Chapter 956. Union of Three Countries


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The girl from the administration, of course, was late. Seeing how she lashes at the speed of a turtle, Mo Fan was not surprised that the gangsters behaved in the area like that. All local government actions were extremely slow and inefficient.

Mo Fan thought that the reward would be higher than the price he put forward to the bandits. Who knew that the local government would give Mo Fang and Jiang Shaoxu nine million?

Nine millions??

He perfectly remembered that the local court gave out such a sum for much smaller things. Mo Fan caught a gang of gangsters from the Red Society, and they gave him nine million?

No wonder no one wanted to catch them. To cope with the magicians from society is clearly not worth nine million. You can’t buy anything for it!

Dividing the sum in half with Jiang Shaoxuy, he had four and a half million left. Mo Fan even repented. They could ask for a ransom for this gang from the higher bandits from the Society. Surely they would be more generous!

Mo Fan immediately spent the money, improving his armor.

All magic items do not waste energy during use, but if serious damage is inflicted, a large number of magic stones are required to restore them. Mo Fan’s serpent hauberk was not in the best condition, after meeting with the Nazca birds and monkeys. A little restoration – and the money was gone.

Of course, this is also because the snake mail itself is very expensive. The cost of it is much higher than other armor.

Jiang Shaoxu was also outraged. Such a difficult matter and so little money? Ungrateful work!

……… ..

Three people moved on. They met with the rest of the team in one of the coastal villages.

They all lived in one place, but most of the time was spent separately in small groups, doing their own business.

When Mo Fan, Jiang Shaoxue and Zhao Man Yan went to a new place, the rest had already disappeared in an unknown direction. Mo Fan was disappointed with the new environment, preferring to stay at home and cultivate.

He has not yet been able to fully build the star cloud of the shadow element, for this it took a lot of time.

Having learned how to create a star cloud of a lightning element and apply the magic of a high-level lightning element, Mo Fan realized that magic folios are only auxiliary items and will not help to show the real power of high-level magic. In order to increase the effectiveness of the magic of the night, Mo Fan must develop more diligently.

… … …

… … …

The headquarters of the Magic Association of Asia was located in the UAE, it was also called the Dubai Tower of Mages.

At the moment, members of the association were sitting at a large round table, surrounded only by the expanses of blue sky. Above them was only a transparent glass dome.

This heavenly meeting room was the highlight of the entire magical community of Asia. If you sit for a long time at the entrance to the hall, you could notice spells appearing from time to time.

Feng Li and Sun Hae – magicians from the Chinese government were present. The head of the meeting was naturally a magician from the UAE government. Also attended by magicians from Japan, India, South Korea, Thailand and other countries with the largest number of people and magicians.

– I believe that the performance of our students is no worse than that of the Chinese team. I hope that the Magic Association of Asia will be able to make a fair decision and will hand over the Shadow Mantle to our eminent magician Min Bu Son, the magician from Japan was determined.

This woman was not so simple. In just a few days, she, as a state security mage, was able to get promoted to the main mage of the government.

– Are you laughing? Do not forget that our participants killed a lot of sirens in Tokai, plus the incident in the Nazca lands was approved by the Peruvian government and the international community. They saved more than three thousand workers and liberated many Peruvian cities. Do you really think that the intelligence of your team in the rainforests of Brazil made any sense? This work can be done by any more or less brave hunter – Feng Li was very unhappy.

Although the representatives were not eyewitnesses to the latest events, they knew everything that had happened in detail.

Now all their resources have been gathered together. The allocation of resources was based on the performance of each team and its benefits. The benefits of neutralizing the Nazca sirens and monsters were obvious. The Chinese team managed to distinguish themselves so much that the government of Peru gave them the gift of all the resources of their team, thus expressing their gratitude.

And it made a lot of sense! That is why Feng Li insisted that the valuable prize go to the Chinese team.

– You two, calm down. We didn’t just call you here. Now the favorites are the teams of China, Japan and India … – said the old man in white clothes, chairman of the board.

– This is when the Indian team managed to become a favorite? – immediately complained Feng Lee. The magician had a bad temper.

“Let me finish speaking,” the old man glanced at the three magicians and calmly continued, “as far as I know, your teams are now being trained in the Caribbean region.” I believe that the participants themselves must determine who will get the mantle.

– Do you decide? Will they not bother? – asked Sun He.

– Of course not. We do not need to set teams against each other during training. We will do that. In the New York Temple of Liberty is very concerned about this situation with the Red Society, but since the society has its ears everywhere, the magicians from the Temple of Liberty have not been able to do away with them for a long time. The Red society constantly invades local villages and settlements. I believe that magicians representing their country should also be considered the personification of courage and justice. National teams of the three countries must unite and restore peace in the Caribbean region! Said the chairman.

After the speech of the chairman of the council, the hall fell into silence.

– Is it reasonable to expose the students to such danger and force them to confront these dishonorable cruel gangsters? – quietly said magician from India.

– They may die …

Many magical communities knew about the Red Society and their bloody reputation. Even experienced magicians had little chance of winning, but sending disciples to fight with them … This idea seemed too cruel.

– It seems to me that on the way of their development, young magicians must always be prepared for danger. Learning is not at all child’s play. This Red Society is like a local siren. I am sure that our students will be able to resist them, – Feng Li was frank.

– Oh, it’s just a gang of bandits. In our team there are students much more outstanding than the magicians of the Temple of Liberty. Of course they will cope! – Tenfang Xinzi had no shadow of doubt.

It was a pity to look at the magician from India. Two have already agreed, it seems he had no choice. If students are captured, they will not have a chance.

– We have already contacted the Temple of Freedom. They will send some of the most powerful mages as observers. They will provide timely assistance if the lives of the students are at stake, ”the chairman explained.

“Good, very good,” the mage from India cheered up.

Despite the fact that they can not provide one hundred percent security, it is still better than sending students alone.

Have agreed!

……… ..

……… ..

Caribbean, Lanshi village.

Mo Fan has been locked up for several days trying to move forward.

Moving out of the room, Mo Fan came face to face with Nan Jue.

– You’re special! – Nan Jue thought that the guy specifically ran into her.

– Why not?

– You own spatial magic! How could you not know that I’m around the corner! – hugged Nan Jue.

“You own sound magic.” Didn’t you hear my footsteps? It seems to me that you really wanted to run into me, ”Mo Fan was seriously molested.

Nan Jue already knew all his jokes by heart. The girl threw an angry look, not wanting to continue the argument.

– I was informed of our new assignment.

– So someone dropped out? – Mo Fan was delighted.

If someone is out, then Mu Ning Xue can come back. Mo Fan has already sent a request to the consulate. Mu Ning Xue has already returned from the Heavenly Mountains, fully regaining her strength. She more than anyone deserved to return.

– Something like that. A few days ago you came across a bunch of bandits, right? Our next target is the members of the Red Society! Said Nan Jue.

Mo Fan was so surprised that a goose egg could be thrust into his open mouth.

What a coincidence!

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