Chapter 954: Shameless Fraudsters


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Crossroad of three roads. The scent of flowers is in the air. Zhao Man Yan intercepted this typical, flirtatious Onni’s self-confident gaze and immediately realized that something would happen.

He did not expect to meet anyone here. He relaxed and impudently pressed her.

There was not a soul around.

He looked into her eyes and then kissed her.

At first, Onni tried to push him away, but after Zhao Manh Yan pressed her against the wall, she immediately relaxed and often gasped.

Guarding this place was very boring, so provocations, like the kind, were a good alternative. In the end, they are just casual acquaintances.

Admittedly, Zhao Man Yan flirted superbly, perfectly mastering various tricks. He just started, and Onni no longer stood. This fact flattered him, because usually the girl was impregnable.

This golden-haired Asian was nothing like the other guys from Asia.

– Zing … Ching …

The guy was about to move on, when he suddenly heard a completely unexpected sound.

Onni started slightly and pushed away Zhao Man Yan.

– This is important, wait a bit.

– Of course, solve your affairs, and I will continue my own, – the guy grinned shamelessly.

The girl waved away. If there was this signal, then something happened.

– Onni, quickly send people up. We are in trouble, – the man had an agitated voice.

– What happened? – strictly asked the girl.

“We were … robbed of us,” he seemed embarrassed to say it.

– What?? Repeat! – Onni round eyes.

– They are very strong, we need help!

Having hung the communications apparatus in place, Onni did not move for several minutes.

Zhao Man Yang had a good ear. Seeing Onni’s frown, he laughed unwittingly.

– In these places is full of rabble, to your happiness, I’m here. Let’s go I’ll go with you and at the same time see who is so arrogant there. Rob in broad daylight!

– Will you do it? – Onni squinted at the guy.

– Cope with the thieves – just spit! Stop talking, go quickly. We will not let these bandits finish their plans, – Zhao Man Yan did his best to look courageous, immediately creating a seal of spiritual energy.

At that moment, behind the mage one by one, golden feathers began to appear. Feathers with a metallic sound smoothed out, and finally formed into majestic golden wings. A bright golden glow blinded Onni.

Luxury wings for a man – it’s like a luxury car. Onni’s eyes changed immediately.

This she did not expect! Magic wings are considered a luxury item among magicians.

“Get on me,” he said it with a contented grin.

Onni paid no attention to this. Zhao Man Yan tightly hugged the girl and they flew up into the open sky.

– How do you thank me for help? – Zhao Man Yan liked to provoke girls.

“As you wish, I will thank you,” Onni flew in this way for the first time in her life and was very worried. Everything that happened very excited her. She was ready to give thanks wherever and whenever …



“Mo Fan, the people guarding the mountain road, already crowded there. Be careful, they are strong, ”Jiang Shaoxu seriously explained.

“It doesn’t matter, it means they came to waste money,” Mo Fan was self-confident as always.

Eliminating enemies and guarding people are two completely different things. In the first case, you just need to be stronger than the enemy and crush him, and in the second case you need to be much stronger.

Mo Fan was well aware that he was not strong enough to fight these brigands at the same time and at the same time protect more than three hundred people. Having just survived a catastrophe in the ancient capital, Mo Fan understood most clearly that it was very difficult to defend a group of frightened people! No matter, thirty or three hundred.

The robbers were much more than peasants, so the best option was to gradually distance the center of the battle.

– This is our possession! Do you really think you can stand up to us alone? – asked the leader Sig.

His contract beast died, and he was the main reason why this magician could hold power in the area. Sig tried to delay time and wait for reinforcements.

– Boss, look there! – one of the magicians-robbers pointed to the sky.

“Oh, that seems to be Onni’s sister!”

– She came!!

At that moment, the huge golden wings closed the entire review. Onni came down from heaven in the company of a golden-haired, sugary boy, who looked at her with adoration.

– Wow! They have a lot of people! But, apparently, they should not worry. This is just a bunch of sheep, – Zhao Man Yan smiled scornfully, glancing at the peasants.

So, here you need to figure it out. Dressed in the same red clothes as Onni’s people are most likely peasants. And for those three hundred crowded people, it is immediately obvious that they are bad people! Thought, since there are many of them, they can come and rob all! There really is no justice in this world !!

Mo Fan and Jiang Shaoxu stood staring blankly at Zhao Man Yan.

Apparently, he was still insane in that hurricane! Water, instead of his brains, could fill the Caribbean Sea !!

– BUT! You two are here too! Why haven’t you restored justice? Do not think that there are too many of them, they are rascals anyway! – Zhao Man Yan finally noticed them.

Mo Fan and Jiang Shaoxu didn’t want to talk to that jerk.

– Do you know each other? “Onni was taken aback for a second.” She immediately remembered that she had already seen these two.

– Yes, we are very good friends. If they are here, then we have nothing to worry about. Relax! We will restore peace in this place. Rogues no mercy! – Zhao Man Yan with wide open eyes looked at the crowd of peasants.

Jiang Shaoxu slapped her forehead.

Oh my God! Before taking into the state security, they do not check the candidates for mental development factor? And even if not, do they really not check mental health ??

– Zhao Man Yan, what are you doing? What the fuck did you bring their man here? Your share will be less! Said Mo Fan loudly. He deliberately screamed it to break this sweet couple.

– What is the share? – puzzled asked Zhao Man Yan.

– So that’s it! I’ll kill you! – Onni instantly got angry.

And she was still surprised where this guy suddenly appeared from and started flirting with her. It turns out that he was just pulling time, helping his friends to get here!

Onni was very fast. A hurricane instantly formed around Zhao Man Yang and threw it into the air.

– Bl *! What are you doing?? – Zhao Man Yan in a hurry created a stone barrier, using it as a shield. Stone barrier blocked him from the hurricane.

– Quickly, you need to finish them! – Mo Fan decided that he could no longer wait. In his hands, two kinds of magic joined together: the magic of fire and the magic of lightning. It was like a huge machine gun, which ceaselessly threw fire into the crowd of magicians dressed in red.

Mo Fan specifically changed the direction so as not to hurt the peasants. He tried to gradually move the battlefield away, hoping that the peasants would be able to escape.

Mages in red did not care at all the peasants. All they thought about was the money that might have to be given to these two. It is better to die!

– Hey Hey hey! What’s happening? All the robbers fled! What the hell are you doing? – Zhao Man Yan was yelling.

– Shut your mouth, otherwise I will kill you! “It seemed to Onni that the guy was mocking her.”

A little bit more and he would have succeeded. What a disgrace!!

– Kill him? Yes, I’ll take off his skin! “Onni attacked Zhao Man Yan from all sides.

Onni people were strong enough. Most of them were mid-level mages. Zhao Man Yan defended himself as best he could.

– This guy has a high defensive ability!

– He is still not dead!

Onni finally lost her temper when she saw that there was not a scratch on Zhao Man Yang. An ice knife will surely tear him to pieces!

“Onni … Onni, I will explain everything!” No … you explain everything first, okay? Why are you so angry? – Zhao Man Yan was able to insert a couple of words.

He still has two layers of protection: water protection and stone shield. All the attacks of the magicians glided over his defense like raindrops on an umbrella.

Onni saw that this shameless deceiver still had time to chat, pretending to be innocent! She was so furious that she involuntarily made a breakthrough to the highest level!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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