Chapter 960. Total Lawlessness


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Baytou port.

Illuminated by colored lanterns, the steamboat moored at the port. This bar was quite famous, many people from nearby cities came to it.

On the deck of the steamer was a square table and two black chairs. A formally dressed man with curly hair and an aristocratic man sat at the table.

Curly man smoking a cigar. Behind it stood a young waitress in a Playboy hare costume and massaging his shoulders. The man cheekily laid both legs on the table. His shoes, stained with blood and clods of earth, lay right in front of the interlocutor.

– Mayor Lao Lun, I expected that today we will be able to agree on a very successful cooperation, and my brothers will become your faithful magician guards. Today I learned that a few days ago my subordinates were sent to prison, thanks to the efforts of your people …

“Did you not promise me that you would keep your brothers in control?” They were caught by magicians from another group, and not by my people at all, – Lao Lun smiled.

– I don’t care. There are a huge number of people under me and they all listen to me, because I respect moral values and my brothers. You threw them into prison, and you also gave them to people from the temple. Do you think that after this, I will cooperate with you? How do I explain this to my brothers? Said Caso.

– It’s not a problem. I knew that you would be unhappy, and, to express our sincerity, I already ordered to let your people go, ”said Lao Lun.

– That’s right! – gangster mug Kaso was shaking with laughter.

– So we settled today’s question?

– Like so. I must see this decree myself. All my subordinates, somehow, guilty of something. If this order does not come out, then people from the Temple of Freedom and people from the Association will continue to disturb me. I hope that I will never again see how some dummies bring the heads of my brothers to your government to exchange them for money, ”said Kaso.

– The decree can not be issued in such a short time.

“Nothing, I’ll wait, we’re not bored with each other’s company,” Caso grinned.

Lao Lun changed his face.

“Well, well, I will fulfill your request as soon as possible, but if the Reds reappear again …”

– Dear, do not worry about it. “Now I’m a captain of Baytou port and I’ll not allow these petty bandits to appear here,” laughed Caso.

Laughter has not yet subsided, as the magician in black clothes appeared. He walked noiselessly to Caso and whispered something in his ear.

Kaso frowned and threw an angry glance at the mayor:

– You should explain it!

– Explain? What to explain?

“Do you think you can fool me and finish me off?” Listen! In your city will flow rivers of blood! – shouted Caso.

Mer froze for a second and looked at the secretary.

The girl secretary also received some news and quietly told them to the mayor.

Lao Lun instantly understood everything and smiled.

– It’s some kind of mistake. We have known each other for many years, but you still don’t know me? I’ll deal with these people, and you and your brothers hide on the ship.

– Already figure it out! If I have to do this, it will be much worse, I do not care how many heads will fly! Said Caso. He signaled to his men to hide inside the ship.

One by one, the magicians in red clothes dutifully went inside.

……… ..

Mayor Lao Lun slowly descended from the ship, surrounded by people in blue military uniforms.

“Protect this place,” the mayor ordered.

Military magicians lined up in one line, blocking all the approaches to the ship. They looked frightening.

The mayor stood slightly ahead and glumly watched the approaching company of young magicians.

– Stand! What are you doing here? Said Lao Lun coldly.

Ahead of all was a magician from Japan, Shao He Gu. He immediately noticed that the ship they needed was surrounded by the military.

Shao He Gu was surprised. Has the government already received the information and decided to promote the liquidation of the Red Society?

“We came by order of the magicians from the Temple of Freedom, in order to liquidate the Red Society.” Is that why you are here? – asked Shao He Gu.

– And you, a bunch of jerks, came here for this? Roll back. You do not belong here! – unceremoniously answered Lao Lun.

Shao He Gu looked at the black moored steamboat. He was sure that the members of the Red Society were there. Just need to go and they will be able to destroy the very core of the criminal community. Who knew that the local military would also be here. This he could not predict.

This operation was planned by the Temple of Freedom on the initiative of the Magic Association of Asia. To prevent information leakage, they did not report it to the local government. They wanted to do this after the operation, so that the local people would take up the decision of subsequent formalities.

So even better! The government took the ship under protection, not allowing the criminals to escape!

“I’m surprised you don’t have any in common with these gangsters,” said Nan Jue sarcastically.

“I think you know what kind of people are on this ship, so you don’t need to stop us from doing our duty,” said Shao He Gu.

Lao Lun raised his eyebrows.

“I know why you came.” But, as a representative of the local authorities, I must inform you that the people on the ship were accepted into the ranks of military magicians and have their rights in this territory. This case is no longer your concern!

– adopted ?? Have you accepted those who robbed your villages and towns ??

“You had better get out of here, otherwise I will accuse you of obstructing public service,” mayor Lao Lun was determined.

“As I understand it, you are Mayor Lao Lun, your behavior has opened our eyes.” You did not think that you are depriving your own people of hope by contacting bandits from the Red Society? – the girl from Japan was indignant.

– What do you understand! You students living in an ivory castle! – the mayor began to get angry.

“Do you think magicians from the Temple of Liberty will let you do this?”

– From the Temple of Freedom? Do not even remind them. If they have nothing to do, let them deal with the sirens in the Caribbean, and not wait for the next season of attacks of these monsters. They destroy villages and cities while these magicians enjoy wine, sitting safely in their lands. If not for me, this city would have long since become a pasture for sirens! – The mayor was furious.

– In any case, you should not cooperate with these people. They are worse than the sirens! Said Nan Jue.

Mayor Lao Lun did not want to listen to anything.

Rich developed countries do not care about this country and this city, what can we say about the magicians from the Temple of Freedom.

In the countries of the Caribbean there is little military. Conflict is constantly occurring in this area for religious and national reasons, as well as constant siren attacks. The impoverished country, and especially this city were forced to cooperate with such as the Red Society.

By giving a town under the control of the Society, on the one hand, it was possible to curb these thugs, on the other hand, they helped repel the siren attacks. There was not much choice, in any case, I had to take the risk.

And these magicians were not at all useful here!

– We can unite and destroy the bandits! Your troubles will be finished! – said Shao He Gu.

– Not worth it. Get out of here. If you, using your magic here, cause any damage, I have every reason to arrest you! – the mayor was running out of patience.

– So you can not help the cause! How can you negotiate with the bandits? This is a big mistake. It has long been clear to everyone that such decisions lead to even worse consequences! Said Nan Jue angrily.

If they do not have the right to arrest the bandits, so be it. Do not deal with criminals strengthen even more their power ??

Complete lawlessness!

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