Chapter 962. Wild Thirst for Violence


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– Actually, it is very difficult to be good. Look at me, I never wanted to be like that. These villagers deserve death, deserve violence, deserve to be trodden into the ground, their life means nothing to me! Said Zhao Man Yan.

Jiang Shaoxu saw a lot, but she saw the baseness of the peasants for the first time.

Even if you save these people, they still do not fix it.

Mo Fan, too, has seen everyone and more than Jiang Shaoxu. For example, during the disaster in Xi’an among some millions of people only people did not meet.

But still the reaction of the peasants seemed strange even to Mo Fang.

Mo Fan understood perfectly well that there is no such thing when an evil and vile person abruptly becomes kind and humane, ceasing to do evil. If a person started doing dirty deeds, then this dirt spreads through his body straight to the soul. Such people get worse by enjoying human grief. And the more they cause suffering to others, the more comfortable they feel!

Mo Fan is also not a saint, nor can he explain the truth to these peasants. People had to understand this from their own experience. The way the villagers behave now only shows their ignorance. They may have to pay a very high price for this and regret that they never knew the simple truth.

But in general, this did not concern Mo Fan.

Anyway, seeing these arrogant members of the Red society, inside the guy everything was boiling!

Instead of thanking the magicians, the peasants reacted differently to help. After all, they must show at least some respect for the magicians for helping them deal with the gangs of the Red society. Mo Fan is ready to take on the destruction of the whole society, if only these peasants stand up from the ground and firmly say to Mo Fan: we want the Red society to be punished. Mo Fan is not at all opposed to stirring this snake’s nest and deal with the leader of the society.

But if the peasants want to grovel before the people of the Red society, let them crawl on their knees, let them worship these bastards. They are all adults and should be responsible for their words and deeds!

– And you are not angry? Jiang Shaoxu asked, looking at Mo Fang uncomprehendingly.

“Why are you angry?” I saved a lot of people, just like these. – answered Mo Fan.

– … – this phrase almost made the girl laugh.

He saved a lot of people, look.

On the basis of how Mo Fan mercilessly dealt with Luilin, it was possible to say for sure that he was not good.

“Let us go … See how these people relate to high-level wizards.” We then can properly teach them a lesson, they will immediately understand what it means to be grateful for the good! – the face of the magician with piercing in the nose was in the blood, but he pulled a smile on his face.

– But this is not your concern. I am also not a very good person, but even in my eyes you are a low bastard! Kill so many innocent people, without even batting an eye! – answered Mo Fan, squinting.

The magician with a piercing in his nose frightened to such an extent that he soaked his pants. From the very beginning, he knew that this guy would dare to touch even the members of the Red society. Now it was clear that this type is quite capable of murder. The piercing magician asked for mercy as best he could. It even got to the point that the peasants, too, began to pray that Mo Fan would spare this magician.

Mo Fan paid no attention to the plea, sending the magician with the piercing in a diamond-shaped space compression. A very powerful spatial compression immediately made of him what this magician was – garbage!

This time, Mo Fan didn’t let these bastards escape, cracking down on them one by one. Mo Fan interrupted them without even doubting his actions and laid them out in rows on the floor, as the magicians of the Reds and peasants had done before.

Zhao Man Yun thought it was disgusting, the best thing was to burn these scum, so that their corpses turned into dust.

– Wait!

Mages already gathered to leave, but a beautiful tanned girl, a peasant woman, chased after them. She spoke poorly in the international language, and in her eyes was cowardice, she did not know whom to obey now.

– If you do not want us to stick your nose into your affairs, then we will leave. Why are you pursuing us? – Jiang Shaoxu’s mood was not pleasant.

“I … I want to thank you … Thank you for killing these bastards … Me … my name is Guni … I … I want … – there were tears in her eyes. Most likely, among the killed peasants were her relatives.

– What do you want? Tell us! – asked Mo Fan.

“I …” Guni couldn’t say a word, tears flowed from her eyes.

Mo Fan stepped forward a bit and stopped. After exchanging a look with her, he said with a smile: “Do you want us to destroy the Red society?”

Guni stared at Mo Fan, not understanding how he guessed her thoughts.

“Guni, you don’t need to ask for it, they have helped us twice already.” We will consider it as a gift of God. Red society is huge, they are even afraid of the city government. How can you ask for it? – stumbling, the head of the village went to the magicians, now he began to look even older.

“Actually, we really can’t solve this problem,” said Zhao Man-Yan.

– Since the sea god wants us to suffer, then we will accept this suffering. And I want to ask your forgiveness for all these frightened and lost people. No matter what fate awaits our village, we are still very grateful to you for defending us, ”said the head of the village Mo Fang, Jiang Shaoxuy and Zhao Man Yianyu sincerely.

Guni continued to look at Mo Fan with her eyes penetrated with light. Previously, she had not seen such strong guys who could so easily defeat a bunch of these scum!

– Do you really want this? Mo Fan asked seriously, stopping to smile.

– Our village people told you all sorts of nastiness. Besides, the company of the Reds is really awful … I think it would be wrong of me to ask you about this … ”answered Guni.

– No, tell me the truth, do you really want it? – asked Mo Fan.

Guni looked at Mo Fan’s eyes and saw firmness and determination in the guy, he was quite like her father, who is now lying in a pool of blood!

– True! – Tears again flowed out of the eyes of the girl, as if a dam of hatred and grief suddenly burst, rushing in an endless stream.

The rest of the villagers wanted to cringe in front of this gang for the sake of saving their lives, and the girl saw her father killed. She could not live and obey this herd of murderers. If her hatred were capable of killing, then she would have already spread by her this fucking Red society! Why would these scum have the right to kill, the right to take away everything she had? All over the world, she had nothing more than a loving and kind father!

“Mo Fan, I don’t understand your impulses.” Destroying the Reds is not easy for you! We agreed not to reckon with the opinion of these stupid peasant women! – hastily said Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan was afraid that Mo Fan would immediately agree to fulfill the request of the peasants.

The Red Society is a malignant tumor of the Caribbean, which must be cut out by the roots! Didn’t the teachers send us here to sort out this society?

And the fact that the city government cooperates with the Red society only proves the power of this vile society!

Mo Fan did not answer the girl, turned and went in the direction of the city of Baytou.

Zhao Man Yan and Jiang Shaoxu quickly caught up with the guy, noting that his mood was unimportant, and there was a fire in his eyes. Zhao Man Yan continued: “You won’t do this, will you?”

– Is there something impossible? –

Zhao Man Yan was silent for a while, but then he answered: “Nothing is impossible!”

Red society worthy of destruction!

Mo Fan has been cultivating all this time not to sit aside when confronted with such situations!

Why not deal with them if it is not people, but garbage. It will be hard, so be it! All this is not a waste of energy. Firstly, they will receive a reward for this, and secondly, this is a good chance to win the mantle of the shadow. In the end, they will help the girl Guni to avenge the death of her father!

Making money, destroying scum, saving beautiful girls – isn’t that all, because of what Mo Fan wanted to become a magician? ..

Why fear some vile society, if you can so much in magic, if you are so strong? And if you are afraid, then do not thrust your business into serious matters, stay at home and read books!

“Mo Fan, I like your determination more and more.” Said – destroy and go destroy! – with a smile said Jiang Shaoxuy.

Despite the fact that after the actions of the peasants, Jiang Shaoxu’s mood was sad, Mo Fan managed to achieve her smile. In the end, isn’t it done for the same stupid peasants, not for the beautiful girl Guni, not for yourself? …

Mo Fan had a wild desire to deal with the Reds and not a drop of doubt!

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