Chapter 953. I changed my mind!


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– OK OK! You are the bravest of all I know! – Sig laughed merrily, without even becoming angry.

From the mere mention of the Red Society scumbags, everyone was horrified. Many governments have tried many times to end them.

Even governments did not want to incur the wrath of the community, what to say about others.

Other groups involved in such matters were immediately washed away if they saw the Reds.

The news that even the Reds themselves had been robbed quickly spread around the area and alarmed the entire area of the Caribbean.

– Chief, this boy is trying to threaten us. Let’s deal with it and let the fish feed. Asians get great fertilizer! Ha ha ha! Said the magician with fiery red hair.

On his face were two long scars from cuts with a sword.

With a small glance at him, Mo Fan noticed fire tongues in both hands of the magician.

“Can you add a couple more scars?” Get out of here! Said Mo Fan unceremoniously, hastily forming fire and throwing a red magician in the direction.

It looks like the most ordinary fire instantly inflamed. The magician with fiery hair did not even have time to notice how the skin on his chest began to become charred.

Mo Fan understood that these robbers kill people without batting an eye. To such people he had no condescension. The burning fire was eating into the body of the magician more and more, turning his insides into ashes!

The rest of the robbers could not help him, watching helplessly as the red wizard was turning into coal. Even his last breath was black.

Leader Sig looked at it with wide eyes.

He did not expect such cruelty from this young lad. He fulfilled his threat, despite being surrounded. Sig realized that this guy is really strong, otherwise he would not behave this way.

“Without it, your debt was 400 thousand less,” Mo Fan said coldly. The loss of one person has already become commonplace.

– disgusting. Do you take us for wild cattle? Brothers, cut him down! – Sig furiously shouted.

The Red Society should no longer appear in the Caribbean, it lasted too long.

My Fan attacked from all sides. Raging flames! Ice frost! Hurricane! The sting of the light!

Right next to Mo Fang and Jiang Shaoxu, there was an explosion, and then a real storm began!

– You figure it out with the average magicians, and I will finish these fishermen! Said Jiang Shaoxu.

The girl immediately noticed a magician who began to create a constellation.

Spiritual waves, pacification!

The magician could not even complete one line, as he immediately stopped, as if his thoughts were carried away to another world.

A wave of pacification swept, destroying one constellation after another. Already created constellations were obtained by very weak entry-level constellations.

Entry-level magic could no longer do any harm to Mo Fan, especially since they all belonged to his elements.

“Do you still think you can handle me?” – surrounded by magical entry level, Mo Fan could not defend at all.

He took a step back, quietly deviating from the entangling vines, and then made a small leap to the side. There were flames in the same place.

– Lightning whip! Do you dodge this too? Shouted the magician of the high-level lightning element.

Mo Fan looked at the lightning that appeared and did not even budge, as if knowing in advance where the lightning would strike and at what angle. This time he avoided it with the same agility.

No attack has reached its goal. The Red Society Mages stared at Mo Fan, as if at an unknown being, not understanding what was happening.

They have never heard of a mage able to evade so many attacks without the help of magic!

The power of these magicians was not so bad, but it looked pathetic compared to the power of Mo Fang. The guy who just won the army of werewolf creatures had something to compare with.

The knowledge of these magicians was too narrow, they did not even notice the spatial impulses around Mo Fang. All magic slowed as it approached. Spatial impulses: time delay! This slowed down all the magic that was approaching Mo Fang. To deviate from it was easy.

– What is the magic of lightning? – Mo Fan at one glance stopped the arrogant element of the lightning magician, holding an electric lightning in his hand. Even such simple entry-level magic in the hands of Mo Fan made everyone hold their breath.

Under the control of Mo Fan, the first-level lightning around him turned into mid-level peals of thunder.

Thunder struck the lightning element mage. The magician convulsed, electrically discharges rolled over his body. The robber is all black, and his internal organs burst.

The power of the lightning element of Mo Fan was six times stronger than that of other magicians. Fourth-level lightning seal, spiritual lightning element seed, plus a high level control. Lightning six times more than the first approached another magician of the element of the middle level lightning. The magician was completely unable to resist Mo Fanyu. It was a quick death.

– With such your behavior, money is becoming less and less! I’ll be together with you, the price is getting lower and lower, ”Mo Fan said with a serious look.

The robbers gritted their teeth in anger. Leader Sig glanced around and realized that no intermediate level mage dares to go out.

– Follow me! Finish it! Stop standing! Destroy it !! He shouted.

– Chief, that girl – owns spiritual magic, we can not do anything! – Said one of the magicians-robbers.

There were ten mid-level mages in their team. They constantly repulsed the attacks of the state military, but being in the face of one powerful magician of spiritual magic, they were not capable of anything. Under the influence of the magic of the spirit, they were full of doubts.

“Can’t you even create a single constellation?” – Jiang Shaoxu laughed.

These guys were too slow, Jiang Shaoxu just had to think about it, as a wave of spiritual energy appeared. They had no chance.

– Flock of sheep! – shouted Sig.

The leader finally decided to act himself. A silver glow poured from his body, the clothes on his body began to sway as if in strong wind.

In front of the Sig, a draft creature emerged – a huge snake-lizard on four legs. The scaly body of the creature looked like a long log and glittered, as if it were made of metal. Head, neck and tail covered with thick spikes. Terrible creature!

Peasants have never seen such a monster! It seemed it could swallow them alive!

The giant lizard angrily looked at the peasants and stuck out his tongue. A few peasant women screamed in horror. The monster turned towards Mo Fang, receiving an order from its master. Eat this Asian!

Snake-lizard has already tasted the taste of many people, white-skinned and dark-skinned, but he has never tried such a brown-eyed and yellow-skinned man! Surely he has a special taste! The monster stretched neck, approaching …

– Fuck off! – in the voice of Mo Fanya felt frightening force.

A powerful spatial shock wave hit the lizard head. The huge head jerked, ready to crack.

The lizard turned around, issuing an angry roar in the direction of Mo Fang and spraying poison from the throat.

Mo Fan did not let himself be poisoned and bounced aside. Flaming fist!

The fist went straight into the throat of a giant lizard, the flame of a fiery dragon burst inside his body.

The fire dragon flew through the lizard neck, setting fire to his body. Mo Fan’s fiery magic is not so easy to stop. From the throat and chest of the raptor the fire moved into its esophagus. Now the fire was everywhere! The burning body of the monster turned into coal!

The bloody rain cleared, the charred pieces of meat were everywhere. A huge monstrous snake-lizard was killed by one blow!

All the magicians and peasants looked at Mo Fan in horror.

How could such a young, frail boy kill a giant monster so easily ??

– I changed my mind. You pay 60 million and then I will not kill you. I told you, I am very impatient! Said Mo Fan angrily.

Mo Fan stomped on the ground and a wall of raging flames appeared around. No one could move for fear !!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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