them! – Jiang Shaoxu shouted angrily, unable to bear it.

– Sister, calm down. If we attack them at once, they will be taken hostage by the locals. I came up with something here, see what comes out of it – Mo Fan answered.

– What did you think of there?

“You and I will become a pair of robbers too, how are you?”

– What? …


The corners of Shiga’s mouth folded into a cruel smirk. Sometimes he was kind to his prisoners, as he realized that it would make no sense to destroy their souls in one go. He liked to gradually and evenly put pressure on people, make them be in fear, look at how they resist and die.

These village clubs think that the sea monsters that will appear next season are very scary, but compared to the Red society, they are just little flies! Red society is 10 times worse, even the government can not cope with it!

– Hey, you two … – Sig suddenly saw two Asians coming out of the bushes and go straight towards him.

Shiga’s minions in red clothes were simply dumbfounded, not knowing what to expect from these suddenly appeared Asians.

– Yellow-faced monkeys, you are travelers here. And it’s good that they met us, the Red community. Local girls are very attractive, so I will give you a chance to buy one of them, putting forward a reasonable price. – Sig stared at the Asians, but he was not surprised by their appearance.

– Girls? In my eyes, they are exactly that much. – Mo Fan glanced at Jiang Shaoxu, taking out two coins from his pocket, threw them at Sigu.

Sig did not run to pick them up and the coins fell near his feet.

Shiga’s face immediately became gloomy, and these coins lying near his feet seemed to be the smallest in the world!

– Moron! – Jiang Shaoxu became angry, it is a pity that it was impossible to give Mo Fang a slap in the face.

A girl is worth only two coins? Yes, where have you seen it! In China, even a cucumber cannot be bought for such money, and Mo Fan offers such a low price!

– Replay! – answered Mo Fan.

– You shame me.

– … – Mo Fan didn’t know what to answer.

Shiga’s face grew more serious. Are these two mentally retarded? Did they not notice that they were in front of the leader of the Red society, that there were 50 followers of this society around them and that they were currently engaged in crimes?

– Speak exactly how you want to die, and I will help you to do it! Said Sig coldly.

“I want to die my own death in a bedroom filled with money,” answered Mo Fan.

The sig was very angry, from where this yellow-faced monkey would not come out, you need to sew shoes from his skin!

“I changed my mind,” said Sig, keeping the same angry look.

– Let’s stop breaking the comedy. I have long laid eyes on this village, so the money of the peasants should fall into my pocket. And give me for each brother of your gang of 400 thousand. There will be … total …

– 2 million 800 thousand – said Jiang Shaoxuy.

– Yes, take an integer, 3 million. Give us a 3 million ransom, and we will let you go – answered Mo Fan.

Sig and his company froze for a second.

The villagers also did not believe their ears.

What is going on here? These Asians are going to rob robbers ?!

“You … you just came to save us?” Said the villager in a whisper.

– I’m sorry but there is no! – Mo Fan waved his hand, and a huge lightning hit the ground near the feet of the peasant.

That peasant was a mere mortal, where he could resist the force of lightning. This lightning threw him to the precipice, and he fell into the forest thicket. Falling from such a height, he probably scattered into small pieces!

Of course, no one saw that in the left hand of Mo Fan, the silver light flashed quickly, which he directed towards the cliff.

This picture was so cruel for the peasants that they involuntarily shouted. More recently, Sig used the magic of a curse, killing a local resident, as an example to the rest. And now, from nowhere, two young Asians have appeared who can throw you off a cliff, and they do not blink!

Seeing this picture, Cig frightened.

In truth, for a moment it seemed to him that these two magicians had come to save the peasants. But seeing how cruel they were, Sig dropped these thoughts.

– What society do you belong to? – Seeing the magic of Mo Fan, Sig realized that he was not an ordinary magician. And judging by the tone of this guy, they are “colleagues” with him.

In fact, Sig heard about the fact that this wealthy mountain region attracts many of his “colleagues”.

– 3 million is a ransom for you and your comrades. And I have less patience than you. – having finished, Mo Fan turned to the head of the village – you also prepare money for me, otherwise I will throw lightning bolts at your peasants.

Two gangs of robbers and both need money!

Yes, this is not in any framework!

Now it seemed to the robbers of the Red community and the peasants that they were going crazy.

The peasants pokrikuli – what’s the difference that they are robbed by one gang, that two, you still have to give them all their savings.

But the robbers of the Red society were indignant.

No joke, in the whole Caribbean they were the only ones who came to take money, but this was the first time someone decided to take money from THEM!

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