Chapter 959. Salvation of Jiang Shaoxu


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– Stop! I have something to say! – Onni, seeing that the enemy is not going to go with her, already covered with a cold sweat.

My Fan was too lazy to talk to her. He held Onni’s neck with spatial claws, simultaneously throwing her toward the other mage in a red robe.

It was the magician of the element of fire average. Jiang Shaoxu could no longer support the action of the magical artifact, and now the blow of the magic of the middle level could easily destroy it.

Onni turned into Mo Fan’s weapon. Heavy load she fell on the magician in red.

Onni was completely immobilized by the magic of shadow, so she didn’t even have time to react. Having fallen on the ward, the two of them rolled to the side.

– Agile wolf, get out!

A huge wolf with long thick hair literally jumped out of the silver gap in front of Mo Fane. Immediately grasping the essence of the situation, the wolf headed towards the magician who was closest to him.

The speed of the agile wolf was faster than usual – during this time no mage could manage to release the magic. He attacked the enemy, biting his neck, causing fresh blood to sprinkle in different directions.

– Burial celestial flame!

Rain of fire began to spill over the territory. Very soon the red cloud turned the neighborhood into a fiery sea.

The Red Society Mages rushed in different directions, trying to protect themselves from Mo Fang’s high-level magic.

Mo Fan, eliminating the magicians that attacked Jiang Shaoxu, immediately found himself beside her.

– Damn, why just now ?! “Jiang Shaoxu looked at Mo Fan with eyes full of fear.

“Sorry, I didn’t immediately realize that these were your calls for help,” Mo Fan answered.

“I no longer have magical powers, I need protection,” said the girl.

All her energy was spent on retaining a protective artifact. It’s no joke, a whole mob turned out mid-level magic against her, and sooner or later she would have broken.

– Agile wolf, protect her! – shouted Mo Fan to his pet.

The wolf was busy chewing on someone’s legs at that time, and when he heard the words of Mo Fan that he had to protect the girl now, the mood of the beast changed noticeably – he didn’t like to protect someone, this is such a tedious and monotonous job!

Mo Fanu was on the drum now the desires of his pet, he was busy with the Red Society magicians.

– Electric mine!

Electrical discharges surrounded Mo Fan’s body, making his appearance even more aggressive!

– Deadly lightning!

Mo Fan jumped up and then landed between two mages in red.

Electric lightning formed a high-voltage network that fell on the opponents – the network looked more like a spider’s web, covering an area of one hundred meters!

The two magicians did not even have time to react, since the destructive lightning instantly pierced their bodies through, leaving only small holes in them and the smell of burning around.

Mo Fan did not stay there for a long time, as he noticed that next to him was another magician with an element of ice!


Saying nothing, Mo Fan threw his flame high up so that he was in the side of the mountains that were not far from the construction site. This magician then collapsed with a heavy, burnt stone down.

– He’s here! – The other magicians in red robes were shaking with fear.

They understood that they could not compare with Mo Fane neither in the speed of the release of magic, nor in its slaughter.

The main combat power of Mo Fanyu was given precisely by the element of space, and the magic of other elements, slyly interwoven with each other, did not leave the magicians in red attire a single chance!

As the short-growing Mo Fanyu said in Xi’an, the power of the innate mage of the two elements is not particularly vividly expressed at the primary and secondary levels, but when the high and the highest levels are reached, when the main elements are also woven into the main elements, the magician becomes simply invincible!

Now Mo Fan very quickly releases the magic of a high level of fire – the burial of the heavenly flame. As for the deadly silent lightning and the power of the night, they require too much time, and therefore their use in battle is not particularly practical, but Mo Fan can easily produce enhanced intermediate-level magic!

A magician with five elements, or magicians with two or three types of magic – the difference is obvious!

– Mo Fan, be careful! Shouted Jiang Shaoxu, noticing that Onni was already releasing high-level magic.

High level magic is very dangerous, so Mo Fan hurried to activate his snake mail.

As if with a spiritual seal, the luminous scales covered with an additional layer the magician’s chain mail, descending from heaven and making the protection of his body even more perfect!

Onni had difficulty releasing high-level magic, naively believing that this could somehow make a difference.

Mo Fan raised his head and saw a magician with golden wings flying at a height of one hundred meters, and on his face there was such a familiar smug smile!

– It seems, I still had time? – Zhao Man Yan landed on a construction site.

A spear appeared in his hands, which pierced the magician’s heart in a red robe that tried to get close to Mo Fang.

Magic tide of light can be used in parts. So, Zhao Man Yan used some of the energy of this spell to provide Mo Fang with light protection, and put the rest in a spear.

It was one of the few methods of warfare that Zhao Man Yan had. Of course, a strong opponent cannot be overcome with such methods, but at least something.

– Take care of your sweetheart, and I will bury the rest! – said Mo Fan to a friend.

Under the protection of Zhao Man Yang from Mo Fang, finally, there was an opportunity to release high-level magic, which he had not had time to train.

– Deadly silent lightning – Electric Hand!

Electric lightning completely covered Mo Fan’s arm from the shoulder. The magician directed her sharply forward, causing the beaming lightning to fly in that direction, like sharp claws that cut the space into parts!

The lightning was so powerful that it easily covered the whole territory, and the construction mechanisms even began to smoke!

– Agile wolf, remaining entrust you! Said Mo Fan to the draft pet.

Deadly lightning struck all the other magicians. If there were survivors, they were completely emaciated.

The agile wolf quickly figured out the magicians: one he bit his throat, and the other smashed his long claws.

After a while, Zhao Man Yan ended his battle.

Onni had previously been nailed by the spikes of Mo Fan’s shadow, and it is unknown how she managed to release high-level magic. However, she no longer had the strength, so Zhao Man Yang was not difficult to defeat her.

– You so disappointed me! – Zhao Man Yan sighed.

“C’mon already,” said Mo Fan.

– I’m not as immoral as she?

– Do not be like her, do not kill her. We are still waiting for a raid on their nativity scene, so we still need it! Said Jiang Shaoxu.

– Right says. Zhao Manh Yan, follow her so that she does not run away, ”warned Mo Fan.

Onni bit her lip.

“Come, we are waiting for the team,” Jiang Shaoxu said.

– Are you still going to participate in the mission, being in such a state?

“I heard their conversations, and I tell you, things are not as simple as we expected.” “We must join Ai Jiang Tu and the others as soon as possible,” said Jiang Shaoxu.

– Yes, everything is already predetermined. The mantle of the shadows is moving away to the Japanese, and they are also in charge of the whole operation, what for is there still to go? – Zhao Man Yan was clearly unhappy.

– Jiang Shaoxuy, what did you mean when you said that everything is not so simple? – asked Mo Fan.

“I haven’t figured it out myself yet, but we have to go to the port of Baitou to find out everything!”

After these words, the girls two guys picked up Onni and headed towards the port.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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