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Seeing Xiao Yu’s arrogant face, Yang Feng’s entire face was so dripping, and his heart was full of anger, but more was helpless.

Chu Xingyun’s innate talent, Yang Feng is very understanding, is definitely Talent in Talent, will become a big tool in the future.

It’s just Chu Xingyun’s current cultivation base, too low, and it takes a while to precipitate all the potential.

No one knows how long this time is in the end. At the same time, no one can predict whether Chu Xingyun will encounter any unexpected events during this time.

After all, every legendary Talent needs to go through countless hardships. The unfortunately lost Talent, everyone has seen too much, it is impossible to give all the protection without the conditions of Chu Xingyun’s outstanding innate talent.

Chu Xingyun stared at Xiao Yu and asked: “Who is the host of this assessment?”

“All the new disciplines of the five major martial arts are required to participate in the assessment. The host is naturally the five major martial arts. Each military office will dispatch elder and multiple core disciples to sit down. One can stop each other and kill the other. Xiao Xiao coldly replied.

“If I guess correctly, you and he will represent Ling Xiaowu, sitting in the foggy forest.” Chu Xingyun’s eyes fell on Li Yi, also with a touch of sneer.

“District assessment, we have to ask so many questions, it is really noisy.” Li Yi is facing Chu Xingyun taunted: “The guy who walks behind the door, it really is a greedy and fearful death, I advise you not to participate, so as not to lose your life. ”

Upon hearing Li Yi’s words, Chu Xingyun chuckled and said, “That’s good, I agree to participate in this assessment.”

“Well?” The voice just fell, and many people were surprised when they were present. It was a bit shocking to Chu Xingyun to be so refreshed and promised to participate in this assessment.

Chu Xingyun took everyone’s surprise into the eye, and even he was keenly aware that the promise of the moment, Xiao Yu and Li Yi’s mouth, raised a cold smile.

“Chu Junior Brother!” Yang Feng hurriedly spoke, but was directly interrupted by Chu Xingyun, and decided: “Yang elder, I already got the quota of core disciple. As long as I passed the assessment, I can directly become the core disciple of Lingxiaowufu. Just giving up, it is a bit of a loss, more importantly, I don’t want to see two clowns continually smashing Q in front of me, so rough and radical, swindling three-year-olds is too hard.”

When I heard this, Li Yi and Xiao Yu couldn’t smile at all. They didn’t know what they were. The two clowns that Chu Xingyun said were both of them, and the whole face became very ugly.

Chu Xingyun ignored the two and walked away with Luo.

“Chu Junior Brother, you are so quick to promise, will it be a bit sloppy?” Ye Huan stepped forward, his look slightly dignified.

“The foggy forest is covered with fog all day long. The visibility in the forest is not high. It is not difficult to resist the attack by Spirit Beast. They are so excited that they must have laid the hidden plot.”

Ye Huan thinks more, the more he feels wrong.

The visibility of the foggy forest is not high, and the Spirit Beast is densely covered. Even if there is an elder and a core disciple, it is impossible to cover everything, let alone Xiao Yu will secretly lay down a poisonous hidden plot.

“Reassured, what you just said, I have already thought of it.” Chu Xingyun shrugged and his tone was casual.

Ye Huan and Yang Feng are awkward. Since Chu Xingyun knows that this assessment is so dangerous, why is it so refreshing?

Seeing the confusion of two people, Chu Xingyun smiled and explained: “I promised to evaluate, there are two reasons, first, I have already said, I don’t want to see the two clowns Xiao Yu and Li Yi in front of me, affecting me. mood.”

“As for the second point, it is also very simple. The significance of this assessment is to target me and make me embarrassed. Then I have to bear these targets and pass the wind and wind. So, the heart is unwilling. Disciple, they will obediently close their mouths, saving them in my ears.”

Ye Huan and Yang Feng heard Chu Xingyun’s answer, some did not know what to cry or laugh.

Other people have suffered from these targets, and they have no choice but to hide. Chu Xingyun is good. In order to let these people close their mouths, they will agree to it without saying anything. It is really staggering.

However, what Chu Xingyun said is also reasonable.

He directly became a core disciple. Many people are not convinced, and more or less will be targeted. If Chu Xingyun can pass this assessment safely, it can also make the person convinced.

In fact, Chu Xingyun promised to enter the foggy forest, there is one of the most important reasons.

Now he comes to the Imperial City and gets the quota of core disciple. As soon as he enters the Lingxiao Pavilion, he can get the cultivate to the treasure and greatly improve the speed of cultivate.

Everything, Chu Xingyun has already been planned, and I will give up because of these small targets.

In the last life, he dared to enter the Bohai Sea, dare to climb the Heavenly Spirit Mountain, and all the forbidden dangers in the Real World, Chu Xingyun had gone, and the countdown to the vendetta was even more numerous.

In contrast, Chu Xingyun didn’t take this assessment into consideration. Instead, he felt very interested and wanted to see what Xiao Yu and Yunmeng Wufu were trying to do.

“Since Chu Junior Brother has made a decision, well, all must be careful.” Ye Huan sighed and whispered.

Chu Xingyun nodded and looked intently to the direction of Yunmengwufu. There were already many indifferent eyes falling down. Among them, the most cold, it was Shui Qianyue.

In the mid-air of the Wufu region, the existence is a huge Spirit Beast. The Spirit Beast is like a lion, but has long wings and a fierce scent. It makes people look down on gaze.

On the back of Spirit Beast, two figures stood, one of them, a few people, a light dance.

“It turned out that he was Chu Xingyun, which Yang Bobo said. It turned out to be frivolous and dare to sneer at Xiao Yu and Li Yi in public.” Snow lightly looked at Chu Xingyun with a slight tone of surprise.

“Crazy is a good thing. If it is easy to be suppressed, Yang old man will not give him a core disciple quota so easily. I heard that this child’s Pill Refining innate talent is also very strong. In just one year, it becomes The second-level Pill Refining Master.” The person next to the snow dance is a white whiskers old man, also gazing at Chu Xingyun.

“One year has become a second-class Pill Refining Master, a strong innate talent.” Snow light dance face even more shocked, can not help but ask: “If so, why should he let him participate in the assessment?”

Old man looked down slightly and shook his head. “I don’t know what the specific situation is. I just heard that this assessment is a full power requirement of Yunmengwufu. In order to let the four major military authorities agree, they paid a lot of price. “”

“Perhaps, this Chu Xingyun’s body has hidden secrets that we don’t know, so Yunmengwufu does not hesitate to pay such a price, but also wants to kill him in the cradle.” In this case, the old man did not continue to speak. , in the heart, continually meditating.

The snow danced and saw no sound, and the curiosity of Chu Xingyun became more and more intense.

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