Chapter 961. Black and White


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In the south side, not far from the city of Baytou, was the Nanjiao village. Most of the poor shacks served as a temporary refuge for refugees.

Mo Fan, Jiang Shaoxuy and Zhao Man Yan, hurrying to the city, passed by the village.

“Wait a minute,” Nan Jue suddenly stopped them, listening carefully.

The guys did not understand what was happening. Mo Fan was about to open his mouth, but Jiang Shaoxu, looking intently at him, asked:

– You just put all the bandits from that village to prison?

– Right. Do you think I could not handle it? Money, of course, is not enough, but once caught … – Mo Fan answered.

– So why then do I feel a spiritual seal? – girl frowned.

Jiang Shaoxu used a mental seal to prevent the criminals from escaping until they were captured by Mo Fan. After that, all the gangsters caught were sent to prison.

But as she passed this village, Jiang Shaoxuy clearly felt that there were several of her spiritual seals nearby.

– Maybe they are temporarily detained here? – reasoned Mo Fan.

– No, they constantly move over long distances, just like free people. Right there, – she pointed to the lights in the village.

– On the other hand, weren’t the villagers located there ?? – Zhao Man Yan suddenly remembered something.

He was responsible for locating the peasants in this village. People were afraid to go back home, where gangsters could come back at any moment to get revenge.

Even Jiang Shaoxu was seized in the village, what can we say about unarmed peasants.

“Fuck, what the fuck!” How could the captured criminals be here along with the saved peasants ?? – puzzled Mo Fan.

“Come and see,” Jiang Shaoxu began to worry.

If it were not for these seals, they would simply pass by. The Trinity, feeling wrong, headed towards the village.

… … …

On the street with one broken lantern there was total darkness. Random passers-by would never have guessed that someone could live here.

There was no guard in the village. Even a simple hedge, and it was not. The local conditions could not be compared with the rich situation of the defeated village. Even military mages slipped away from here in an unknown direction. The peasants remained completely defenseless.

“Boss, are we overdoing it?” Killed so many people. Caso ordered us to keep a low profile until they solve important matters. He will probably be very unhappy, ”said the Red Society magician with a piercing in his nose.

– He just asked not to put him in an awkward position. Throw here a little scales, claws, and a couple of corpses of sirens. It is obvious. “The government will not be able to ignore such evidence and will cowardly come running to us for help,” said gang leader Lolin.

– Haha, really! Great idea! No one would be surprised that the sirens were able to get here. Eh, it’s a pity that we can’t leave a couple of souvenirs as usual, so everyone knows – this is our doing! We, like a false government, are now forced to hide, – the gangster laughed with a ring in his nose.

Noisy streams of water formed around them in a tight ring, not allowing anyone to get out.

Tormented by torture peasants lay on the floor, they were all dead. All the walls and the floor were spattered with blood.

The village headman was kneeling, his forehead resting on the sand on the ground. His legs were numb, and his head was red with a rush of blood, but he did not dare to run or even lift his head. It was not worth looking at the bandits, because they do not leave witnesses.

The peasants who had not yet been killed stood in exactly the same way: their knees were bent, their faces to the floor. As if they were criminals and awaited their execution in horror.

– Oh, warden, what a surprise! – the gangster with a ring in his nose laughed loudly, putting the boot on the captive’s head, – did you think that escape would help you? The whole district outside the town of Baytou is ours! Your pathetic attempts to escape here are ridiculous! Ha ha ha!

– Do not kill us! We will give everything you want! We are all just simple peasants! – confusedly begged the elder.

“We’re not some kind of maniacs and will not kill you all.” We just want to teach you a lesson so that you do not think that some kind of justice-filled rogues can save you! Most importantly do not disappoint us. Do you understand what you need to say to the higher ?? – the gangster continued to threaten.

– Yes Yes! We got it! They … they were all killed by the sirens. Sirens rushed in here! – Warden trembled with fear.

– Right. The rest, repeat the same!

The headman slowly turned his swollen face, stained with dirt and traces of dried blood. His eyes swelled so that he could not normally look. He was overwhelmed with grief and anger, but he could only say this:

– You heard?? They were killed by sirens!

– Yes, yes, we understand!

– Killed by the sirens!

Lolin rather laughed and continued:

– Your village is a very valuable place! Keep farming, grow and sell your herbs. If you obey us, you will live in peace and security.

– Yes OK…

… … …

Mo Fan, Jiang Shaoxuy and Zhao Man Yan were terrified of what they saw.

Mo Fan remembered how he personally handed the gangster to the government with a piercing in his nose. They must be sent to the Temple of Liberty for trial. How could they be here again ??

Mo Fan pursed his lips, his nostrils flared with anger. He felt that the whole body was filled with electricity. Passing through a water barrier, Mo Fan broke the silence of the night sky, striking the spot where the robber stood with a ring in his nose. A vortex of lightning energy formed around it and a deadly electrical network was formed. The robbers were surrounded at one moment.

The most powerful of the handful of bandits was Lolin, but he was only a mid-level magician.

Mo Fan raised the leader like a little chicken and shoved his face at the sand with all his might!

“This is … this is the magician!” – the girl from the village immediately recognized Mo Fanya.

The girl’s eyes sparkled. Gangs from the Red Society could at any time kill them like cattle. But for this guy, they were cattle themselves! Magician in a moment was able to grab them!

– You again! – The magician with a ring in his nose was as angry as hell. Surrounded by electrical elements, he could not help it.

“You freaks don’t understand anything at all?” I left you your miserable life, not so that you return to do cruelty! – Mo Fan was furious.

Jiang Shaoxu approached a crowd of peasants. Seeing the prostrate bodies of tormented peasants, she instantly lost her temper.

“You … are you okay?” Get up! We’ll deal with these bastards! – She turned to the survivors.

The peasants were still kneeling, no one dared to get up.

– How did you get here? You only make them more angry! – One of the peasants rose to his feet, cursing frightened and viciously.

Jiang Shaoxu thought she misheard.

– You didn’t have to come, it’s even worse! – the gray-haired peasants were all trembling.

– Yes! Everything was fine until you showed up! These people died because of you!

The peasants recognized them immediately, but there was not a trace of their former gratitude. Jiang Shaoxu was amazed.

– We came to save you! – Jiang Shaoxu tried to explain.

– Save? How to save? We beg you, do not touch these people. We know that you are very strong and will cope with them without any problems. But as soon as you leave, others will come. They will not be able to find you, and all their anger will come upon our heads. They will destroy our entire village! – another peasant rose to his feet.

– You want to say that we hurt you? – coldly grinned Jiang Shaoxuy.

The behavior of people from the Red Society brought it out of itself, but the reaction of the peasants … that was too much.

For their salvation, she herself was captured and almost died in that village!

Weak, frightened people at some point cease to distinguish between black and white. It seems that the peasants really believe that the gangsters from the Red Society are full of mercy and friendliness, and their trinity spoils their lives !!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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