Chapter 957. The arrangement of the three teams


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– Shadow mantle?

– What is this thing? Sounds like a complete x * yna.

All members of the national team have already gathered in the hall in order to listen to plans from the leaders. This time they promised an extra reward.

The reward was represented by a magical artifact, or rather a cape, which is very rare in the magical world. In some way, it can perform the functionality of chain mail and a shield at the same time, and some of the mantles even have a flying ability, thereby replacing the magic wings.

The mantle and magical wings are the same kind of expensive artifacts that not everyone has been given, but every magician undoubtedly dreams of such an acquisition.

“So, there is a spellman who used this jewel a long time ago, and now decided to donate it as an additional incentive for young magicians participating in world-wide magic competitions. In addition to us, teams from Japan and India take part in this mission, they will also operate in the vicinity of the Caribbean coast. Their main goal will also be the Red Society, so we must act together, ”explained Nan Jue.

– Fighting with thieves, but still have to cooperate with other teams? – asked displeased Guan Yu.

– You misunderstood. The Red Society is not ordinary thieves for you, but the robbers who once created an entire union of lost magicians on the Caribbean coast. Their power can be compared with the power of a whole magic clan, the number of their wizards has exceeded one thousand, most of which are represented by middle-level magicians. There are a lot of high-level magicians among them, they spend huge resources on cultivating newcomers, creating a whole dynasty! – added Nan Jue.

“We have already encountered them, and I’ll tell you, they really aren’t weak,” Jiang Shaoxu said.

It is obvious that behind Sig and Onni there is an even more powerful force, otherwise the Red Society could not just keep the leadership of so many countries in fear.

– Now we will stay in the city of Lansha and wait for the other teams. The Japanese and Indian teams are already heading here, so they should be here very soon, said Nan Jue.

After lunch, the teams of Japan and India have already arrived in the city of Lansha, having gathered in a park of sea gulls. In total there were more than thirty people.

A crowd of people seated themselves everywhere: someone sat at stone tables, someone on the grass, and someone even managed to sit on pebbles.

“B,” said Zhao Man Yan.

“I think C,” said Mo Fan uncertainly.

– In, believe me. The low between C is more like the letter I, whereas the low between B is similar to Y, ”Zhao Man Yan was expertly added.

The two of them were sitting on a long bench, talking about the differences in the chest.

The object of their dispute was a Japanese student in a blue nautical miniskirt. It was obvious that she was fond of cosplay, she had long stockings. The girl was not in the crowd of magicians, which made it seem that she was obstinate so much that she didn’t even try to join the crowd of high-level magicians.

“You two, you think I don’t know what you are talking about here?” This is not so gentlemanly, ”the Japanese sternly said in a hood, addressing Mo Fang and Zhao Man Yan.

He spoke in English, and the girl in the miniskirt also heard his words — she turned sharply, throwing a contemptuous and angry look at the guys.

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan have already been experienced in this matter. Zhao Man Yan was the first to show his displeasure: “We admire female beauty! Why did it immediately turn into something vulgarized in your mouth? I said that I like her stockings and breast shape – how does this relate to you? ”

“Min Bu Son, forget it, they are not on purpose,” said the girl in the miniskirt and stockings, giving the guys her smile.

– They said that you … It’s outrageous! – Min Bu Son was also unhappy.

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan were so shameless that they still kept an indifferent look.

Min Bu Son said nothing more, just looked at them with a hateful look.

At this time, Nan Jue was already in talks with the Japanese and Indian sides on the division of responsibilities.

– I admire your desire to cooperate, but there is no use at all from the information obtained from Google. And although the leaders said that we should work together with you, I am not going to share with you the information received, – heard the voice of Shao He Gu from the Japanese team.

Shao He Gu was a representative of Japan, and by his appearance one could almost certainly say that he was from the Japanese military.

“Do you want to say that you already know where the hangouts of these thieves are?” Asked Nan Jue.

– Nearly. It is better for the teams of China and India to be in support, and we will lead the operation. At the end of the mission, each will go his own way, and then we will meet again in Venice, said Shao He Gu.

“If you really have reliable data, then why don’t we give you support,” said Nan Jue.

The representative of the Indian national team also nodded in agreement.

The most difficult thing now was to take action. Members of the Red Society, being very cunning, have already managed to escape during this time.

If the Japanese have information, then all teams can quickly deal with this task!

– We will agree immediately. Since the information is provided by our side, the shadow mantle should go to our team, – Min Bu Son put forward the condition.

Nan Jue and Ai Jiang Tu exchanged glances, after which the girl said: “If the mission is successful, and your data turns out to be reliable, then let the mantle also go to you.”

“I disagree with that,” Li Kaifeng said.

– Safety is paramount. This time we are dealing with a whole gang of magicians without any moral principles, and the most important thing is to destroy their lair, said Ai Jiang Tu.

Indians were of the same opinion. Since the Japanese provide information and a plan of action, and indeed they take almost everything on themselves, then if everything burns out, let them take this mantle.

“If the leaders find out that we agreed to give the mantle of the shadow like this, then they will give us a beating,” said Li Kaifeng.

“I think nothing is more important than safety.” Everything else, our team has no information, ”said Nan Jue.

Who owns the information, he owns the world – so that this time the Japanese team clearly led the way.

Cooperation with the Japanese noticeably simplified the process. In addition, the Japanese national team looked as if they had already dealt with bands like this community.

Three teams agreed to rest first, and to speak at nightfall.

Ai Jiang Tu and Nan Jue silently returned to their team, and only at the hotel Nan Jue said: “This mission … it seems that everything is predetermined. The Japanese found out about her much earlier than us. ”

“Yeah, I think that even our leaders could not have foreseen this,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

The mission was planned for two days. If all the teams found out about it at one time, then the Japanese would definitely not be able to gather the necessary information so quickly, because the information about this community is kept under the “secret” stamp, and the information itself still has to go through a multistage check and confirmation.

– I will contact the supervisors. If it is confirmed that the Red Society is indeed capable of endless atrocities, then we will cooperate with the Japanese to destroy them, and we will understand them afterwards, ”said Ai Jiang Tu.

Nan Jue nodded her head.

The case was really very suspicious, but now the most important thing is to deal with the criminals, and you can deal with the Japanese cheating later.

“We leave only after it gets dark, so I’ll go for a walk to shop in Lanshi,” said Jiang Shaoxu.

“Wherever we are, you are bought everywhere,” Mu Tinyin said.

– Well, it’s natural! Only in such places you can get a real trophy! Will you go? Asked Jiang Shaoxu.

– Yes, I also need to buy something, – said the girl.

Two girls soon left the team, going to the city.

Zhao Man Yan, noting that the girls had gone shopping, asked Mo Fang: “Do you want to go shopping?”

“I will not go, I need to cultivate,” said Mo Fan.

“I saw a strip club there,” said Zhao Man Yan.

– Then go!

Jiang Shaoxu and Mu Tinying walked down a wide street. At one point, Jiang Shaoxu turned around sharply, glancing in the direction of a long alley.

– What are you doing? – asked Mu Tinyin.

– Nothing, never mind.

The girls walked on, and from a long alley a pair of eyes flashed slyly.

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