Chapter 958. Rescue Alert


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“We found the one you were looking for, she is now with another girl,” came the small voice of a man with blue-black eyes from the radio.

– Think of how to discard them from each other.

– Good. Only you are sure that you will not participate in the Red Society meeting? Kaso will not like it, – said the man with black eyes.

– The discussion there will lead the elders, I can not even insert a word. Now the most important thing is to catch the three that were in the vanilla village, otherwise I, Onni, will lose my authority on the Caribbean coast! – Onny said ferociously.

– Speak right. Caso probably thinks we got new territory? – A man with black eyes asked expectantly.

– I do not think so. Most likely, now there will be many restrictions – we will not be able to kill, attack for a while. I have the feeling that we are not sitting on a golden mountain, but are rapidly running away! – said Onni.

“In the Temple of Freedom we are already being watched,” said the man with black eyes.

– And there is.

– Under the leadership of Kaso you work modestly, not pompous. If you want to bring difficulties to someone, then you just do it, the main thing is not to fall under the attention of international organizations and the magical court … – the interlocutor said.

– Oh, yes, well, that reminded me. These idiots in a vanilla village face difficulties. Ha ha ha! I imagine their faces when they find out that I am the new village headman !!! – smiled Onni.

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan returned to a hotel in the town of Lanshi with tired physiognomies.

– Balbies! Next time, carefully translate the name of the places! It turned out to be a gay club, and on a strip club, as you assured me before, – Mo Fan cursed.

The boat of their friendship overturned.

Mo Fang had to be very hard when he saw how an intelligent man in front of the dance floor was making eyes for him.

– I did not know that everything will turn out that way. Okay, let’s go back, we still need to cultivate, – said Zhao Man Yan.

They began to cultivate, because with the onset of the night the mission was still waiting for them, but the mood of both guys was killed.

In the process of cultivation, time flies unnoticed, and Mo Fan even did not even have time to come to his senses, as he made another constellation of the shadow element under control.

To streamline the 343 stars is obviously not an easy thing, and even a small progress in this direction brings a lot of joy. And all this is due not only to the magic controller that Zhao Man Yan gave, but also to the fact that he dragged him to the gay club. If they had fallen into a good strip bar with strippers, they would have spent the whole day on entertainment.

After dinner, the team went to the gathering place.

Nan Jue carefully counted the number of people and discovered the absence of Jiang Shaoxu. She hurried to contact the girl by radio.

However, there was no answer.

“Mu Tingying, were you not together with Jiang Shaoxu?” Did you see her after that? Asked Nan Jue.

– We broke up with her during shopping, she, what, has not yet returned? – asked Mu Tinin in reply.

– And she does not get in touch.

The Japanese and Indian teams were already in place. Shao Hegu stepped forward and said in a angry voice: “How can one be so undisciplined? In such a case, being late is inappropriate! ”

“It seems to me that she has run into trouble,” said Nan Jue.

Jiang Shaoxu is very distracted, but at the same time is a very tactful member of the team. She knows that the raid on the Red Society is a serious matter, so she could not be late for the collection of teams. Everything else, she did not get in touch.

“We have no time to wait, otherwise our whole plan will collapse,” said Min Buson.

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan looked at each other, thinking that Jiang Shaoxu really had something wrong.

“Nan Jue, go ahead with the team, and the two of us will find Jiang Shaoxu,” suggested Mo Fan.

– Good. Be careful.

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan did not go after the team, as they went in search of a girl.

They thought that the disappearance of Jiang Shaoxu could be directly related to the Red Society.

Jiang Shaoxu is a magician of the spirit element, but her fighting ability is very strong – only if she alone is surrounded by opponents, it will be very difficult for her to leave the trap.

It’s a good thing that the town of Lansha is quite small, and, according to Mu Tinyin, they missed each other not so long ago, so you can still find the girl unharmed.

“You go there, and I will go this way,” said Mo Fan. Together they went to explore the main street of Lansha.

“Kany, you idiot!” I told you to draw the logo of our tires! You draw arrows on every banner! Shouted a man in a suit at a painter.

The cry was very loud, and although Mo Fan didn’t understand anything, he still turned to look.

– Does he draw arrows? – Mo Fan hesitated and decided to take a closer look at the painter.

The painter, to whom the man in the suit was swearing, did not react at all, but simply continued to draw an arrow, as if making a pointer.

– In his eyes it seems like there is no soul … and there is a magical aura on it … I understood! That, Jiang Shaoxu, good girl! – Mo Fan like it dawned.

Under the arrow were two numbers – 95.

In Chinese, these numbers are consonant with the words “Save me!”.

Apparently, Jiang Shaoxuy, realizing that he was seriously in trouble, decided to use the magic of the element of the spirit, taking control of the human soul, he was nearby – a painter! And made him draw signs!

This is really tricky! Mo Fan even admired that the girl in such a dangerous situation was able to cope with herself and release the magic of the spirit, which requires just utmost concentration!

Mo Fan looked at the arrow pointer – this made the search for the girl much easier.

He saw an array of ruins, on which stood construction devices and materials. It will not be easy for ordinary people to get there.

In this area, Mo Fan felt magical vibrations.

Mo Fan jumped up, easily breaking building mechanisms. Behind dusty structures, he saw more than ten magicians wearing red robes with pendants. They released a variety of magic that rushed into a triangular surface mirror! Jiang Shaoxu was inside him — she was very pale, and she bit her lips for fear.

The girl’s powers were already running out, and if it were not for the magical artifact that transformed the magic directed against her into defense, she would have been dead for a long time!

“I want to wait for the moment when your strength finally runs out … you know what I will do with you after that?” – said Onni, who was standing nearby.

This girl has interrupted so many of her people, she can not just let her go! In the last few days, Onni only thought about what she would do with the three villains that had destroyed her plans!

Jiang Shaoxu did not answer, trying not to expend excess energy.

The girl just raised her head, to roughly judge how long her defense would last. At that moment, she saw a dark shadow behind Onni.

Jiang Shaoxu did not understand at first what was happening, and it was only when the shadow began to take on a more vicious form that hope flashed in her eyes.

– Mo Fan!

Jiang Shaoxu was very happy! She knew that Mo Fan was not such an idiot as Zhao Man Yan, so she was able to recognize her calls for help!

“Do you all think that this boy can save you?” Let him come, and then my subordinates will be able to bury him here with you! – Onni continued to laugh.

Onni laughed until she felt the breath of dark magic beside her.

She was stupefied, her face immediately changed … she tried to dodge ….

However, Mo Fan was even faster: his shadow thorns instantly pierced Onni’s body, paralyzing it.

Now she was immobilized, she could neither move nor release the magic.

– Tell your dogs to let her go, and then I will set you free, is she coming? Said Mo Fan angrily.

“You … you are the magician of the shadow element!” – said Onni.

– Do not think about what I am a magician. Think better of what I can do with you and your kind, if you find yourself in my hands … ”said Mo Fan.

Onni was upset … she herself is a high-level magician, yes, the shadow magic is very specific, but she had to sense her within a radius of 50 meters!

This is the second time they are circling her finger!

– I won’t let her go. How dare you equate the value of my life with hers? After all, my people will take care of you, ”Onni replied.

“Well, if so, it means that I don’t need you to be alive anymore,” Mo Fan obviously did not go along with the provoker.

Mo Fan tried to bargain with her, but now there was no point in wasting time, and the shadow mantle would be very useful for him ….

So, there was only one option – to finish them all off!

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